What is the right patio for your home?

Renaissance Classico Patio Cover

Your research has convinced you of all the great reasons to install a covered patio on your property. In determining to build a Renaissance Patio shade structure in your backyard, you already have made the most important decision – to increase your home’s functional living space with an outdoor addition.

The only question that remains – and it’s an important one – is what type of patio will most completely suit your family’s needs and personality? This guide will help you analyze the two major decisions you have to make:

  1. Where to put it
  2. What it will look like

While there are no wrong responses to these issues, the best decisions will consider several variables.


Because an attached patio cover becomes part of the home’s permanent footprint, you probably will want to choose a style that matches the house’s architecture, design, and decor. This is easy to accomplish with Renaissance Patio’s Contempo, Classico, and Moderno styles. Some homeowners, however, may prefer a style somewhat in contrast with the home. This may be to create a children’s play space, teenager hangout, or man cave/she shed effect. The“separate space” vibe may be best pulled off with a detached patio.

Renaissance Patio White Decorative Pergola
Built by Carolina Home Exteriors

Attached Patios

Connecting your patio roof to your home, which supports one of the patio’s sides. There are several benefits to this type of configuration:

  • Cost There is no need for beams, posts, and columns on that side, which reduces material cost.

  • Energy Savings – Attached patio roofs cover patio doors and picture windows, blocking many or all of the sun’s relentless summer heat and ultraviolet rays to keep cooling bills manageable.

  • Space delineation – If you have a large existing uncovered patio, building a cover over one section adds depth and definition to your yard. 

Renaissance Patio Freestanding Translucent Fresco Translucent Patio Cover

Freestanding Patios

There are just as many reasons to choose a freestanding location for your covered patio:

  • Flexibility – Detached patios can assume any orientation, size, and style that fits your property and your imagination.

  • Total Immersion – With no house blocking one side, a freestanding patio envelopes you in nature’s wonders. You can put a freestanding patio next to a woodlot, next to a stream, or amid your garden

  • Seclusion – Sometimes you want to get away from the bustle of the home – even if it’s only steps. Freestanding patios add a sense of realism to backyard campouts and create a true hideaway to enjoy a good book, pursue a hobby, or take a nap.


Where you live, how you live, and how you intend to use your new outdoor living space will determine which kind of structure will work best. All Renaissance Patio components are engineered and manufactured to withstand hail, heat, and even hurricanes. Whether you seek protection from the sun, wind, precipitation, or bugs, there’s a Renaissance Patio product that’s perfect for you.

  • Roofs – Offering full shade and complete dryness, our patio roofs can be insulated for year-round comfort in temperate climates. They can support ceiling fans and lighting to extend the outdoor entertainment season.
  • Covers – Renaissance’s Fresco patio covers let 40 percent of the sun’s light shine through reflecting 45 percent of its heat. Using the thickest air-insulated translucent panels available, Fresco is sturdy and provides leakproof protection from rain and snow.

  • Pergolas – Our Aria pergolas are as much artwork as they are living space, with shade lattices that deflect as much of the sun as you desire while projecting interesting shadows all around.

  • Screen Enclosures – For even longer enjoyment of the outdoors, consider enclosing your patio with a screen mesh. Renaissance Patio’s Dolce screen rooms present an impenetrable barrier to mosquitoes, pollen, and yard debris while giving you an unimpeded view of your yard, pool, or garden.

  • Sunrooms – For true year-round living space, our Lumino sunrooms are the answer. Built with your choice of glass panels, Lumino lets you experience none of its negative side effects. It is perfect as a home office, media room, art studio, or play area.

Whichever style and location you choose for your backyard haven, a patio structure from Renaissance Patio is sure to add years of family memories and increase your home’s value.  Contact us today. We can provide more information on building your dream patio and put you in touch with a local, authorized installer in your area.

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Renaissance Patio Lumino Sunroom