Comfortable Patio Covers in Franklin, TN


Situated just far enough from Nashville to carve out its own piece of peaceful Tennessee, Franklin embraces both its historic past and its contemporary attraction. Residents revel in a small-town atmosphere and hominess that has led to numerous appearances on “best of lists” touting the city’s advantages for entrepreneurs, retirees, young families, job seekers, and more. Franklinites also love living in proximity to stellar recreational activities and attractions. Known for its vibrant downtown, lush parks, and historic homes, Franklin provides a wonderful quality of life. No self-respecting Williamson County resident would miss the annual Pilgrimage Festival, regular hikes and birdwatching along Big East Fork Reserve loop trail, or a night out on historic Main Street.

But with big-city luxuries also come a few trials. Franklin’s 25% population growth over the last few decades, growing traffic congestion, and an influx of tourists can send even the most patient resident in search of a hideaway.

Your Outdoor Retreat: A Cozy Covered Patio

A covered patio from Renaissance Patio can amplify the lifestyle that spoils Franklin’s citizens. A backyard patio sheltered from the elements provides the perfect intimate space for hosting small gatherings with friends and neighbors, mirroring Franklin’s lively social scene on a personal scale. With an insulated aluminum patio cover from Renaissance Patio, you’ll get unmatched aesthetic appeal and a host of additional perks for your Franklin area home. As a leader in custom patio design focused on maximizing lifestyle benefits, Renaissance brings unrivaled style and quality craftsmanship to every project.

A patio constructed of the finely engineered and time-tested extruded aluminum components Renaissance Patio uses, creates a sanctuary for your family and friends when the hustle and bustle become too much to bear.  Investing in an outdoor living space gives you your own personal resort right in your own backyard, the perfect setting for unwinding, working, entertaining, reading, playing, relaxing, and enjoying the slower pace and tranquility that Franklin is known for.

Whether you call Fieldstone Farms, Laurelbrooke, Garden Hill, or some other corner of the Franklin area home, your house and your loved ones will see a change for the better with a beautiful, insulated patio cover adding to the timeless Southern charm. Picture an intimate setting of wicker furniture artfully arranged to catch the spring breeze, ambient lighting setting the mood around a flickering firepit as the sweet hint of Carolina jasmine and Confederate honeysuckle float delicately in the air. It’s not heaven but it’s close.

Get the Extra Space You Need

Beyond simply resculpting your home’s tired backyard appearance, investing in a custom patio cover from Renaissance Patio essentially adds an entire new “outdoor room” to enjoy for gatherings with family and friends. Outfitted with conveniences like ceiling fans, lighting, stereo speakers, and video entertainment systems, the covered space makes efficient use of your property’s footprint. You’ll find yourself partaking of healthful outdoor pursuits throughout the year. No more scrambling indoors when the clouds open or the sun beats relentlessly down.

Take Your Pick

Renaissance offers three distinct patio roof designs – Classico, Moderno, and Contempo – so you can match your personal vision and backyard architecture with your intended use, backyard layout, home architecture, and budget. You can choose to attach your patio roof to your home, creating a natural transition from inside to the outdoors and reaping significant savings on heating and cooling costs. Or you can opt for a freestanding covered patio for a pavilion-like feel and 360-degree views of your property, the horizon, and the surrounding area.

Appraising at around 60% to 70% of the construction cost, a covered patio tangibly boosts home value by expanding usable square footage. Not only will your family enjoy a lifetime of use of its sturdy Renaissance Patio structure, but you will add thousands of dollars to your pocketbook if you decide to sell. Today’s homebuyers prioritize livable outdoor areas when looking to relocate, putting your home at the top of their shopping list.

Our Classico patio cover integrates the handsome look of wood-framed pergola roofs while retaining aluminum’s strength, durability, and no-maintenance benefits. Sculpted support posts, header beam, full roof trusses and trim craft a timeless aesthetic. Its innovative engineering allows cost-effective installation around half that of traditional wood structures. The Classico brings an upscale architectural element to backyards with its traditional wood-framed style.

The sleek Moderno design embodies contemporary minimalist style with straight clean lines, hiding gutters and sharp attention to subtle details. Though cost-effective, the Moderno’s modern flair and luxury accents like decorative posts/trim elevate patio design to high-end aesthetic usually found in pricier projects. For homeowners desiring maximum stylistic impact per invested dollar, the Moderno delivers lavish modern design without a lavish budget.

Splitting the difference, Contempo adds decorative aluminum trim and partially exposed faux rafter tails to the Moderno’s framework creating a dapper transitional look blending modern and traditional. For penny-pinching homeowners unwilling to compromise on visual flare, the budget friendly Contempo bridges old and new-world styling.

Ready to invest in memories for a lifetime and give your family the room it craves to make the most of their time at home? Contact us for a free estimate and a demonstration of how a Renaissance Patio backyard shade structure can make your outdoor dreams come true.