Savannah Pergolas and Patio Covers:

Savannah Pergolas and Patio Covers:

Steeped in antebellum architecture and enveloped by oak trees dripping with Spanish moss, Savannah captivates visitors and residents alike with its one-of-a-kind Southern ambiance. The city’s 22 distinct squares serve as peaceful sanctuaries, each anchored by historical markers and monuments.
Residents of these suburban historic districts love living alongside Savannah’s postcard-worthy scenery while enjoying modern amenities.

Whether you live near a square, on one of the islands, or farther south of the South Carolina border, a patio cover or pergola from Renaissance Patio, can bring the ambiance of Savannah’s historic district right to your own backyard. Imagine hosting your own mini festivals and parades under your pergola, echoing the vibrant social scene of this enchanting city.

The Climate Case for Pergolas and Patio Covers

Savannah’s subtropical climate gifts the South’s hostess city with relaxed outdoor living through balmy autumns and early arriving springs. But as the mercury quickly escalates well into the breach 90s on roughly half the days from June to September, and afternoons turn steamy, seeking refuge in the shade becomes survival instinct!

Without overhead shelter, backyards stand devoid of activity during peak summer daylight hours. Homeowners retreat indoors to refreshing but expensive air conditioning, forced to alfresco dining, poolside recreation, and neighborly gossip – all the things that contribute to Chatham County’s hominess. The backyard’s potential remains quarantined for months on end.

Adding a custom-designed extruded aluminum pergola or insulated patio cover instantaneously unlocks your outdoor living potential. Your friends and loved ones will flock to your new backyard living space, sheltered from the sun’s ravages even at the height of mid-day barbeque season, Independence Day celebrations, and June weddings.

Our Aria pergola uses custom-designed louvres mounted on sturdy posts and overhead beams to reflect and block as much sunlight as you prefer. Diffusing the sun’s rays can reduce the temperature under the pergola by 15 degrees or more while limiting the ultraviolet and infrared beams that reach sensitive skin. It’s just the ticket for taking the sting out of Savannah’s annual heat wave. 

Want shelter from the rain as well as the heat? Renaissance Patio is here for you with three visionary patio roof designs. Our Classico, Moderno, and Contempo patio cover lines evoke the feeling of luxurious woodgrain finish and homey finishing touches and architectural flourishes like sculpted beams, custom posts, and decorated truss ends.

Laid-back Lifestyle

At the best of times, life in Savannah moves at an unhurried pace. Porch swings sway gently as neighbors exchange hellos. Azalea-dotted gardens fill the air as fireflies flicker. This is no place for being cooped up indoors. The draw of southern hospitality is too powerful. Savannahians are born to gather, celebrate, and savor life’s simple pleasures.

Renaissance Patio shade structures make it easy to indulge these instincts, creating the natural segue from your home and seamlessly blending it into this culture. A custom patio cover or pergola ushers Savannah’s easygoing lifestyle right through your backyard gate.

Suddenly your home emanates the leisurely appreciation of the finer things in life that Savannah is known for. Under your Renaissance pergola or patio cover, climbing vines intertwining among posts and louvres, you’ll usher in the textures, noises, and feel of nature. Tiki torches, lazily revolving fans, and chilled wine add to the good times as the party spills outdoors.

This is why Savannah families choose pergolas – for togetherness, for versatility, for living Savannah to the fullest, whether or not the weather permits!

Moderno Patio Cover

Dollars and Sense

These permanent shade structures expand your home’s livable footprint and provide the setting for more time spent gathered in your outdoor oasis with family, but they also save you money. Attached to your home, pergolas and patio roofs shade not only your new outdoor space but also the main abode. That minimizes the heat that gets transmitted indoors, reducing indoor air temperatures by up to 20 degrees, says the Department of Energy. Cooling costs plummet and money goes back in your pocket.

In Savannah’s flourishing housing market – resale prices have increased by 10% over the last year, topping $300,000 – custom updates like pergolas distinguish your property and add thousands of dollars to its resale value. The presence of an artisan-crafted pergola or insulated patio cover tailored to your home’s architecture ensures interested buyers see your home as move-in ready.

Investing in a custom-designed pergola or patio cover is a fantastic idea for homeowners in Savannah. Not only does it offer a comfortable outdoor living space year-round, but it also enhances property value, complements the local lifestyle, and contributes to energy savings. So why wait? Embrace the Savannah life and enjoy your outdoor space in style and comfort! Contact Renaissance Patio for a free quote.