Best Patio Covers and Pergolas in Ohio

Best Patio Covers and Pergolas in Ohio

Fresco Translucent Fresco Awning Patio Cover Renaissance Patio Products SummervillePatio life in Ohio is not quite perfect in Dayton, Columbus, or Cincinnati unless you have protection from the elements. A quality patio cover or gazebo is a step toward perfection though

The weather in these areas can leave you chilled to the bone or soaked without patio roofing. But sunrooms, screen rooms, and pergolas add protection to porches. 

Renaissance Patio knows about extreme weather, having installed patio covers all across the country. We designed our sunrooms to stand up to extreme wind, rain, and snow. Let’s check out the climate battles you face in the cities above. Seems like the worst weather ruins the best-laid plans…

Patio Covers that are Columbus Snow- tough

Folks in Columbus are too tough to flee to Florida like some people we know. 22 inches of snow per year can test a homeowner’s resolve though. Especially when you’d like to enjoy the back porch instead of being stuck indoors so often. Still, who wants to dress like an Alaskan fisherman just to grill some burgers?

Well, insulated patio roofing is a great escape into the outdoors. It blocks out UV rays, holds off the rain, and ours hold up to the heaviest snow loads. Everyone knows the aggravation of having a sunroom built from the ground up. So we designed a heavy-duty system, the Lumino sunroom, that is affordable and avoids construction hold-ups.

We realize some families don’t bother with outside attempts in the winter. So a screen room suits their lifestyle better. Having a company like Renaissance with adaptable patio covers is great in these situations. Our Dolce Screen Wall System allows you to add perfect screen walls onto our other models. Bugs out, rain handled, and the sun stopped.

3 scary storm dates many would like to forget:

  1. 2006 F2 tornado.
  2. The Blizzard of 2008 dumped over 20 inches of snow.
  3. -24 degrees in 1994 – a record low.
Contempo Patio Roof
Built by Carolina Home Exteriors

Dayton Porch Protection under a New Patio Cover 

There’s one thing homeowners in Dayton don’t want to track – rainy days. Well, we hate to break the bad news but it is wet 129 days a year in your fair city. One-third of the year is a washout. Porches deserve better and it’s a good thing patio roofing is available that looks stylish and holds up to even dangerous rainstorms combined with terrible winds.

For rainy days the fix is not a flimsy patio umbrella. You deserve better and we have solutions that your HOA will approve and are code compliant. Our corrosion-free aluminum structures give you shade for those hot days of July and shield you from the rain when you want some steaks grilled to perfection. The Moderno model is your super affordable solution to rainy days and nights. A lifetime warranty on materials backs up our quality promise.

Deck designs are personal and we made sure to offer stylish options that fit backyards and handsome architecture. All our covers are beautifully crafted and none shows off that appeal better than the Classico. Sculpted beams, post decor, and custom gutter craft fit nicely on a deck or a stand-alone gazebo. The Classico is unmatched in the industry.

3 things that can be enjoyed more in Dayton with a protected patio:

  1. March Madness.
  2. Dayton Dragons baseball.
  3. Relaxing to the sight of blue jays and robins.

Patio Covers to help with Climate Change In Cincinnati 

Cinci has a better overall climate rating than the other two well-known Ohio towns – a 7.2 Comfort Rating. But that doesn’t mean shaky budget patio roofing will work there. With 15 inches of snow and January lows of 21 degrees, you will want an insulated cover that lasts a lifetime.

Renaissance products are anchored down for max stability and installed by only factory-authorized contractors. Backyard dwellers in Cincinnati can enjoy a cooler outside experience in July and stay warmer in wintertime, never worrying about leaking roof panels, rust, or wind damage. Many families love our Contempo model which combines the craftsman’s feel of wood pergolas but uses a solid roof and are budget-friendly.

3 pests that can bug outdoor guests in Ohio:

  1. Yellow Jackets
  2. Carpenter Bees
  3. Bald-faced Hornets

Ohio Cold Facts

Ohio will never be mistaken for the Sunshine State. And folks there like that! Taking pride in your home state means dealing with the weather. Good thing you guys are adaptable so you can enjoy your property even in the worst winters. People in Miami would try surviving a winter patio BBQ in just one layer of clothes if they visited!

We also know many families utilize outdoor heaters in all shapes and sizes. Whatever it takes to get outside and watch the Buckeyes in the fall, right? Well, a patio cover is just another way to adapt to the cold wet climate. Sunrooms are the best defense, giving you and yours warmth year-round, plus the option for air conditioning in July and August. Stopping flying insects is a bonus.

Renaissance is the best option for sturdy patio roofing that will look great in any Ohio community. You’ll be blown away by our designs and the structures won’t flinch at your sleet, snow, or windy nights.


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