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Patio Covers are by far the best way to increase your home’s living area and your enjoyment of the outdoors. By keeping the sun, rain, and snow out of your new outdoor living room, a patio cover can become the new favorite space in your home. From the clean simple Moderno to the Classic style of the Classico, we offer a patio cover for every style and every budget.

Patio Cover Benefits

The main reason most people want a patio cover is to keep their patio space dry, cool in the summer, and protected from the snow and rain in the winter. There are many ways to accomplish these goals, some more elegant than others.

  • Fully insulated solid roof, patio covers, such as the Moderno, Contempo, and Classico are the best way to provide full shade as well as full protection from the elements. Using insulated aluminum roof panels, these structures not only offer the highest level of protection. They also serve as a true addition to your home. Improving your home’s looks, as well as value.
  • Translucent, Polycarbonate Patio Covers are becoming an increasingly popular option thanks to our Fresco Patio Cover. Using the best roof paneling in the industry the Fresco Cover is complete with a low energy coating to reflect the sun’s heat but allow light to pass through, keeping your patio light, bright, airy, and cool.
  • Pergolas and Shade Trellis patio covers, such as our Aria Pergola, are the perfect choice for those looking for partial shade and a highly decorative addition to the canvas of their backyard while allowing the rain to pass through. The Aria is our most popular patio cover for pool chairs, lounge areas, and spaces for your plants.

Have a look at our full line of decorative Patio Cover Options, we know you will find one that fits your home and budget perfectly.

Patio Cover Benefits

All of our patio covers have a lot in common, things such as

Patio Design with the End in Mind:

We started from scratch when we began the process of designing our patio covers. That process has continued ever since simply because we want to offer our customers the most attractive line of patio options on the market. Much of the patio industry is selling designs from the ‘70s and ‘80s. Those covers may have been in style years ago, but look dated now. People continue to buy them because until now, there was little option. We take the opposite approach, we design patios that offer the most timeless design possible. Then we use heavy-weight, structural aluminum, so those timeless designs last longer and look newer for longer.

Materials Make the Difference:

Aircraft-grade extruded aluminum structural beams do not rust or degrade over time, so your patio’s structure remains fully intact as it ages. The use of injection-molded resin for all of our plugs and caps ensures that not only do we turn unsightly connections into things of beauty that those things of beauty can live forever in the sun.

Superior Finishes Just Look Better:

Powder coating is the strongest color finish possible. It is a process that applies a dry powder to raw aluminum, then bakes it at high temperature, which bonds the color to the metal. This ensures even coloring, a perfect finish, and long life. Sure, it costs a little more than standard spray paint, like most patio covers use When it comes to looks, we do not cut corners.

Hard Core Engineering for a Hard Life Outdoors:

All of our Renaissance Patio Covers were designed to be installed in both the high wind zones of hurricane-prone regions, such as Florida and Texas, as well as high snow load regions such as Colorado and New York. This attention to engineered strength means we can put more space between posts in lower wind and snow zones. Not only does high strength allow for a patio that can withstand up to 175mph winds, but it also allows for a better view out of it as well.

Upgrade your Patio Cover

We know Patio Covers are great, but how can you add even more capability to your patio?

Design Your Patio For Success

You can choose to have a clean modern patio cover, such as the Moderno, or the more Decorative, Classic, Classico Patio Cover. Any of those can be installed attached to your home for an ideal dining and hanging space, or, freestanding in your yard to add even more outdoor living area. The key is understanding what you want to do with the space and building a patio that fits those needs perfectly.

Renaissance Patio White Decorative Pergola Lexington Kentucky

Bugs Out, Fun In

A patio can be an amazing space, but that’s hard to realize if you are being eaten alive by mosquitos and no-see-ums. For this reason, we offer our Dolce line of screen walls. The Dolce system even hides all of the screws holding it together and conceals anything that doesn’t look smooth and clean. The Dolce Screen Wall system allows any of our solid roof patio covers to be fully enclosed with our Dolce Screen walls to keep the fun in and bugs out.

Dolce Screen Room by Renaissance Patio Products

Chill Out, Even When It’s Cold

Want to enjoy the outdoor splendor, or at least look at it, all year round? It’s easy when you install our Lumino Glass Sunroom wall system under any of our patio roofs. Lumino converts your patio into a fully enclosed glass sunroom. We can build your sunroom using whatever type of glass suits your environment and vision, including insulated Low-E, or even impact storm glass. You can create a sunroom space that facilitates open-window summer cross breezes with warm winters with the windows shut tight.

Lumino Sunroom

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