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Pergolas and Gazebos are by far the best way to increase your home’s living area and your enjoyment of the outdoors. By keeping the sun out of your new outdoor living room, a pergola or gazebo can become the new favorite space in your home. With the Aria Pergola, we offer a pergola or gazebo for every style and every budget.

Pergola Patio Cover Benefits


Shade, good looks, and appropriate layout are the key factors when choosing how to install your new pergola. If these three key requirements are met, your new pergola with shade lattice will provide a permanent decorative fixture that will shade your patio in just the right way, while transforming your outdoor space into an outdoor living room. A great pergola system will also be maintenance-free, strong enough to last a lifetime, and include the little finishing touches that give the structure a sleek, clean appearance.

  • Extruded aluminum pergolas, such as the ones used in Renaissance Aria, are by far the most modern and lowest-maintenance option. They also offer high-strength construction so they last virtually forever even in tough environments.
  • Wooden pergolas look great, they have that natural grain and texture that aluminum can’t quite duplicate. But like all wooden structures, they require a lot of maintenance. They have to be sealed, protected from termites, and painted every year to keep them looking their best. In addition, quality wood decks are usually expensive to build, and using cheap pressure-treated pine makes them look, well, cheap.
  • Roll-formed sheet metal pergolas, such as the “Aluminum Wood” type products that are all over the market are easy and inexpensive to install, but like most things, you get what you pay for. The thin rolled aluminum and embossed wood grain don’t come close to approximating wood grain, and their low-quality paint finish ages quickly, requiring constant repainting and maintenance. They simply are not good investments.

When you examine all the benefits the Aria pergola system delivers, there is a good chance it will be the best choice for a shade structure for your home. If not, Renaissance Patio carries a full line of patio roofs, gazebos, and other structures. One is sure to be right for your home.


All our pergolas and patio covers are built with our dedication to quality

Designed for Today…

We designed the Aria pergola to match today’s trends and styles, unlike many pergolas that still cling to 1980s aesthetics when styles were different and synthetic was in vogue. Aria stands out as a modern take on the traditional structure. Using all structural extruded aluminum does not lend itself to faux-wood texturing. Aria is not made of wood, why try to cheat? We want Aria to stand on its own merits as a clean, structural shade structure that complements the maintenance-free backyard so many of our customers prioritize. After all, it’s a lot more fun to relax under your new pergola than to spend time maintaining it.

…And Tomorrow

The biggest killers of standard pergolas are the rust that forms on screws and fasteners and paint that chips and peels to expose the structural elements to harsh weather. The Aria solves these issues by using extruded aluminum structural elements. They do not rust or corrode. We cover these components with a baked-on powder coating, one of the toughest finishes around. Then we use all rust-resistant, nylon-headed steel fasteners.

Life Outdoors is Tough; Your Engineering Should Be As Well

The Aria, along with all Renaissance Patio systems, was born in Florida, one of the toughest places in the world to build a patio. Your Aria can withstand up to 175 mph winds, intense sunlight, sweltering humidity, and even corrosive salt air. Does this matter in Idaho? Absolutely! the stronger the structure and more resistant to weather, the better. It simply means you can expand your view with more distance between posts and get more creative with your design.

Pergolas can be built in many ways, Here are a couple of options to think about

Design with your life in mind

As the Aria pergola can be adapted to fit nearly any space and most design requests, we recommend that you spend some time outside looking at the areas you would like to shade. Decide what shape, style, and size pergola is appropriate to create your ideal environment. This will ensure you pay for only what you need and want, and nothing extra.

Renaissance Patio White Decorative Pergola Lexington Kentucky

Simply shade, or rain protection too?

The Aria can include a shade lattice that allows a variable amount of light to pass through. The most common option is to use 2-inch-wide shade tubes with 2 inches of space between them, which produces a 60 percent shade factor. You can adjust the gap to 4 inches for a 40 percent shade factor, or 6 to 12 inches to really create an open feel to your structure. Another option to consider is the Fresco polycarbonate patio cover. If you decide you want to keep the rain out of the space altogether, the Fresco is a solid, translucent option that protects from the snow and rain and filters out 40 percent of the sun’s rays to reduce heat transmission by 50 percent.

Renaissance Patio Fresco Translucent Patio Cover

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