Is a Sunroom the right addition to your home? The Pros and the Cons

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Jealous of your neighbor’s sunroom? But don’t have time to ask him about the pros and cons because he can be a bit long-winded? Then stick around for your ultimate guide on whether a Florida room is right for you and your family.


Any addition to your home should be carefully considered. Remember the pool you invested in after begging by the youngsters in your tribe. That thing is a lot of work. So anything you add to your property should give you maximum delight and minimal hassle. So let’s dive deeper with a battle between the good and bad of sunrooms.


Value versus Cost

Sharp homeowners always look at not only the cost but value when it comes to home design and improvements. So, are the costs of building a sun parlor on your house justified? In other words, when you sell your property, will you get a return on the addition.


“You make your money when you buy the car, not when you sell it.” Words of wisdom from a successful used car dealer in Tampa. This motto holds true with home additions like 4-season sunrooms or warm-weather screen rooms. If you overpay for a construction crew to build a room then it will be tough getting that investment back. 


This report shows that major home additions often pale in comparison to minor improvements that add to your home’s market value. Getting a good deal on a quality home addition is key to realizing a true return on investment. Modern craftsmanship is making that possible with sun parlors and even screened enclosures.


Private Bugs Renaissance-Patio-Products-Sunroom

One of the biggest pros related to sunrooms or screen rooms is that bugs are no longer a problem. 


  • Finally, dinners without gnat nonsense.
  • Mosquitoes relocate to unprotected patios down the street.
  • Annoying flies no longer get to test your patience – and sanity.


For many people, the bug factor is enough to get a quote on a new Florida room. Insects cause a lot of mental aggravation, right?


One downside to having bug-proof glass or screens is the loss of some privacy. So don’t go taunting those pesky mosquitoes wearing that neon bathrobe. Your neighbors may spot your strange display. The good news is that it wouldn’t take but one embarrassing event to remind you to be properly clothed when entering this part of your home. 


Blinds are an option but who wants to bother when the goal is to let sunshine roam freely inside?

Taxing Outdoor Activity 

We have heard from so many customers who use their patio addition for “outdoor activities.” It’s no fun doing yoga in the grass after a Virginia rainstorm. So folks keep a yoga mat in the sunroom to get the outdoor vibe without getting all wet.


And others love to talk about how long they ride their exercise bikes in their little glass room. Biking with sunbeams on your face is pretty sweet, even if you’re not getting anywhere. Rainy times of the year in Georgia and South Carolina make exercise addicts take a hard look at better places to sweat than a dark gym or basement.


Workouts are taxing but healthy. But property taxes tacked on because of your lovely new solarium are not good for anyone. The best thing to do is check with your local tax officials – they are likely on a 3-hour break and have time to help you. This will ease your mind about possible tax hikes due to home additions. On the other hand, you must consider how much the addition adds to your home value, which could offset any tax increase. 


Natural Light and Random Construction Crews

Lately, all of us have been glued to unhealthy screens and their draining light. That may be why many people say the best thing about their glass sanctuary is the natural light. It’s amazing how good the sunlight makes you feel, especially on frigid days like folks in Charlotte or Raleigh, North Carolina face in the wintertime.


A 3-season or 4-season glass patio can make you feel as good as a summer day at the park. The natural world holds the power to improve our well-being. Studies show natural light boosts vitamin D and your mood.


As for another con to adding a room onto your homestead, some crews are not right for the job. There are many top-notch people in the construction world. Even those who are a little rough around the edges can impress you with their craftsmanship. But not every crew gets quality experience installing sunrooms. That’s why at Renaissance all of our crews are factory-trained on the exact patio products they will be constructing. 


The last thing you want is someone who has never even seen a screen room adding a patio cover to your home. Proper training ensures this aspect converts into a pro. 

Sunroom Questions Only You Can Answer

When it comes to deciding what’s the right addition for your home, some questions are yours alone. Such as:


  • How many extra days a year can I enjoy outside with an addition?
  • Will the system look sensational or mediocre in my backyard?
  • What kind of maintenance is involved?
  • Is the patio system sturdy enough for 100+ mph winds?
  • Will I be able to customize my new solarium?


Answering those questions will get you to the next step since you now know the pros and cons. We are a bit biased, but can’t imagine anyone not getting tons of joy from a high-quality decorative patio covering, pergola, or sun lounge. You can chat with us anytime to make sure…


Then you’ll be the one that jealous neighbors come to for home addition advice.


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