Create Your Dream Sunroom

Sunrooms are by far the best way to increase your home’s living area and your enjoyment of the outdoors. By keeping the bugs, sun, rain, and snow out of your new outdoor living room, a sunroom can become your new favorite space in your home. We offer a sunroom for every style and every budget.

Sunroom Benefits


The one clear advantage sunrooms, solariums, and three-seasons rooms have over patio covers alone or screen rooms is that they are fully enclosed with glass. Your new sunroom can connect the outdoors and refreshing breezes simply by sliding open the windows. If temperatures aren’t to your liking, just close the windows and crank up the AC or heat. The sunroom is the most versatile use of your patio space, combining the benefits of a patio cover, screen room, and room addition all in one. You can use it for whatever you like depending on your mood, lifestyle, and weather.

  • Sunrooms, although not thermally broken, they are fully enclosed spaces, that offer true living areas. You can furnish them with the same type and quality of furniture you would find inside a home and use them as year-round living spaces.
  • The Lumino Sunroom Wall system from Renaissance fires seamlessly with any of our decorative patio covers. Choose the look of your ideal patio structure, such as the Classico, then install insulated vinyl-framed windows into it to create the ideal custom environment.
  • Modern window and door materials are designed for efficiency and comfort, the Lumino can be installed with nearly any configuration of glass and window framing that suits the environment, as well as your budget.

The Lumino Sunroom may be the ideal answer to your home addition dreams. Click below to skip straight to the Lumino details, or keep reading to learn a little more.

How the Lumino Sunroom compares to the competition

Designed for the Modern Lifestyle

The Lumino was designed from scratch to integrate flawlessly with the designs of today’s homes and the desires of today’s homeowners. Using any of our patio covers as the structure, the Lumino framing accommodates our vinyl- or aluminum-framed window installation to create the enclosed setting. As the Lumino is not constrained by old design work, we can install large sliding glass doors, Energy Star insulated windows and doors, and even full impact-rated glass windows for hurricane-prone areas. The Lumino is a building system, not a prefab kit, so your independent installer can design the ideal room for you.

Window and Door Options Galore

Industry-standard sunrooms are made with flimsy aluminum or vinyl extrusion, built in factories, then snapped together on-site, this method is not conducive to quality craftsmanship. The Lumino system incorporates a variety of window and door installation options; we offer name brand window brands and you can even install sliding glass doors to create a fully retractable wall.

Window Frames and Glass Packs

Not every sunroom needs fully insulated glass. If you live in a moderate climate, save your money and spend it on furnishing and decorating your new sunroom. We offer a wide variety of window frame materials and glass packs. We can customize the room to your exact needs and environment, from the vinyl-framed, insulated, Low-E 366, Energy Star pack for cold or extremely hot environments, to simple aluminum-framed tempered glass windows for a windbreaker room.

Some key ideas to get you started

Pick the right project, then the right size

Understanding how you will use your new sunroom space is key to selecting the ideal design. Start with what type of furniture you would like in the area; take measurements and layout the dimensions on the patio. Stand back and view the floorplan from several perspectives to get an idea of how big an area you need. We often find our customers think they need far more space than they actually do.

Patio Sun Rooms.6x4

Make efficient decisions

There are a lot of choices to be made when designing a sunroom, luckily, our network of dealers are experts in walking you through that process. Before you have your design meeting, spend a little time thinking about your design priorities. Do you want a traditional appearance and feel or something more contemporary? Are you concerned with energy efficiency? Will you be using the room in winter? The more you have mapped out preferences when you meet to complete your design work, the better the finished product will be.

Sunroom Classico Scallop Impact Windows

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