Enhance Your Greensboro Home with a Patio Cover

Enhance Your Greensboro Home with a Patio Cover

Picture yourself enjoying a brisk autumn day. You’re kicking your feet up on your patio and sipping on a full-bodied glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Suddenly, everything goes dark. You feel a chill in the air, and all of a sudden… 

Bang! — An abrupt downpour. So you for your life to get indoors, fast.

Your outdoor furniture? Soaked.

Relaxing autumnal day? Ruined.

Glass of wine? Spilled on your shirt.

Now you’re regretting not putting that roof up. A screen room, patio cover, or pergola could have easily kept you dry.

It’s not too late. Investing in patio protection can avoid potential disasters. After all, even Greensboro isn’t safe from sudden weather changes. 

So, join us today as we guide you through the ins and outs of shopping for proper patio protection that will keep you safe from North Carolina’s wild weather.

The Greensboro Climate

Greensborians have it lucky (most of the time). They enjoy moderate weather all year round, making their gardens an ideal venue for kicking back and relaxing.

After all, Greensboro enjoys a yearly average of 216 days with the sun out. 

But that isn’t the entire picture. You’ve got to keep the threat of the occasional tornado in the back of your mind. You’re more likely to encounter a tornado during hot summer afternoons, but they’re a threat pretty much all year round.

With that being said, here’s what you should expect regarding Greensboro weather throughout the different seasons.

Greensboro Summers

Ah, Greensboro, NC, in the summer—where the sun turns up the heat and the humidity wraps you in a warm, sweaty embrace. It’s like Mother Nature decided to crank the thermostat to “tropical vacation” mode. You’ll be sipping sweet tea one minute and contemplating a spontaneous ice bath the next.

On any given day, you can expect temperatures to hover around 79, with some days reaching scorcher levels—peaking in the 90s. In short, patio covers or screen rooms could be a great idea to keep you out of the sun and away from those harmful UV rays.  

But hey, at least the BBQ is sizzling, and the fireflies are putting on a light show worthy of Broadway.

Greensboro Winters

Don’t worry; you won’t need to hibernate through the winter. Greensboro typically offers a pleasant respite from the bone-chilling cold experienced up north. Daytime temperatures hover in the 40s and 50s, giving you the perfect excuse to cozy up in your favorite sweater without turning into a human popsicle.

Add to that, snowfall is more of a whimsical guest than a regular visitor. When it does arrive, the whole city transforms into a picturesque winter wonderland. The locals promptly dust off their sleds and engage in the time-honored tradition of sledding down the gentle slopes of local parks.

So, as far as patio protection is concerned, Greensboro winters won’t give you a headache. Just pick a pergola that can withstand an average of 8 inches of snow, and your cozy gazebo-cum-igloo won’t experience any sudden cave-ins.

Essential Pergola Features to Consider

Ah, the quest for the perfect pergola: The pursuit of shade, style, and al fresco delight. But above all else, thanks to Greensboro’s mild climate, flexibility is key.

So, when embarking on this noble quest, keep an eye out for these features that will make your outdoor oasis the envy of the neighborhood:

  1. Sturdy Structure: Seek a pergola with the grit of a knight’s armor. It should withstand time and weather, ensuring your outdoor haven remains unshaken and unbroken. That said, your average patio cover isn’t going to outlast a freak tornado like the one that hit Greensboro in 2018. But, with a suitable build, more sturdy patio covers can resist getting blown away by weaker tornadoes.
  2. Weather Resistance: Mother Nature can be quite the party crasher. Ensure your pergola can stand up to her whims, be it rain, wind, or scorching sun, without requiring constant repainting or maintenance.
  3. Privacy Panels: Protect your sanctuary from prying eyes with elegant privacy panels. They’re the velvet rope of your outdoor VIP lounge.
  4. Warranty Fit for Royalty: A warranty that protects your investment is crucial in weather-torn areas like North Carolina. Make sure it offers peace of mind, so you can revel in your pergola paradise worry-free for years to come.

If your pergola, patio cover, or screen room ticks all these boxes, you’re as good as gold. But as an extra precaution, consider what it’s made of.

After all, like a piece of armor, its materials make a difference. Leather armor won’t hold up to as many blows as full-plate. In the same vein, a wooden patio cover won’t last as long as an aluminum one.

Patio Protection Materials that Can Withstand Greensboro Weather

Given Greensboro’s usually-mild weather, you’ve got the pick of the litter regarding materials, right?

Not so. Sure, aesthetics are important, but consider durability. After all, wouldn’t it suck to invest in a pergola, screen room, or patio cover, only for it to be damaged in a storm a few months later?

