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Patio Roofing is by far the best way to increase your home’s living area and your enjoyment of the outdoors. By keeping the sun, rain, and snow out of your new outdoor living room, a patio roof can become your new favorite space in your home. From the clean simple Moderno to the Classic style of the Classico, we offer a patio cover for every style and every budget.

Patio Roof Benefits

Most people who install a patio roof do so for a couple of very good reasons. A patio roof creates an outdoor living room, perfect for dining, having drinks with friends, or just relaxing with a book. Installing the right patio roof for the job is critical to your enjoyment of the new space it creates. Let’s talk about options;

  • Renaissance Patio’s Moderno Patio Roof offers simple elegance, with sculpted posts and beams and decorative covers to conceal the unsightly connections our competitors leave exposed, the Moderno is the perfect way to install a patio roof that is fully insulated and highly decorative. Though Moderno is our most cost-effective product, it features best-in-the-industry finish quality and longevity.
  • Our Contempo patio roof is one good-looking way to create some serious shade in your space. The Contempo, like the Moderno, is a fully insulated, full-shade composite patio roof. Unlike Moderno, Contempo includes decorative truss ends to give the patio a more traditional wood-framed look and feel.
  • As its name implies, Renaissance Classico offers a classic take on beauty. With a fully exposed truss framing style, the only comparable products on the market are wood-framed and typically carry a price tag at least double the Classico’s and take three times as long to install. The Classico is our more rigid, insulated patio roof option. That, combined with its intricate decorative details, makes it sure to please those who want to maintain the timeless beauty of wood without the maintenance headaches.

Want to learn more about our patio roof options? Click on the images below and compare our systems with each other and the other options on the market.

What makes our Patio Roofing great:

Form and Function

Much of the patio industry is stuck in a 1980s time warp, still building structures with unsightly lines and bland textures that add nothing to your home’s appearance and appeal. We decided that our first design rule would be to build beauty into all our products. After all, you can have both form and function, provided you are willing to start from scratch. Every Renaissance product is designed first for beauty and strength, then perfected to make sure we have a customized option for every style of home.

Roof Panels Made to Endure

Composite, insulated aluminum patio roof panels are more than meets the eye. All Renaissance Patio roofing components are constructed using only aircraft-grade aluminum alloy skin, top and bottom. The skin is laminated to high-density, insulating foam with heat- and cold-resistant epoxy to ensure our roofing lasts a lifetime, no matter how extreme the weather in your neck of the woods. We even offer optional skin gauges that project farther than others without adding more framing, keeping our patios lean and clean.

Engineering Makes the Difference

Patio roofing is only as good as its weakest connection, so we designed all our connections from scratch to incorporate best practices such as shear force connections wherever possible. This attention to detail minimizes screw count while increasing strength and longevity. This type of from-scratch engineering is why our patio roofing can be installed anywhere in the country, whether you live in South Florida’s High Wind Hurricane Zone or in the Rocky Mountains where winters can dump 85-pound-per-square-foot snow loads. If you don’t live in such an extreme climate, your patio roof can have fewer posts for wider views and still be stronger than building codes require.

Upgrade Your Patio Roof

We know our patio covers are great, but here’s how you can add even more flair and functionality

Design with Your Needs in Mind

Regardless of which patio roof option you choose, keeping in mind how you intend to use the space is critical. Understanding your lifestyle and family dynamic helps our independent installers assess your needs and design a space that is the right size and in the right location for your maximum enjoyment..

Renaissance Patio White Decorative Pergola Lexington Kentucky

Stop Staring at the Screen

We all love the outdoors, but not so much when marauding mosquitos are on the hunt. To keep the bugs at bay, we designed the Dolce seamless screen system. Compatible with any Renaissance patio, this high-strength framing creates wide vistas so you just see the outdoors, not the framing holding the screen together..

Dolce Screen Room by Renaissance Patio Products

Chill Out, Even When It’s Cold

Want to enjoy the outdoor splendor, or at least look at it, all year round? It’s easy when you install our Lumino Glass Sunroom wall system under any of our patio roofs. Lumino converts your patio into a fully enclosed glass sunroom. We can build your sunroom using whatever type of glass suits your environment and vision, including insulated Low-E, or even impact storm glass. You can create a sunroom space that facilitates open-window summer cross breezes with warm winters with the windows shut tight.

Lumino Sunroom

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