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Create your Dream Sunroom

Bask in daylight year-round in your new sunroom. Our gorgeous sunroom models, like the Lumino keep bugs, rain and snow out, so you can enjoy nature without concern for the elements. It’s sure to be your new favorite space. Perfect for relaxing, entertaining, and escaping the summer heat, this is the ideal addition to your home. Renaissance Patio offers sunrooms for any style and every budget.

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The Lumino Sunroom system turns your patio into a fully-insulated living or dining space, so you can enjoy the outdoors year-round.

Features: Fully insulated, high-grade extruded aluminum, supports numerous framing choices

Sunroom Benefits

Sunrooms create a perfect space to enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the weather. Renaissance sunrooms not only look beautiful, but last a lifetime. Built from high-quality, durable materials, you can enjoy your outdoor living room for years to come.


Renaissance sunroom additions accommodate a wide variety of window and door installation options. We offer several window frame brands and styles to complement your home. Optional sliding glass door installations create a fully retractable wall for a fresh breeze on nice days.

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Industry-standard sunrooms are made from flimsy aluminum or vinyl extrusion. They’re typically built in factories, then snapped together on-site. This method is not conducive to quality craftsmanship.

With excellent engineering and structural components built from 100% extruded aluminum, our materials are the same used in airplane wings and fuselages. Their high strength-to-weight ratio enables structures to withstand heavy snow loads, driving rainstorms, and high winds.


We finish our patio products with a baked-on powder coat. It’s far thicker and tougher than spray-applied paint. This extra step ensures your sunroom addition looks new for years, eliminating the need for expensive retouches.


Our sunroom additions’ excellent engineering, high-quality materials, and structural integrity resist up to 175-mph hurricane winds. Regardless of your location and home style, they will withstand the weather conditions.


Create a bright new room for your home. Your sunroom accommodates air conditioning and heating for complete comfort in all seasons. Fully weatherproof walls allow you to furnish the space to match your home decor and furniture without worrying about damage.


Sunrooms cost 50%-90% less than a standard wood-framed home addition — and take a quarter of the time to install. Ultimately, you boost the value of your home with a new, fully functional room at a fraction of the cost for a typical build.



We use the patio every weekend, at least once or twice.

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Upgrade your Sunroom

Add more style, functionality, and compatibility to your sunroom.

Renaissance Patio Lumino Sunroom

The Lumino is not constrained by old design work. That means you can add large sliding glass doors, Energy Star insulated windows and doors, and even full impact-rated glass windows for hurricane-prone areas. The Lumino is a building system, not a prefab kit, so your independent installer can design the ideal room for you.


We customize sunrooms to your environment. Choose the vinyl-framed, insulated, Low-E 366 Energy Star pack for extremely cold or hot environments. Or, opt for simple, aluminum-framed tempered glass windows for a windbreaker room in milder climates.


The Lumino Sunroom wall system works seamlessly with any of our decorative patio covers. Choose your ideal model, like the Classico, then install insulated vinyl-framed windows to create your custom space.

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