So, when considering your patio protection, use this chart to guide your hand in picking suitable materials to pair with your patio decor:

FeaturesExtruded AluminumVinylSteelWood
High tensile strength
Does not require repainting
Fade and tear-resistant
Does not require resealing
Is not prone to termites
Stylish finish

Quiz Your Contractor Before Committing to a Patio Cover

Even armed with information about the Greensboro climate and the materials that can best withstand the local weather, you might still have some concerns.

So, to arm yourself with even more patio protection knowledge, here are a couple of questions you should ask your contractor – along with our own answers, so you know what responses you should look for.

  1. Q: Do your materials have at least a tensile strength of 30 lbs/ft2?

A: Our entire line of products is made from extruded aluminum, which has a tensile strength of roughly 4,320,000 pounds per square foot – so 30 lbs per square foot is just a drop in the ocean. 

  1. Q: How long will finishes last? How frequently will they need repainting, resealing, or cleaning? 

We use only high-grade fasteners, covers, and caps that withstand the elements, as well as durable finishes that are low-maintenance and long-lasting. The only thing they require is the occasional cleaning.

  1. Q: Are your patio cover installations compliant with Greensboro building codes?

All of our local installers have detailed knowledge of up-to-date laws and building regulations in Greensboro, and all of our structures are 100% to code.

  1. Q: How much sun do your patio covers block?

We offer a range of sunlight-filtering options, from full patio roofs to gently shaded pergolas that you can adjust to allow between 10-60% of light to pass through.

  1. Q: How flexible are the patio roof options you provide? 

You can place your structure anywhere on your property, as an attached patio cover, a gazebo, a freestanding wet bar, or anything in between. 

  1. Q: Can your patio covers withstand tornadoes?

We build our protection systems with the sturdiest materials. All of our patio covers, screen rooms, and pergolas can withstand up to 175 mph winds. They might not stay standing against an F-5 tornado, but they can undoubtedly last against most weaker twisters. 

Plus, it’s good to ask about add-ons. 

From screen walls to decorative add-ons, you can personalize the design of your patio roof to fit your unique vision. You can even have a fully heated/air-conditioned, enclosed glass sunroom that you can enjoy in any season (as long as your chosen contractor provides these options)

Patio Cover Styles for Greensboro Homes

So you know what to look for and have decided on the materials for your patio. Might we suggest a couple of options to pair with your Greensboro home?

After all, a unique and stylish patio cover could be the final touch your yard needs to take your property to the next level.

Modernist/Mid-Century Modern Homes

Goes Best With: Classic but highly functional

Mid-Century Modern homes are one of Greensboro’s most popular designs, and they really lend themselves to indoor/outdoor living. 

With large, open floorplans and floor-to-ceiling windows, adding a covered patio can be the perfect way to bring the outdoors into your Modernist home.

Take our Fresco covered patio, for instance. It has clean lines and a classic aesthetic that can blend well with almost any style of home, but which goes particularly well with more modern styles. Plus, you can customize it as much as you want. Freestanding bar, anyone?

With a light polycarbonate frame, it’s also perfect for Greensboro weather, letting the light in while keeping the heat out. 

So Greensboro summers won’t feel muggy if you’re under the Fresco patio cover. 

And thanks to its sturdy build, you can rest easy knowing it’ll hold up to some pretty serious winds and snowfall, too. 

Tudor Style House

Goes Best With: Traditional with elevated features

Homes inspired by the Tudor era are also popular in Greensboro.

Homes built in the Tudor style draw inspiration from 16th-century English architecture, giving them a distinctly historical feel. Thanks to their striking facades of stone or brick and windows that evoke medieval palaces, Tudor houses are certainly some of the most visually striking you’ll find in Greensboro. 

And to fit with the traditional look, you’ll want to find a patio cover that meshes well with your home. Luckily, the Classico fits the bill perfectly.

Thanks to its stylish but classic design, it’s a picture-perfect fit for character properties.

Featuring wood paneling and a powder coat finish, the Classico brings a classic look to your patio design, without the maintenance associated with hardwood. Because besides aesthetics, the Classico is thoughtfully designed to keep the elements out. 

The patio cover features high-carbon steel and automotive-grade nylon covers, enabling absolute protection from the worst of the elements. Whether rain, snow, or shine, you can expect the Classico to withstand the harshest climates Greensboro can throw at it.

Complete Patio Protection For Your Greensboro Home

We’ve presented you with the keys to the kingdom when picking patio protection systems. Thanks to your unlocked knowledge, you can pair your Greensboro home with a pergola, screen room, or patio cover. But if you’re still having second thoughts, feel free to contact Renaissance Patio. Request a quote, and we can help you build the perfect patio protection system for you and your family.