What Should I Consider about Weather and Materials When Picking my Patio?

Beautiful patio by the water with patio roof

Do you live in a utopia? Is the temperature just to your liking 365 days a year? Are colorful butterflies the only insects? Does the exclusively non-allergenic flora grow despite the absence of thunderstorms? Are snow, slush, and ice unheard of where you reside? If so, you could build your outdoor living space out of newspaper and baling wire. It would last forever, though your relationship with your neighbors and homeowners association could get a bit tense.

For those of us dwelling in the real world, however, our geography and weather patterns bear significantly on determining the best building materials for our patio covers, pergolas, sunrooms, screen rooms, patio roofs, and gazebos. Depending on your location, the characteristics built into Renaissance Patio’s construction material will increase your enjoyment of nature, reduce the time you spend maintaining your structure, and maximize your patio’s lifespan.

Renaissance Patio Freestanding Aluminum Aria Pergola
Built by Reliable Shutters & Screens

Here’s how:

  • Pound for Pound Toughness –

    We manufacture our posts, beams, and other structural components from extruded aluminum – the same material used to build aircraft fuselages and wings. Pound for pound, extruded aluminum is nearly four times as strong as stainless steel. That comes in handy when a nor’easter blows in or a Rocky Mountain storm dumps a few feet of snow. Renaissance Patio’s products are rated to withstand 175-mph hurricanes.

  • Seal of Approval –

    Aluminum is non-porous so, unlike wood patios, rain and snowmelt cannot penetrate it. Wood patios must be constantly painted and sealed to keep moisture – and the resulting mold, mildew, and rot, at bay. Wood patios in hot, dry climates also are susceptible to drying out and cracking, forcing you to spend time working on – rather than relaxing under – your structure.

  • Inside, Outside, Oxide –

    Any patio material creates a gentle segue from your home to its natural surroundings, but when those natural surroundings include rain, dew, humidity, or salt air, your steel patio will pay the price. Rust not only looks bad but also structurally weakens the material. Moisture causes oxide to form on aluminum, too, but it merely forms a protective patina that creates an even tougher barrier to the elements.

  • Smaller Power Bills –

    Insulated patio roofs like Renaissance’s Classico, Moderno, and Contempo are not only stylish and tough, they also can take huge chunks out of your air conditioning bills. Aluminum is highly reflective, so with an insulated patio roof attached to your home, a large percentage of the sun’s heat gets deflected from entering through previously exposed picture windows and sliding doors. Limiting the heat coming in means you will use less electricity recooling the air inside.

  • Sturdy and Solid –

    Renaissance Patio’s aluminum covers don’t weaken, warp, or stretch over time. Some vinyl patios bend out of shape when forced to bear heavy snow loads or when subjected to temperature changes over time. The searing heat and bright sun of the Desert Southwest also cause some types of vinyl to fade and uneven discoloration. And frankly, even when new, they often convey an artificial, “cheap” message. They are, after all, made of plastic (polyvinyl chloride, or PVC).

  • Crack-proof Coating –

    All visible Renaissance Patio surfaces receive a factory-applied, 3-mil-thick powder coating to keep them looking new for decades to come. Forget about repainting your Renaissance
    gazebo or pergola; powder coating resists cracking, chipping, fading, and chalking. According to industry experts, powder-coat quality will not diminish over time due to “impact, moisture, chemicals, ultraviolet light, and other extreme weather conditions.”

No matter what part of the country you live in or how nasty the weather can get, Renaissance Patio has the quality materials to beat the heat, hail, wind, and snow. Check out our site for great ideas for creating your special outdoor space. 

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