Where should I put my patio?

Where should I put my patio?

Installing an outdoor living space on your property creates a wealth of opportunities for work, play, contemplation, entertainment, and family togetherness. Depending on which of these you value most, however, the placement of your patio roof, gazebo, sunroom, pergola, patio cover, or screen room will play a large part in how much enjoyment you will derive from your investment. Many homeowners make the mistake of deciding where in their yard a patio can be built easily and inexpensively. They decide how large a patio they want and can afford. Finally, once the patio is up, they think about decorating, furnishing, and using their new outdoor space.

This is backward thinking. Renaissance Patio believes you should first determine how you want to use your enclosed and/or covered outdoor room. This decision will help you choose the best location, orientation, and size for the space. Here are the factors to consider making that first critical decision.

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Purpose of the Patio

Will your new patio space be primarily a home office? An outdoor kitchen? A secluded getaway? A game room? A poolside lanai? If you will use the covered structure for entertaining, it may be best to attach the patio to your home. That way, you’ll have a short, easy path for bringing out food, board games, and anything else you might need to carry. An attached room also might be preferable if it will be used by young children who require supervision. Using the space as a quiet alcove for reading, hobbies, or working out, on the other hand, makes a detached patio a viable option. It presents a sense of “getting away from it all,” free from the hassles and interruptions of everyday life.


Attaching the patio to your home creates a physical and visual barrier on one side – only people inside the home can see what you’re doing. If you’re the sociable type, however, you might even consider placing the patio space in the front yard, where you can greet neighbors as they arrive home. If you live in a rural area or a cul-de-sac, a front yard vantage point is perfect for keeping an eye on skateboarders and cyclists. For additional privacy in densely populated areas, consider building the patio around or near hedges, walls, or water features that not only obscure neighbors’ views but also can absorb sound so private conversations cannot be overheard.


One of the best things about having an outdoor living space is its ability to bring you closer to nature. Walk your property and look around from all angles to see which spots provide the best views. If you can see the city skyline, the eastern or western horizon, mountains, or a stream, this might be the perfect location for your patio. Even your garden and landscaping have their best sides, so take the time to discover them. In many cases, the ideal locale will be away from your home and a detached patio will afford 360-degree vistas.

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The size of your yard may restrict where you can put your patio. If it’s not very deep, or if a pool, putting green, dog run, or other feature takes up a bunch of space, attaching the patio cover to your home may be your only option. Even if you’re working on virgin ground, the lot size and your home’s footprint should be considered. You don’t want the patio to overshadow the house. Patios that are too small for the space they occupy, on the other hand, feel cramped and “shoehorned” in as an afterthought. Make sure the location you choose is large enough to accommodate the furniture you want, as well as an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or anything else you want.


Outdoor living spaces are the stuff dreams are made of, but they still must have a basis in reality. Mundane details such as cost and effectiveness come into play when determining where to build your patio. The attached covers usually are less expensive because they require less material. The attached side does not need beams and columns, because the house provides support. The attached cover also shields that side of the house from much of the sun’s rays so cooling costs can be mitigated. Your location decision should also maximize your patio’s effectiveness. For instance, if you opt for a pergola-style roof so you can bask in partial sunshine, you wouldn’t want to place it under a towering oak that shades that half of your yard all day.

The pros at Renaissance Patio and our preferred installer in your area can help you choose the best spot for your patio. Wherever you decide to put it, you can count on quality materials and engineering design features that will make your outdoor dream spot fit perfectly in its niche. Contact Renaissance Patio now so you can begin enjoying your perfectly placed oasis as soon as possible.

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