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Screen Rooms are by far the best way to increase your home’s living area and your enjoyment of the outdoors. By keeping the bugs, sun, rain, and snow out of your new outdoor living room, a screen room can become your new favorite space in your home. We offer a screen room for every style and every budget.

Benefits of a Screen Room


Banning the bugs is the main reason our customers build screen rooms, but they do quite a bit more than that:

  • Installing screen walls under your patio cover creates the feeling of a real outdoor living room. There is nothing more relaxing than dozing outdoors on a nice day inside your screen room, knowing you are not going to wake up with 50 mosquito bites. This alone makes a screen room feel more like a sanctuary than an open patio cover.
  • Screen Walls cut down on airflow slightly, filtering out dirt and dust so your patio stays cleaner. Screens also act as a partial rain barrier. Drops hit the screen and run down rather than into the room, so your space doesn’t get soaked.
  • The Dolce Screen Wall system from Renaissance combines those two benefits and extends by allowing you to install an “Open View” format, removing nearly all the visible framing to create ultrawide, fully open screen viewing panels. Though your patio cover is enclosed, it feels completely open.
  • Dolce Screen Walls can be installed under any Renaissance patio cover, so choose your favorite, and know that your screen walls are made to complement it.

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Benefits of the Dolce Screen Room system versus standard materials

Design with Clean Lines in Mind

When we designed the profiles used to build the Dolce Screen Wall system, we knew one thing: we did not want it to look like a patchwork of parts, clips, and screws, so common in regular screen systems. For this reason, we designed snap covers to hide the structural parts that do not add to the room’s aesthetics, so all you see are nice, clean extruded aluminum sections.

Open View Options

Standard screen profiles are weak; they require a lot of bulking framing to support the screen panels, creating that “birdcage” look we are all so familiar with. The Dolce screen walls are constructed of heavy aluminum-extruded mesh, typically 50 percent thicker than standard, and a stiffer, more complex profile. More rigid and robust screens allow us to install them with fewer frame supports, creating massive “Open View” walls and leaving only screen mesh between you and the outdoors, for the ultimate feeling of an open patio.

Powder Coat is Simply Stronger

The name of the game when it comes to standard screen walls is “cheap,” – the cheaper the materials the better. This is why you often see screen sections with chipping and peeling paint finishes. It is much cheaper to spray on a paint finish than to apply something tougher. We have taken a better approach with Dolce. We use a baked-on powder coat finish, which is far thicker and tougher than spray-applied paint. It doesn’t even make a major difference to the cost, so your screen room can look great for many years without breaking the bank.

How to design the ideal screen room for your space

Design for your lifestyle

Understanding exactly how much space you actually need inside your screen room is key. We often hear inflated numbers from our customers when we ask their desired screen room size. For example, if you want to include an outdoor table and chair set for six, along with a lounge area, you only really need a 12-foot by 24-foot area. Take the time to lay out the space before meeting with your independent installer, so you know more precisely what you are looking for.

Dolce Screen Room with White Kickplate by Renaissance Patio Products

Framing the View

Do you have a nice, green yard? Want to keep that view intact? Ask your independent installer about the “Open View” screen wall options. If you have kids or pets that may test the strength of the screen panels, the Open View may likely not be for you, as replacing massive screen panels is expensive. Instead, choose our standard framing and install durable “Ultra Screen” mesh below the chair rail.

Dolce Full View Screened Room by Renaissance Patio Products

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