Benefits of Adding a Deck Cover to Your Home in Spokane

Benefits of Adding a Deck Cover to Your Home in Spokane

If you own a home in Spokane, you no doubt love experiencing the full range of eastern Washington’s seasons. There’s nothing better than sitting on your deck sipping your morning coffee as the sun rises. And who doesn’t love bundling up in their favorite flannel shirt, fleece robe, and fluffy slippers to welcome the first pristine snowflakes each winter? Heck, we only must deal with about half as much rainfall as the average U.S. city, so there’s little chance our outdoor plans will have to be postponed. 

Of course, the occasional scorcher, more frequent blizzards can call for some creativity to keep the kids occupied and the cabin fever from setting in, but Renaissance Patio has a solution for those challenges, as well. 


Spokane’s diverse climate makes aluminum deck covers our fair city’s best bet for keeping homeowners cozy and in touch with nature all year-round. Summer is the perfect time to soak up balmy temperatures and endless blue skies just like the Chamber of Commerce ordered. You’ll rest easy knowing your Renaissance deck cover is on the job, shielding your friends and loved ones from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Our insulated patio roofs provide a seamless transition from the indoor environment to the outdoor scene while casting cool shade across your new living space. For a lighter, brighter option, select our Fresco deck cover installed atop pergola-style supports. Fresco deflects all those harmful beams and shades the glaring direct sunlight while still allowing 40% of the illumination to filter through. Of course, either option also creates a natural pathway for soothing breezes to waft through under the deck cover to cool you as you sip a beer, read a book, or chat with the neighbors. 

Now, let’s fast forward to the winter wonderland that Spokane transforms into for a third of the year.  The white blanket covering the landscape might be enchanting, but it also means that you’ll need a patio cover that can withstand heavy snow and provide protection for your outdoor space throughout the frosty months. Again, Renaissance Patio’s meet got you covered – literally. Our aircraft-grade aluminum components are built to withstand hurricane-force winds and meet Spokane County’s rigid load-bearing regulations.

As you might expect, these deck covers meet the challenges of spring and fall, as well, creating a true four-seasons outdoor living space. Never again will you scramble to pack up your picnic when the skies open with a sudden squall. Spokane’s unpredictable weather patterns make Renaissance Patio products’ versatility a must for any homeowner.

Here’s what makes our deck covers stand above the competition:

Here’s what makes our deck covers stand above the competition

  1. They’re built using state-of-the-art extrusion processes. Unlike rolled aluminum, our posts and beams will not crumble the first time someone looks at them cross-eyed. They are engineered to precise tolerances and covered at the factory with an attractive, durable powder coat. They will not crack, fade, or corrode.
  2. They’re a doddle to maintain. We use non-porous aluminum parts and tight-fitting hidden connectors that give dirt, grease, and grime little to adhere to. If you do see a smudge, simply dampen the spot with your garden hose and wipe it clean with a rag or sponge soaked in soapy water.
  3. They reduce energy costs. Installing these covers can also help reduce your energy costs by providing shade and insulation, making your outdoor space more energy efficient. Additionally, they add value to your home, increasing its appeal and marketability. Furthermore, by creating a welcoming and comfortable outdoor living space, aluminum patio covers encourage you and your family to spend more time outside, engaging with nature and rejuvenating your senses.
  4. They’re as unique as you are. Renaissance Patio’s deck and patio covers offer a world of customization possibilities. Whether you have a spacious backyard or a cozy courtyard, these covers can be tailored to fit any patio shape and size. Choose from a wide array of colors and styles to seamlessly blend with your home’s exterior, creating a visually stunning and cohesive outdoor living space.
  5. They make your deck a multipurpose room. If you enjoy hosting large-scale barbecues and tailgate parties, your covered deck sets just the right tone. Want more quality time with the family? Game nights and crafting projects are even more special in the great outdoors – with a sturdy roof overhead. Need to get away from it all and unwind after a hectic day at the office? Curl up with a good book as birds, crickets, and rustling leaves provide the soundtrack.
  6. They offer strong returns on investment. Upgrading your outdoor area with an aluminum deck cover is not only enjoyable for you but also adds value to your home. Potential buyers will appreciate the extended living space and protection that a patio cover provides, making your property stand out in the market. When selecting the visual design for your new patio cover, it should complement the style of your home. Adding a fully customizable patio shade not only allows you to bridge the gap between your interior and exterior places, but it also lends your home to a more interesting and inviting space.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities a Renaissance Patio product can bring to your family’s enjoyment of the great outdoors. Contact us for a free quote and we’ll put you in touch with a licensed, local installer who can have you living in Spokane splendor in no time!