Made in the Shade or Basking in the Sun?

Made in the Shade or Basking in the Sun?

Get the Best of All Worlds with Renaissance Patio Products!

Renaissance Patio products have the power to change the climate – at least for a few-hundred square-foot area in your backyard. No matter where you live, installing a Renaissance patio cover, pergola, gazebo, patio roof, screen room, or sunroom instantly eliminates many of the weather conditions that bring outdoor activities to a screeching halt. Precisely engineered extruded-aluminum components imbue Renaissance products with the toughness to withstand blistering heat, driving rain, pelting hail, and even hurricane-strength winds up to 175 mph.

With a variety of styles and architectures, our covered and enclosed structures can be customized to create the ideal environment – one offering the perfect temperature and just the right amount of air circulation, light, and protection from the wind and biting, stinging, insects. So whether you seek refuge from the Southwest’s relentless heat, The Pacific Northwest’s perennial sogginess, the Deep South’s humidity, New England’s winter wallop, or any other disagreeable natural phenomenon, Renaissance gives new life to your home.

Let The Sun Shine In

For residents of most of the country, the whole point of owning a patio is to provide family and friends a place to soak up the sun’s healthy rays and breathe in the fresh air.

Moderno Patio Cover Renaissance Patio
Built by Carolina Home Exteriors
  • Patio Cover – If you just can’t get enough natural warmth and sunlight, a translucent patio cover or enclosed screen room or sunroom might become your Eden. Fresco patio covers deflect harmful ultraviolet rays and much of the heat bearing down from the sun. At the same time, Frescoes permit 40 percent of the sun’s visible spectrum to pass through, bathing guests in vitamin D-rich light, which promotes bone health, mental well-being, immune response, and blood pressure management.

  • Sunroom – There’s just something magical about light streaming through a window. Even our pets seek out that one sunlit spot for their naps – go so far as to shift their position to be sure the sun hits them as it drifts across the sky. With a Lunino sunroom from Renaissance Patio, you and your furry friends can luxuriate in the healthful, natural brightness and warmth no matter where you’re sitting or drowsing. The best part is that you can commune with nature even when nature isn’t behaving its best. Gusting winds, high pollen counts, irritating gnats, loud neighbors – nothing can intrude on the solitude and relaxation that comes with a sunroom. It’s a full extension of your living space; you can add heating and air conditioning, plumbing for a kitchen or wet bar, and electricity to power a big-screen TV and video game system.

Going Undercover

In other climates and preferences, the greatest benefit a patio cover brings is just that – cover. They need shelter from the storm or shade from the piercing sun in order to live outdoor life to the fullest. If that’s you, rest assured, Renaissance Patio has you covered.

Renaissance Patio Aria Pergola Bronze

  • Screen Room – For a complete sensory connection to the outside world, a Dolce screen room brings the sounds, smells, and touches from your garden and lawn inside. Combined with one of our attractive, patio roofs – Contempo, Moderno, or Classico – ensure uninterrupted views of sunsets, kids at play, city skylines, and starry skies. The insulated roof keeps the room cool during summer days and toasty warm for fall movie nights and Saturday football viewing. Dolce screen mesh is ultra-fine, keeping even the tiniest noseeums, mosquitoes, and other pests at bay. The tinted mesh permits ambient light to pour in while toning down the low-lying sun’s glare.

  • Pergola – As much a work of art as a shady extension of your home’s living space, an Aria pergola blocks a portion of the sun – you decide how much sun to allow through, and Renaissance Patio’s installers place the shade tubes at the proper angles to make it happen. The result is not only a cool, breezy new room but also an attractive, light/shade pattern that reflects the structure’s aesthetics. One of the most versatile home additions, the Aria can accommodate any size yard. Virtually any customized shape is possible – even circular and octagonal, creating an Oriental gazebo effect.

Working with Renaissance Patio means never being forced to compromise on quality, value, or design. For more ideas on achieving your dream patio, contact us today. We will walk you through the options and help you design the outdoors space sure to bring a lifetime of enjoyment and recreation.