Top Trends in Patio Covers: Nashville’s Favorites

Top Trends in Patio Covers: Nashville’s Favorites

Nashville, the beating heart of Tennessee, is renowned for more than just its soulful music and rich history. It’s also a place where homeowners take pride in creating comfortable, stylish outdoor living spaces. 

With summer rolling in like a smooth country ballad, the song on every homeowner’s tongue is all about upgrading patios to provide a cool retreat from the heat. 

Today, let’s explore the top trends in patio covers that are resonating most with our Nashville customers.

The Renaissance of Outdoor Living

Nashville homeowners are embracing decorative, durable, and high-quality patio covers for their homes. 

Whether you’re from Belle Meade or East Nashville, having a patio space that sings of both function and form is essential. Here are some trends we’ve noticed among Nashville shoppers. 

From Modern to Traditional: Patio Roofing That Harmonizes with Your Home

Decorative insulated patio roofing is the way forward if you’re aiming for that stunning outdoor living room vibe. 

For a contemporary East Nashvillian loft, the sleek lines of the Moderno cover can create a minimalist aesthetic.

On the other hand, traditional homes in Historic Franklin might benefit more from the Classico style, which blends seamlessly with their ageless architecture.

A Marriage of Inside Comfort and Outdoor Freedom

Screen rooms have been gaining attention around the city, particularly in communities like Green Hills, where homeowners desire that mix of indoor comfort with the beauty of outdoor scenery. 

Renaissance Patio’s Dolce Screen Rooms provide a valuable home extension, making a screened porch a must-have for a homey yet open space.

Another trend we’ve observed, particularly in areas like 12 South and Germantown, is the extension of interior design to outdoor spaces. Homeowners in these districts are choosing patio covers like the Fresco and Lumino models, which present an artful blend of indoor luxury with the charm of nature.

Pergolas and Sunrooms: The New Must-Haves in Brentwood

Venture further out into the affluent neighborhoods of Brentwood, and you’ll see that pergolas and sunrooms are the latest must-haves for the luxury homeowner. 

The Aria Pergola does wonders for adding that touch of elegance to any backyard, transforming it into a space for relaxation.

Gazebos: A Garden’s Crowning Glory

In the sprawling estates of Oak Hill, gazebos are the crowning glory of any garden. They serve as a focal point and a classical feature that endures through Nashville’s seasons.

Ultimately, we feel that Nashville’s natural landscape is honored through patio designs that promote outdoor living and a real connection with the environment. 

Whether it’s integrating a gazebo into the greenery of a Belle Meade backyard or designing a pergola that frames the sunset views in Hillsboro-West End, the trend here is to collaborate with nature, not compete against it. And we’re here for it.

Sustainability and Durability: Features Homeowners in The Gulch Care About

Homeowners, especially in The Gulch’s trendy neighborhoods, care most about sustainability and durability.

A patio cover that withstands the test of time and the whims of weather while being environmentally friendly is not just a trend, but a movement.

Finding a Quality Patio Cover in Nashville 

For the Nashville homeowner, investing in a patio space is more than just an upgrade. It’s an investment in your lifestyle, and an ode to what you love most about this city. 

While these trends echo what’s most important to Nashville homeowners right now, the reality is that investing in a quality product from Renaissance Patios is a timeless decision. These patio covers are made to stand the test of time and won’t come and go like trends of the past (remember bell bottoms and jelly shoes?). 

So whether you’re soaking up a night out at the Grand Ole Opry or enjoying a lazy morning at home, your renovated patio space is where life’s cherished moments unfold. 

Reach out to your local Renaissance Patio dealer and take that leap into creating your dream outdoor sanctuary today.