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A patio roof creates a tranquil outdoor living room, perfect for dining, drinks with friends, or just relaxing with a book. Renaissance Patio’s patio roofs, like the Moderno, are fully insulated and highly decorative. They not only take your patio to the next level aesthetically, but also protect it from the elements year-round.

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Renaissance Patio Attached Classico Patio Roof Colorado


The Classico patio cover integrates all the beautiful features of our other patio roof systems, but includes full trusses under the roof panels for a sophisticated touch.

Features: Exposed-beam wood-framed roof, pergola look and feel, ultra-high-strength framing 

contempo patio cover


The Contempo builds on the structure of our Moderno patio cover, with the additional decorative flair of stylish truss ends, for a more traditional wood-framed roof look.

Features: Aluminum solid roof, decorative posts, post covers, decorative truss ends

Moderno Patio Cover


The Moderno is an efficient, cost effective and architecturally stunning patio cover that protects from the sun’s harsh rays and driving rain.

Features: Aluminum solid roof, decorative posts, post covers, architectural gutters

Patio Roofing Benefits

Patio roofs bring a ton of character and functionality to any yard or patio. If you want to spend more time outdoors, Renaissance patio covers bring the experience to the next level. Plus, with our high-quality materials, you can rest assured it will withstand weather and look new for years to come.


Every Renaissance product is designed first for beauty and strength, then perfected to make sure you have a customized option for your style of home.

a grade

Composite, insulated aluminum patio roof panels are more than meets the eye. All Renaissance roofing components use only aircraft-grade aluminum alloy skin, top, and bottom. The skin is laminated to high-density, insulating foam with heat- and cold-resistant epoxy to ensure our roofing lasts a lifetime. No matter how extreme the weather is in your neck of the woods, it stays standing. We even offer optional skin gauges that project farther without adding more framing, keeping your patio lean and clean.

Patio Roofing

Patio roofing is only as good as its weakest connection. That’s why we designed connections from scratch to incorporate best practices, such as shear force connections, wherever possible. This attention to detail minimizes screw count while increasing strength and longevity. Our custom engineering means Renaissance patio roofing accommodates any region of the country — whether you live in South Florida’s high wind hurricane zone or the snowy Rocky Mountains. Live in a less extreme climate? Install fewer posts on your patio roof for wider views.


Whether your tastes tend toward the clean lines and modern look of our Moderno patio cover, or the bold, decoratively sculpted trusses of our contemporary wood frame-style Classico roof, we have a solution that matches your wants and needs.


All Renaissance products incorporate a glossy baked-on powder-coated finish and nylon-coated fasteners to ensure that rust, corrosion, chipping, and peeling are never an issue.

Patio Roofing

Thanks to low-tolerance specifications that ensure tight-fitting components, tough connectors and quality construction, Renaissance aluminum does not tear in high winds or tough weather. Your patio cover will look new for years to come.



We use the patio every weekend, at least once or twice.

Jason Hendrick

Upgrade your Patio Roofing

Patio Roofing

Regardless of which patio product you choose, keep in mind how you intend to use the space. Understanding your lifestyle and family dynamic helps our independent installers assess your needs, so they can recommend the right size and location for your patio roof.

Screen Room

We all love the outdoors, but not so much when marauding mosquitos are on the hunt. To keep the bugs at bay, we designed the Dolce seamless screen system. Compatible with any Renaissance patio product, this high-strength framing creates wide vistas so you just see the outdoors, not the framing holding the screen together.

Patio Roofing

Want to enjoy the outdoor splendor, or at least look at it year-round? It’s easy when you install our Lumino Glass Sunroom wall system under any of our patio roofs. the Lumino converts your patio into a fully-enclosed glass sunroom. Our sunrooms are compatible any type of glass to suit your environment and vision — including insulated Low-E, or even impact storm glass. You can create a sunroom space that facilitates cool summer cross breezes and warm winters with the windows shut tight.

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