Patio Covers Are an Affordable Luxury

Beautiful patio by the water with patio roof

The neighbor who told you patio covers are way too expensive is all wet.

Why wouldn’t he be? He’s still dripping from the rain shower that drenched him because he refused to invest in an economical patio roof. Or maybe he’s soaked simply because he sweated so profusely while he sat under an unrelenting sun on his open patio.

It’s an absolute myth that you must overpay for an attractive, effective aluminum patio cover—even for a roof that’s insulated against the heat. At Renaissance Patio Products, we manufacture quality aluminum patio covers that can be purchased and professionally installed at affordable prices depending on size and the design options you choose. We have a solution for nearly every budget!

Even a Basic Patio Roof Can Be Feature-Filled

The Moderno Patio Roof from Renaissance Patio Products is a good example of an economical patio roof that includes far more than just the basics:

  • Insulated aluminum roofing panels block heat.
  • A no-leak design thoroughly sheds rain.
  • Total shade shelters you from the hot sun.
  • A no-maintenance factory finish defies Florida’s salt, sand, and sun to remain beautiful year after year.
  • A combination of excellent engineering and structural integrity resist up to 175-mph hurricane winds—strong enough for any Florida location.

Prices can vary by location, and certain factors might mean that you’ll pay a little more. If you have a freestanding patio that’s not adjacent to the house, you’ll pay more than if your contractor can anchor the patio roofing to your home, which is typical. Maybe you have no patio at all but want one. Having a concrete patio installed will add to your overall cost. 

And as with anything you buy, the more luxuries you add, the more you’ll pay. Even two cars, the same nameplate from the same manufacturer, can have widely different prices if one has bigger wheels, better tires, more power, and automatic transmission while the other doesn’t. With patio overs, additional costs will come from such amenities, as more elaborate designs and trim, translucent roof panels, and aluminum pergola wood-framed styled roof. You can expect to add small amounts for electrical power and ceiling fans and lights.

Right-Priced Aluminum Sunrooms Save Money

Careful shopping will turn up product lines, such as Renaissance Patio Products, that carry affordable prices for those incremental increases. Even a sunroom—a completely enclosed and insulated space with windows—should be affordable. Keep in mind that’s as much as 40 percent less than what a comparable room built by traditional methods would cost, and yet it has the strength to stand up to Florida hurricanes.

Renaissance delivers affordability and high performance with every line, whether it’s upscale Classico patio roofing, a gazebo-style Aria aluminum trellis, or a Fresco translucent roof that keeps your patio bright while blocking rain and filtering out most UV rays. You can explore Renaissance offerings.