Local Installers: The Heart of RP Atlanta Projects

Local Installers: The Heart of RP Atlanta Projects

When it comes to creating an outdoor sanctuary in Atlanta, most homeowners say that priority number one is finding an installer who understands more than just the basics of construction. They’re looking for experts who grasp the nuances of the unusual environment, the vibrant culture, and most importantly, the style that people love most about the ATL.

RP is excited to feature an interview with one of Renaissance Patio’s esteemed installers here in Atlanta. They showcase their commitment to quality and shed some light on the important role they play in helping Atlanta’s dream patios come to life.

After all, you really treasure outdoor spaces here in Atlanta. With the perfect weather for year-round enjoyment (provided there are places to escape the humidity and mosquitoes when they come around, that is). 

Because just like the blooming dogwoods in the spring or the warm glow of a Georgia sunset in the fall, creating a functional and stylish outdoor living area has become a quintessential part of Southern lifestyles. 

Crafting Southern Style in Outdoor Spaces

RP’s local installer, who has worked with Renaissance Patio for many years, understands the essence of Southern aesthetics. 

The Renaissance product lines, with their elegant and traditional contours, blend effortlessly with Atlanta’s diverse architectural tapestries – from the majestic Victorian homes in Inman Park to the Craftsman bungalows of Cabbagetown.

When asked about material preferences, the installer points out that Atlanta’s homeowners are drawn to patio designs that complement their home’s architecture, with a penchant for materials that offer both beauty and resilience – all prerequisites that Renaissance Patio products proudly meet.

Harmony with Atlanta’s Climate

The installer reveals that as the seasons turn to warmer months, the allure of a shaded reprieve grows strong. “Spring and summer are the ‘high’ times. As the weather gets hotter and bugs get more aggressive, people tend to think more about creating an outdoor space they can actually use without being bitten to death or sweating through their shorts,” the local installer commented. 

Renaissance Patio’s insulated roofing is a popular choice among locals – its optimal balance of insulation and breathability is perfect for those long, languid Atlanta summers. 

And when winter’s mild chill arrives, residents often opt for the additional warmth afforded by Renaissance’s acrylic “Wind Breaker” windows.

Addressing Terrain and Concerns

The uneven terrain of Atlanta poses unique challenges but also presents opportunities for creativity. 

RP’s local experts are adept at installing patio covers over various foundations and in all kinds of conditions. “The terrain mainly affects the type of foundation the patio is anchored to,” remarks our installer. 

However, he also adds, “People often install a patio cover over a new or existing elevated wooden deck. Customers with relatively flat yards can install concrete slabs or footings to serve as a foundation for their patio space.”

So whether your home stands on a bluff overlooking the Chattahoochee River or nestled on a flat plot in the suburbs, your outdoor vision can become a reality.

Culturally Informed Outdoor Living

Atlanta breathes history and diversity, and this is mirrored in the way residents value outdoor living – be it for family barbecues, soothing relaxation, or social entertaining.

Renaissance Patio’s local installer underscores that, unlike ephemeral canopy setups found in big-box stores, a Renaissance Patio cover is a lasting addition that stands up to Atlanta’s climate while resonating with the homeowner’s personal style.

“We have a product to suit most types of homes…the Atlanta market is an ideal fit for the Contempo, Classico, and Fresco, as they all have a more traditional wood framed type look, but offer all the benefits of working with a modern set of materials.”

And for homeowners who think a patio is out of reach, think again. “We have a patio for nearly every budget. Plus, most of our dealers offer financing to make having an outdoor space easier.”

Building with Compliance and Care

Awareness of local regulations is crucial. Renaissance Patio covers are designed with hot and humid climates in mind and provide site-specific structural plans to simplify the permitting process – a valuable tidbit our installer shares with clients to ensure smooth project progression.

RP’s local installers, with their profound knowledge and respect for Atlanta’s unique environment, are indeed the heart of our projects in the city. They bridge the gap between a homeowner’s aspiration and the ability to enjoy a beautiful and functional haven in their very own backyard.

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With Renaissance Patio’s dedication to excellence and the artisan touch of their installers, your outdoor space is not just an addition to your home. It’s a seamless fusion of style, culture, and livability –  a true testament to Atlanta’s vibrant spirit.

Renaissance Patio is proud to work with local talents that exemplify its values – quality, beauty, and durability. 

If you’re ready to transform your outdoor space, contact them to connect with trusted local installers in Atlanta. Embrace your Atlanta heritage and indulge in the beauty of outdoor living. 

Find your inspiration, connect with a local installer, and begin the journey toward the patio of your dreams today.