Why a Pergola is the Perfect Addition to Your Charleston Home

Why a Pergola is the Perfect Addition to Your Charleston Home

Do you dream of turning your backyard into a stunning oasis that perfectly complements your Charleston lifestyle? One where you spend nearly every day outdoors, undaunted by our city’s notorious summer heat and humidity. If so, look no further than adding a cool (both in looks and feel) Renaissance Patio pergola to your backyard. With its unbeatable combination of style, functionality, and versatility, a pergola is the perfect living space addition for Charlestonians.

Unlike fully covered outdoor spaces that can trap hot, stagnant air, pergolas are light and airy. Renaissance Patio’s Aria model is as much art as architecture. Its adjustable shade lattice blocks from 10 percent to 60 percent of the sun’s rays, defraying attractive and dynamic light/shade patterns across your lawn as old Sol traverses the sky.

More important, the louvres keep your family and friends cool, calm, and collected even when Charleston’s subtropical climate rears its sweltering head each July. Attach Aria to your patio door to create a welcoming respite from household duties and claustrophobia. Or install a freestanding pergola for an idyllic corner garden or poolside vantage point. 

First and foremost, Charleston’s location on the Southeastern coast exposes it to a subtropical climate. This means hot and humid summers, making it essential to have a comfortable outdoor space where you can relax and escape the heat. A pergola provides the ideal solution, offering shade and ventilation that allow you to enjoy the outdoors even on the warmest days. Picture yourself sipping a refreshing beverage, basking in the gentle breeze under the shelter of your pergola. It’s the perfect recipe for embracing the Charleston climate while still enjoying the beauty of your backyard.

In a city renowned for its hospitality and social connection, you’ll become the hostess with the moistest when you invite your church group for Sunday brunch, the PTA for a work session, or Palmetto Bowl tailgaters for brats and brewskis. Your new pergola offers the perfect setting, full of southern ambiance and packed with views of the sunset and skyline.

More reasons to invest in an Aria pergola from Renaissance Patio:


In Charleston’s booming real estate market, where the median price of a house has soared to well over a half-million dollars, investing in a pergola is a surefire way to enhance your home’s value and make it stand out among the competition. Potential buyers are drawn to properties that offer functional outdoor spaces and appealing aesthetics. But why would you ever want to sell? A pergola’s value in this part of the country cannot be measured in dollars alone. Picture a stunning pergola adorning your home or back lawn, its graceful lines and captivating presence making a striking visual statement and leaving a lasting impression on anyone passing by. Renaissance Patio’s attention to detail and thoughtfulness in design will make you the envy of the neighborhood.


From the iconic Charleston Single House to the timeless beauty of Greek Revival to other styles that mark the city’s distinctive history, there’s not a home type in town where a pergola would look out of place. Renaissance builds Aria to blend seamlessly with your home’s distinct character. Make your space truly your own by adding lights, curtains, or an outdoor kitchen. Aria’s open roof and sturdy posts provide a canvas for decorating with climbing vines, colorful flowers, or fragrant herbs. As these natural elements intertwine with the structure of your pergola, they create a breathtaking canopy of greenery above your outdoor living space. Not only does this enhance the visual appeal of your pergola, but it also infuses your backyard with the scents and sounds of nature to accompany your morning coffee or pre-prandial cocktail.


proven to withstand even hurricane-force winds, Renaissance Patio products won’t rust or corrode in Charleston’s damp, salty coastal climate. We build our outdoor living structures from modular components, so there’s no limit to the shape, size, and configuration of your pergola. The parts are factory-coated in a thick, hardening powder that resists scratching, cracking, and fading; your Renaissance Patio pergola will last for generations.

And they’re a breeze to clean, because who wants to spend time scrubbing their pergola instead of lounging beneath it? 

Step 1 – Rinse the aluminum posts with plain water. Our aluminum is nonporous, so dirt has a hard time sticking to it. 

Step 2 – Spray the lattice with the garden hose and wipe the members with a sponge or soft cloth soaked in car wash or dish soap.

Step 3 – grab a book or snap in the earbuds for a relaxing afternoon. Your pergola is good to go for the next month or more.

With all these conveniences and lifestyle enhancements, what’s not to love about a Renaissance Patio Aria pergola? Then why haven’t you visited our website for a free quote? The quicker you talk to us the faster you can start enjoying your new outdoor living space.