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Shelter Your Patio from Insects, Other Pests & More!

Mosquitoes, for instance. They’re never invited, but in Florida, they almost always show up for the party.

And gulls. Perhaps the ultimate freeloaders if you’re near a large body of water, gulls beg for food and get uncomfortably close on too many occasions.

Then there’s your neighbor’s dog. He knows you, and he’s friendly — maybe too friendly when he smells whatever you’ve got on the grill.

But if you live by a golf course, the worst culprit for just barging in unannounced is the poorly aimed golf ball. The stray golf ball arrives very quickly and bounces around among your guests — sometimes actually hurting them — before he settles in.

Screen Rooms Protect You

Renaissance screen rooms are the ideal solution for keeping every one of these unwanted visitors off your patio. Screen rooms can help to keep out unwanted people, too. If you have children or grandkids playing on your patio, a screen room made lockable keeps intruders out and the young ones in.

One of our certified installers can build a screen room in combination with any of our patio covers. You can choose a continuous, rain-shedding roof, such as the insulated aluminum panels on our Moderno Patio Roofing or Classico Patio Roof, or the translucent polycarbonate panels on our Fresco Patio Cover. All accept our purpose-made aluminum framing to hold mesh on the sides of your patio to enclose it.

Strong Attractive Patio Covers

Screen rooms are only as strong as the structures that are incorporated with them. No patio covers are stronger — or more beautiful — than Renaissance patio covers.

Get Extra Protection

As with any Renaissance patio cover, Aria can be enclosed in mesh to keep out bugs, birds, plant debris and other nuisances. Even errant golf balls won’t get in. And if you get a locking door, neither will unwelcome visitors — an important security benefit if your children are playing on the patio.

Every Renaissance shade structure includes

Durability: We engineer our frames to withstand winds up to 175 mph, so our structures can be built anywhere in Florida. Framing components are made of aircraft-grade extruded aluminum, stronger than rolled aluminum. Parts are made for a precise fit.

Freedom from maintenance: Screws and anchors are corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Frames, including for screen rooms, are coated at the factory with a 3-mil powder coat that resists year after year of Florida weather. There is no need to repaint.

Tasteful styling: Columns, support beams, and trusses are not just strong, but also decorative. The lines are tasteful, not tacky, so the look blends into any neighborhood and ages gracefully. Framing for screen rooms is designed to complement other frame components. 

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