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Pick a style you like and all of your products can be made off of one of these 3 bases

Renaissance Patio Moderno Insulated Aluminum Patio Roof

Moderno Patio Roofing:

Clean Lines, Modern Design, and major step up from the plain old patio roof gives your home a high end look and feel without the high end price tag. The Moderno Patio Roofing system is an insulated aluminum roof, supported by decorative, sculpted, posts, and header, with decorative post covers and a designer gutter system, the Moderno is the answer to the age old patio question; can I have it all… thankfully, the answer is now; YES, at least when it comes to your patio roof. Available with or without screen walls.

Renaissance Patio Attached Bronze Classico Patio Roof

Classico Patio Roofing:

The Classico Patio Roof is our flagship, and for good reason. The Classico is an uncompromising take on the traditional wood framed patio roof, but uses aircraft grade aluminum for high strength, a baked on finish for low maintenance, nylon head fasteners for beautiful design, and even decorative post covers and state of the art engineering to insure your new patio is as strong as possible. The Classico patio roof incorporates sculpted posts, header, truss ends, post covers, and even full length trusses to provide the highest strength and most elegant patio money can buy, and don’t worry, its still about half the price of a traditional wood framed roof. Available with or without screen walls.

Contempo Aluminum Patio Cover

Contempo Patio Roofing:

Wood framed look, aluminum simplicity and a price you will love, means your patio can be both decorative, and practical. Taking our Moderno Patio Roof, and adding decorative aluminum truss ends provides that extra touch that most patios are missing. The Contempo Patio Roof features all of our signature designs, sculpted posts, header, post covers, and straight or scalloped truss ends, with a custom gutter system, when combined together, you have a patio that doesn’t bust the budget, but does look like it did. Available with or without screen walls.

Learn more about our Patio Products

After you select the style above you can then customize it as a pergola, screen room or sunroom. You can even add a translucent, polycarbonate cover.
Fresco Translucent Polycarbonate Patio Roof

Fresco Patio Cover:

Keeping your patio light, bright, airy, AND dry is now possible, thanks to the Fresco Patio Cover. Incorporating decorative, sculpted posts, header, trusses, truss ends, along with a translucent, pearl, polycarbonate roofing system means your patio can have 70% of the suns light pass right through, while keeping out the rain and reducing heat transfer into the space by up to 30%. The Fresco Patio Cover was designed to look like a traditional wood pergola, but instead of letting the rain in, we incorporated a semi-clear roof normally reserved for commercial construction projects due to its high strength, long lifespan, and rain proof design.

Fresco Translucent Patio Cover with Dolce Screen Walls

Dolce Screen Wall System:

Designed from the ground up to be the most attractive screen wall system on the planet, the Dolce hides all of the screws and fasteners that make a standard screen wall look like an erector set.

Aria Pergola by Renaissance Patio Products

Aria Shade Trellis or Pergola:

The Aria shade trellis was designed from the ground up to serve two purposes, first, to be a stunning work of art in your backyard, and second, to provide shade so you can enjoy the outdoors all season long. The Aria shade trellis, although it looks similar to a wooden shade trellis, incorporates nothing but the highest quality materials, aircraft grade extruded aluminum beams, baked on finishes, nylon head fasteners, decorative post covers, and of course, the highest strength engineered connections to insure your new shade trellis can stand the test of time. Compare the Aria to any system on the market and we think you will agree, nothing beats the clean lines, stunning look and feel, with high strength, worry free materials.

Lumino Sunroom

Lumino Sunroom: