The Moderno

Insulated Aluminum Solid Roof Patio Cover

Homeowner Benefits

The Moderno Patio Cover was designed with one simple goal in mind: to provide your friends and family an architecturally beautiful space to enjoy the great outdoors while keeping the sometimes not-so-great weather at bay.

  • Using modern materials, including aircraft-grade extruded aluminum posts, beams, and gutters, injection-molded plugs and covers, and rust-preventing hardware, we create a patio cover that can stand the test of time gracefully. Plus, it needs only the occasional cleaning.
  • The Moderno is finished with a high-grade powder coat, which is baked-on in an oven to ensure all the structural beams are as beautiful as they are strong. Even our nonstructural components, such as our covers and plugs, are made with UV-resistant resin to make sure they can live in the sun practically forever.
Moderno Patio Roof
  • Using state-of-the-art design and engineering, the Moderno, like all Renaissance products, meets even the most demanding building code standards – it even passes the Miami-Dade County wind code of up to 175 mph hurricane-force winds. If you do not live in hurricane territory, this means your new Moderno can withstand far more than will ever be asked of it. Even heavy snow loads of 40 pounds per square foot are no challenge for Moderno. That makes it one of the most durable systems on the market.

When it comes to style strength and value, the Moderno hits the sweet spot. The elegant simplicity of its design combined with installation cost and efficient construction techniques means you can have a Moderno Patio Cover installed for far less than you think.

Moderno Details

Moderno Patio Cover Gallery

Moderno Options

You have decided that a Moderno is right for you and are wondering how to increase the appeal and comfort of your patio space? Well, you’re in luck, as we have plenty of options, from fully enclosed glass walls to create the perfect four-season sunroom, to screen walls, to custom decorative add-ons and accessories.

Renaissance Patio Moderno Insulated Aluminum Patio Roof

Pick a primo location

Your structure can be attached to your home to create the ideal patio space, or it can be engineered to be completely freestanding and located anywhere in your yard. Our local installers cant build your Moderno behind your pool, near your garden, or overlooking a lake or woodlot. The freestanding version of the Moderno is an ideal space for an outdoor kitchen, wet bar, seating area, or open game space. The options are endless.

Dolce Full View Screened Room by Renaissance Patio Products

Screen out those bugs!

Screen walls keep the bugs out and fun in. The Moderno and all our solid patio covers are compatible with our Dolce Screen Wall System to keep the pests at bay. Dolce framing even hides all of the screws and unsightly bits, so all you see are clean screen walls and the scenery beyond. We can even dispense with the framing that supports the screen to create our “Open View” screen wall system to create one massive uninterrupted screen panel for the maximum perspective.

Renaissance Patio Products Sunroom

Keep the fun going year-round

If it is year-round enjoyment in climate-controlled comfort you crave, add Lumino Glass Sunroom Walls to your Moderno and create a fully air-conditioned and heated sunroom. We offer a full range of glass options from simple, affordable tempered glass windows, all the way up to the insulated, impact-resistant, low-E glass for waterfront homes in the hurricane zone, and every option in between.

The Pros and Cons of the Moderno Patio Cover

Everything in life has its ups and downs, pros and cons, and the Moderno is no exception.


  • Clean, elegant lines and modern design. Your home will love you for it
  • Low- and no-maintenance materials keep you enjoying your room, not repainting it
  • Rustproof beams and rust-preventing screws look new virtually forever
  • Far stronger, longer-lasting, and more beautiful than comparable aluminum, wood, and vinyl products. The Moderno looks elegant from Day One until you move


  • If it is a more detailed, traditional wood look you are going for, one of our more embellished options may be a better choice
  • Renaissance Patio structures will last longer and be easier to maintain than wood structures, however, they don’t have a natural wood appeal. Nothing made of aluminum will ever look quite the same as the texture of wood. 
  • Compared to a standard, ugly patio, the Moderno is going to cost a little more, most nice things do

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