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Renaissance Patio

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Inspire a more creative way of living through good design that’s good to everyone.

About Us

We are
Renaissance Patio

After years of installing every patio product imaginable, we had one constant thought; these patios are just not good looking, they are hard to install, and not very strong, certainly, we can do better. That was the moment Renaissance Patio Products was born.

We discovered that by using higher quality materials with less labor spent in handling, simpler and stronger connections, and more efficient manufacturing processes, we could offer patio covers that exceeded expectations, while keeping prices at a level nearly anyone can afford.

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About Us

Our People

We set about designing and redesigning each one of our product lines until there was nothing else that can be done to improve them. Our goal: design and manufacture products that we would be proud to install on any home.

We hope you see the care that went into each design, the choice of only the best materials for the job, the thought behind each engineered connection, and the careful attention to aesthetic that is our guiding principle.

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Very impressive! Your materials and quantities were perfect. I walked out with one box of extrusion cut-offs.

Everything was right and nicely packed and protected. 

I’ve been doing this 37 years and can’t remember a better supplier-packaged inventory. Whatever you gentlemen are doing is right.

Mike Malone

This is just an extension of my home…It’s just an amazing space and money well spent…


“I wanted to have my own little backyard oasis with my family”

Alicia McKean

“We spend most of our time here now that we have this patio”


” I was looking for a nice product, so I got in touch with Renaissance and they connected me with Chuck, a local dealer”

Leandro Carreira


We use the patio every weekend, at least once or twice.

Jason Hendrick

We love our new pergola! The Renaissance team did a great job all the way from design to install. We chose them because the material is beautiful and high end looking. We are thrilled to have some shade in our yard!

Kaitlyn Weaver

FAQ’s about Renaissance Patio

No. We sell only through our network of independent installers.

All of our structures are engineered to withstand up to 175 mph winds.

Yes, all of our patios are engineered to meet or exceed your local building code.

Yes. Our fresco panels have a “ Low-E” coating on top which allows visible light to pass through but blocks up to 60% of heat transmission.

Yes, shingles or metal roofing can be installed on top of the insulated panels.

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