The Classico

Exposed-Beam Pergola-Style Patio Cover

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Classico Highlights

The Classico is our flagship solid-roof patio cover. It represents a fully framed design, with the same style as a custom-built pergola, only with solid panels on top to give it a stunning timeless beauty. There is no equivalent metal product on the market; the only product that can compare to the Classico’s charm and strength is wood-framed roofing with exposed beams. However, wood is high-maintenance, slow to build, and very expensive.
  • The Classico provides the high-end refinement and feel of an exposed-beam wood-framed roof or decorative pergola with the added benefit of keeping the rain and snow off your patio, grill, and outdoor furniture using high-strength insulated aluminum roof paneling.
  • Looking to design the ultimate patio? The Classico gives you unlimited design options as it has such a sturdy frame. You can install privacy walls on any side of the structure, mount a television, or wire it for lighting and a ceiling fan. The Classico is your best bet for a no-compromises patio.
  • Patio covers can be a true living-space addition to your home, or a simple, cheap add-on, If you are looking for the most substantial type of addition, the Classico is the only choice.
Freestanding Classico Insulated Patio Roof
The Classico represents the “have it all” approach to patio design. It is both high strength and high style. It uses the most advanced framing methods available to achieve a look that is unmatched in the industry while keeping the cost of your new patio cover addition significantly lower than that of even a basic wood-framed roof. The clincher is that the Classico goes up fast and clean, and requires little to no maintenance, after all, it is much more fun to relax on your patio than to work on it.

Classico Details

Classico Patio Cover Gallery

Classico Patio Options

You have chosen the best possible decorative patio on the market, and now you ways to maximize your enjoyment of your ideal relaxation space. Here are some ideas:

RenaissancePatio Classico Aluminum Patio Roof

Pick a primo location

Design for the way you live. The Classico can be installed as an attached addition to your home or as a freestanding structure in your yard to give you a separate area for working, reading, entertaining, or just hanging out. Not only that, but we offer a full line of privacy walls on which to mount a TV, block your view of the neighbors’ home (and their view of your outdoor living space), or simply buffer the wind.

Dolce Screen Room by Renaissance Patio Products

Screen out those bugs!

Uninvite the bugs. With the Dolce Screen Wall System, you can wrap your Classico to create a true outdoor living room. Your local independent installer can even design screen walls that eliminate all framing to give you an unimpeded view through open screen panels.

Renaissance Patio Products Sunroom

Keep the fun going year-round

Control the temperature year-round. With the addition of Lumino Glass Sunroom walls, the Classico can be converted into a fully conditioned space, perfect for appreciating the outdoors in the hottest summer months and coldest days of winter. We offer a full range of glass options to suit your environment, no matter where you live.

The Pros and Cons of the Classico Patio Cover

Nothing’s perfect, so let’s talk about what you may or may not love about the Classico


  • Great decorative pergola look and feel
  • Ultra-High-strength framing – the strongest patio you can buy
  • Low maintenance materials – spend less time working and more time enjoying
  • High-quality powder coat finish – great looks for life


  • More metal and more materials mean more money, the Classico is economical when compared to some wood structures, but not compared to basic patio covers.
  • There is something about the texture of wood that speaks to us. It’s a look and feel we cannot fully replicate. with aluminum. We can, however, make it last longer and look incredibly clean.

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