Top Backyard Patio Roof Ideas

Beautiful patio by the water with patio roof

Patio roofing ideas not only make for a shady experience that cools your family off but can plant style right in your backyard. But the choices are head-spinning when it comes to patio covers or gazebos. You are likely dizzy from searching Pinterest for pergola ideas already. Not to mention various sunroom / screen room solutions.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with options. So sit back and let us guide you with handsome themes and simple ideas that make choosing a little easier.

Pergola – A GoRenaissance Patio Aria Pergola Newnan Georgia

No going wrong with a timeless pergola that offered shade to ancient peoples who cared about style.

  • Pergolas can be set up to offer various amounts of shade.
  • The rafters or trusses spacing determines shade levels.
  • Many homeowners grow vine plants atop these structures to add even more natural shade.

The big selling point with this type of system is the aesthetics. They have been eye-pleasing ever since we were wearing tunics and had yet to hear about air conditioning. Modern versions can be just as pleasing to the human eye.

Just be sure you search out one with a curvy flow to the posts, beams, and headers. There are plenty of bland shades on the market. Might as well get something that adds style to your house. It doesn’t cost that much to go first class on a patio roof.

Sidenote→ Hanging a handcrafted swing or pair of hammock chairs adds a unique twist for folks seeking total relaxation.

X Marks The Shady Spot

Location, location, location. Where you put your porch cover is a big deal. No way you want to set up a free-standing gazebo away from the deck if you enjoy being near the house. Many folks love being able to step right inside to grab grilling tools or a towel for the kids doing pool cannonballs.

Other families tend to drift a little further out from their house when they are outdoors.

  • Gardeners in love with flowers tend to like shade in the middle of their backyard.
  • A pool away from the patio means pool chairs need a free-standing gazebo or screen room.
  • Large acreage allows room to play, so shade structures work on the outskirts of your property – sort of like a fortress of solitude for dad – aka The BBQ Hut.

There’s no wrong place for insulated patio roofing that protects the kids from sunburns and grandma from UV dangers. Yet, it’s best to contemplate what will work in favor of your family’s lifestyle. This consideration can keep you from having to add a second patio roof later on.

However, having a free-standing model and one on the back deck might be the greatest thing since smoked salmon. Just keep in mind that winter is always coming – good thing there are now elegant outdoor heating options that can match a unique patio design.

Let There Be Light – Or NotTranslucent Polycarbonate Roof

Variety is the spice of outdoor life so let’s keep going with choices that create shade when humidity is flying high. Did you know that many top-notch patio roofs use a “clear” material on the roof? It’s a fact – these translucent roofing panels let in the light so your deck isn’t as dark as a normal porch with a roof.

How does that affect your summertime experience? Well…

  • This is an advantage on partly cloudy days when more light is welcome.
  • Natural light inside your entryway can be achieved with this patio roof idea.
  • Ultraviolet rays are blocked with our Fresco patio cover, still giving way to healthy sunshine.
  • Sunlight is good for us, so why not add it to your “supplement” list?

No question that regular patio roofs do allow sunshine in from the sides. And that’s enough for some people. Lots of patio people mainly care about the insulated roof factor, which is the secret to a heat-reducing patio experience.

As the sun sets, the right outdoor curtains add privacy. They can be hung from the patio roof easily.

Backyard Bug-eyes

Yes, the mosquitoes, flies, and no-see-ums are watching you. They swarm a porch just when the weather turns nice. One way to fight the pests is with chemicals – but the health concerns are real. A safer, proven method is to screen out the biting bugs.

A screen room keeps out stinging swarms using mesh materials that still allow you to view nature. They can be built by a carpenter or attached seamlessly to a quality patio roof. It’s a good idea to consider how well you can see out of these enclosures. Too much lumber or other framing can block out your view.

Given the option, most parents would choose screens over pest control chemicals with possible long-term effects on kids and pets. The good news is that modern screen rooms can be effective while looking sleek.

Bonus idea→ Use plants such as Lavender near porches that naturally repel mosquitos. Here are 14 more bug-repelling flowers. 

All The Fixin’sRenaissance Patio Patio Roof West Palm Beach

With technology adding to our comfort options daily, you’ll want to mull the idea of what to attach to your new shade area.

  • Ceiling fans.
  • Wireless speakers.
  • Voice-activated gadgets.
  • Outdoor massage chairs!
  • Lighting that flips on the charm.
  • Smart TVs to watch games outside.

Those items will need electricity – even if only for recharging your newest outdoor toys. So keep that in mind when setting up a patio cover. Electrical outlets are a must for modern families. Would you prefer the kids be stuck in their room on their phones or outside with you?

Want an extra cool idea that adds safety? LED lighting for pathways leading out from your deck. A gorgeous way to avoid tripping at night.

Patio Cover Material List

Time to choose what you’d like your patio roof to be made of. Wood is an option and a lovely one. Aluminum is another – as long as it’s high-quality.

The issue with wood is upkeep. Painting and sanding can eat away at the free time you wanted more shade for originally. Aluminum can face similar issues except for rotting disasters. Cheap coats of paint on metal get scratched, blemished, and fade quickly under solar pressures.

However, aluminum can be powder-coated, which lasts much longer than paint. This type of baked-on finish is even used on industrial equipment that runs 24/7. So you know it is designed to endure heavy abuse. The benefit to you is no wasted Saturdays touching up the posts on your shade system.

OK, you should have a better idea of how to use and add on to your patio roofing now. We’re sure you’ll choose wisely. It’s hard to go wrong getting more family time outside with added comfort and protection from nature’s elements.