Sunrooms: The St. Louis, MO Advantage


In St. Louis, where every season brings its own unique charm, there’s nothing quite like a sunroom to offer year-round delight in the rays of the sun. 

As often sought-after additions, sunrooms provide homeowners with the perfect balance between the indoors and the outdoors. Whether you live in Bentoon Park, Compton Heights, or any other part of St. Louis, Renaissance Patio has the perfect sunroom to help you enjoy the most this city has to offer.

What Makes Sunrooms Shine in St. Louis

The Midwest is famous for its dramatic seasonal changes, and St. Louis epitomizes this with its humid summers and cold, potentially snowy winters. 

If you want to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about the changing weather, sunrooms are the perfect solution. 

Imagine enjoying your morning coffee and the changing fall leaves, or sunbathing on a snowy day in the warmth of your sunroom. With St. Louis’ unpredictable climate, a sunroom ensures you can witness nature’s beauty from the comfort of home, regardless of what’s happening outside.

Sunrooms, like the Lumino, allow plenty of natural light into your living spaces – no more need to kick on a lamp. And here in the Midwest, where insects can be a major nuisance in the spring and summer, sunrooms can offer some protection against biting midges and mosquitoes. 

Even in the winter, a sunroom is the perfect spot to soak up the sun’s warmth. Take advantage of the Lumino’s vinyl or glass windows so you can continue to take in the views around you (without having to put on a jacket).

Beyond the health and comfort benefits, sunrooms built with modern, energy-efficient glass and materials can lower your home’s overall energy costs. They’re attractive to homebuyers, too, potentially increasing your property’s value if you ever decide to sell. 

Most importantly, when you choose a sunroom with durable materials (like the Lumino’s high carbon steel and nylon headed fasteners), you don’t have to worry about those gusty Midwest winds doing any damage to your sunroom. It’s all about relaxation – not about hassle. 

Choosing Renaissance Patio for Your Sunroom Needs

Renaissance Patio offers a superior quality of service and products that make our team the front-runners for your sunroom project.

With a team that understands the specific needs of St. Louis residents, you’ll get the expertise of local professionals backed by the brand’s national recognition. You’ll not only get a product that’s perfect for your home, you’ll also get an unparalleled level of service and support. 

Can’t decide what kind of sunroom you want? Renaissance has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a cozy retreat to enjoy a beerBud and some blues or an expansive living space to extend your home a bit further, you’re sure to find a sunroom model that meets your needs.

In St. Louis, Renaissance goes one step further. The brand has a commitment to sustainability that resonates perfectly with those of us who are more environmentally conscious in St. Louis. The sunrooms are designed with energy-efficient features that align nicely with the city’s steps toward sustainability.

Navigating the complexities of local building regulations and permits can be daunting, especially here in St. Louis. The team has the know-how to guide your project through all the necessary paperwork. You’ll go from concept to reality in the blink of an eye.

Renaissance Sunrooms: A Portal to Nature in Every Season

The decision to add a sunroom to your St. Louis home isn’t just a renovation decision for your home. It’s a decision to celebrate life in every season. With Renaissance Patio, you’re not just installing a sunroom – you’re creating a space that connects you with the outdoors, and adding an artful touch to your home’s architecture.

In a city known for its love of baseball and the great outdoors, the choice of a Renaissance Patio sunroom is a home run for any St. Louis resident aiming to elevate their living experience. Embark on your sunroom project with the local team that understands you best and join the growing community of homeowners enjoying the perks of a year-round outdoor space.

To discover more about adding a sunroom to your St. Louis home, or to discuss your project with a Renaissance Patio representative, reach out today. No matter the weather, Renaissance Patio is here to help.