Upgrading Your Roofed Patio to a Sunroom or Screen Room

Upgrading Your Roofed Patio to a Sunroom or Screen Room

Relaxation, family time, and entertaining are more enjoyable when they are done outside. Renaissance Patio’s insulated patio covers make it easy for your family and friends to take in the natural beauty of your lawn, and garden, keep an eye on the kids in the swimming pool, and share a meal protected from heat and rain.

It just couldn’t get any better.

Unless your patio cover’s open-air construction lets in a little too much nature, that is. Many Renaissance Patio customers decide that while their Contempo, Moderno, or Classico covers are perfect for keeping them cool, dry, and in touch with the outdoors, they wish some parts of nature wouldn’t touch them back.

That’s where Renaissance Patio’s sunrooms and screen rooms come in. These mesh and glass enclosures maintain your panoramic views of stars, sunsets, skylines, and landscaping while bringing additional comfort and protection from the elements. They extend the outdoor season and create additional functionality, serving as a true extra room and buffer between indoors and out.

All of our insulated patio roofs can be enclosed to create either a sunroom or screen room. And if your patio is already clad in one of our Dolce screens, you can easily have it converted to a four-season Lumino sunroom. To get started, just choose screen or glass. There is no wrong answer, but here are some considerations to help you make up your mind:

Renaissance Patio Dolce Screen Room
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Dolce Screen Rooms

Keep all the benefits of being outside – fresh air, great views, unfiltered nature sound and smells – without those annoying bugs!

Installing a screen room under any of Renaissance Patio’s deluxe insulated covers is a simple project that creates the ideal environment for reading, napping, dining, and chatting.

Our Dolce screen system forms a barrier against more undesirable elements than just mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and noseeums. Its fine mesh construction also keeps out blown leaves and grass clippings, large dirt and dust particles, pollen, and other airborne annoyances. These screens also deflect and whisk away much of the rain that hits them. They don’t offer the same protection as solid glass sunroom walls, of course, but they can keep furniture and possessions from getting soaked when the wet stuff comes down. The tinted mesh provides defense against the glare from the rising and setting sun while still providing unblemished views.

You can select the “open view” option which eliminates all but the perimeter screen framing so there is nothing to get in the way of your panoramic vista. Families with rambunctious children or pets may opt for our reinforced Ultra Screen mesh below the chair rail. This extra-strong material withstands the impacts an active family can impart.

Renaissance Patio Lumino Sunroom

Lumino Sunroom

Banish the chill and use your get the best of both the outside and inside world by enclosing your patio in the durable, impact-resistant glass. Use your weatherproof Lumino sunroom as a home office, plant nursery, den, media room, or whatever suits your fancy. On temperate evenings, you can slide open a few windows and let the fresh breezes and intoxicating fragrances from garden flowers and newly mown grass. Lumino rooms are energy-efficient and can be constructed of low-U-factor glass panels. On the other hand, when the weather or mosquitoes don’t cooperate, you can close the door and windows and adjust the thermostat to your liking. Lumino’s tight-tolerance components fit snugly to keep heated or cooled air in and the heat, humidity, and bugs out. And of course, glassed sunrooms are waterproof, so there are no restrictions on the type of furniture, fixtures, and floor covering you can have. Your authorized Renaissance Patio installer can deliver all the great benefits Lumino sunrooms have to offer:

  • Multiple custom configurations, including optional sliding-glass doors, knee walls, a range of window sizes and locations, hurricane-resistant glass, and more.

  • Perfect fit and a style to complement any of Renaissance Patio’s decorative patio covers: Classico, Moderno, and Contempo, to match your home’s architecture and your family’s lifestyle.

  • Expanded, fully climate-controlled living space that incorporates the natural beauty and ambiance of your yard, garden, playlot, or pool, and spa area.

  • Quick turnaround. Our preferred contractors can enclose your Renaissance Patio sunroom in one-fourth the time it takes to build a standard room addition – and at a significantly lower cost.

A screen or glass enclosure can elevate the functionality and enjoyment of your Renaissance Patio cover. Contact Renaissance Patio today to explore the options.