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The Moderno

Insulated Aluminum Solid Roof Patio Cover

The Moderno Patio Cover is the most efficient and architecturally stunning way to protect your patio from the sun’s harsh rays and driving rain. Incorporating modern lines, decorative posts, post covers, architectural gutters, and a keen eye for clean connections and a luxury appearance, the Moderno is our most cost-effective patio cover option and our most modern style as well.

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Why You’ll Love the Moderna Patio Cover

The Moderno Patio Cover was designed with one simple goal in mind: to provide your friends and family an architecturally beautiful space to enjoy the great outdoors while keeping the sometimes not-so-great weather at bay.


Aircraft grade powder-coated extruded aluminum can stand the test of time while remaining beautiful and requiring little to no maintenance. High carbon steel and nylon headed fasteners withstand the worst nature can throw at them, and automotive grade nylon covers and caps create a smooth and complete appearance designed to live in the sun.


Baked-on powder coat finishes on all of our extruded aluminum profiles are the very best in durable and maintenance-free coatings that require no more maintenance than a wash now and then.


Designed and engineered for the extremes of Miami-Dade county wind zone, Colorado snow loads, and Texas summer sun. You can build a Renaissance Patio anywhere in the country with confidence. Our network of independent installers know the local codes and will custom design a space to fit the local weather and building code requirements.


You dream of a place to retreat from the world, and we want to make that dream come true. All Renaissance Patios are designed to be built quickly and affordably, this is only possible due to smart design and efficient manufacturing. The use of modern materials means you spend time enjoying your patio, not painting, staining, washing, and maintaining it.

The Moderno Options

Wondering how to increase the appeal and comfort of your Moderno patio cover? Well, you’re in luck, as we have plenty of options, from fully enclosed glass walls to create the perfect four-season sunroom, to screen walls, to custom decorative add-ons and accessories.

White Insulated Aluminum Patio Cover

Your structure can be attached to your home to create the ideal patio space, or engineered to be completely freestanding anywhere in your yard. Our local installers can build your Moderno behind your pool, near your garden, or overlooking a lake or woodlot. The freestanding version of the Moderno is an ideal space for an outdoor kitchen, wet bar, seating area, or open game space. The options are endless.


Screen walls keep the bugs out and fun in. The Moderno and all our solid patio covers are compatible with our Dolce Screen Wall System to keep the pests at bay. Dolce framing even hides all of the screws and unsightly bits, so all you see are clean screen walls and the scenery beyond. We can even dispense with the framing that supports the screen to create our “Open View” screen wall system to create one massive uninterrupted screen panel for the maximum perspective.


If it is year-round enjoyment in climate-controlled comfort you crave, add Lumino Glass Sunroom walls to your Moderno and create a 3-seasons fully air-conditioned and heated sunroom. We offer a full range of glass options from simple, affordable tempered glass windows, all the way up to the insulated, impact-resistant, low-E glass for waterfront homes in the hurricane zone, and every option in between.

Very impressive! Your materials and quantities were perfect. I walked out with one box of extrusion cut-offs.

Everything was right and nicely packed and protected. 

I’ve been doing this 37 years and can’t remember a better supplier-packaged inventory. Whatever you gentlemen are doing is right.

Mike Malone

This is just an extension of my home…It’s just an amazing space and money well spent…


“I wanted to have my own little backyard oasis with my family”

Alicia McKean

“We spend most of our time here now that we have this patio”


” I was looking for a nice product, so I got in touch with Renaissance and they connected me with Chuck, a local dealer”

Leandro Carreira


We use the patio every weekend, at least once or twice.

Jason Hendrick

We love our new pergola! The Renaissance team did a great job all the way from design to install. We chose them because the material is beautiful and high end looking. We are thrilled to have some shade in our yard!

Kaitlyn Weaver

The Pros and Cons of the Moderno Patio Cover

Everything in life has its ups and downs, pros and cons, and the Moderno is no exception.


  • Clean, elegant lines and modern design
  • Low- and no-maintenance materials keep you enjoying your room, not repainting it
  • Rustproof beams and rust-preventing screws look new virtually forever
  • Far stronger, longer-lasting, and more beautiful than comparable aluminum, wood, and vinyl products
  • The Moderno looks elegant from day one until you move


  • If it is a more detailed, traditional wood look you are going for, one of our more embellished models may be a better choice
  • Renaissance Patio structures will last longer and be easier to maintain than wood structures, however, they don’t have a natural wood appeal
  • Compared to a standard patio, the Moderno is going to cost a little more, most nice things do

Related FAQ’s

Yes, shingles or metal roofing can be installed on top of the insulated panels.

Yes, all of our patios are engineered to meet or exceed your local building code.

All of our structures are engineered to withstand up to 175 mph winds.

Low-pressure water gentle soap such as dish soap or car /automotive soap, feel free to use a towel to remove stains.

For more information see our blog: How do I clean my patio?

Nothing. They are terms that are used interchangeably to describe structures that cover your patio.

First off, a patio cover can look like a pergola and a pergola can also cover your patio. When people refer to a “pergola” our customers typically tell us they are looking for a specific design style.

A pergola will have exposed trusses, curved cuts on the end of the trusses and will include either a shade lattice to partially block the sun or a solid cover to fully block the sun and keep out the rain.

A patio cover always has a solid top, but when it comes to Renaissance can also have the look of a pergola.

Yes. Although more expensive than a studio style roof, we have all of the components to build an A frame.

Yes, all of our products carry a lifetime warranty. Your independent may also offer a warranty, so don’t forget to bring that out with your installer.

Renaissance Warranty Certificate

That’s simple… Design. Renaissance was born with design in mind, our products look better, are stronger, and represent a better addition to your home.

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