Birmingham Screen Rooms: Year-Round Enjoyment

Birmingham Screen Rooms: Year-Round Enjoyment

As the heart and soul of Dixie, Birmingham sizzles with southern charm. Unfortunately, when summer rolls around, the Magic City just plain sizzles. Ninety-degree temperatures often arrive in June and overstay their welcome well into September. Accompanied by 70% humidity, summers in Shelby and Jefferson counties make it nearly impossible to beat the heat indoors without taking a second mortgage to pay the air conditioning bill.

Nighttime brings little relief, as the ground releases the radiation it has absorbed all day, and the mugginess lingers long after the relentless sun has dipped below the horizon.

And, if you think you’ll just step outside and let the breeze soothe your fevered brow, the area’s exploding mosquito population will quickly disabuse you of that notion. Persistent, voracious, and filthy, Birmingham’s mosquitos are not only bothersome but dangerous.

The well-timed arrival of one of our city’s frequent spring and summer rainstorms – we average 56 inches per year, a foot and a half more than the typical US town – may banish the bugs, but who wants to stand in a downpour just for a temporary escape from Vulcan’s furnace? 

Join the Screen Scene with Renaissance Patio

Start living the sweet life by installing a Renaissance Patio Dolce screen room in your back yard. Reclaim your outdoor space from nature’s pests and extreme weather without breaking the bank. With The ‘Ham’s mild winters, you’ll be spending the whole year outside, basking in all the natural beauty that Birmingham has to offer in cool comfort. Enclosing a Renaissance Patio pergola and polycarbonate Fresco patio cover lets the sun – but not the heat or humidity – shine through. Fresco deflects and filters ultraviolet and infrared rays, leaving your family to luxuriate in only healthy sunlight. You get the illumination but reject the heat and sunburn.

For even more protection, pair your screen room with one of our fully insulated patio roofs. Pick the style that reflects your style and your home’s design, whether it’s Moderno’s sleek simplicity, Contempo’s elegance, or Classico’s fully framed details. All our models are sturdy enough to support lighting, ceiling fans, and hanging plants and strong enough to withstand even 175 mph hurricane winds.

Dolce’s mesh is so fine that it blocks not only mosquitoes and flies but also dust particles, pollen, and the occasional snowflake, hailstone, or blustery wind gust while permitting aroma-laden breezes to float through, even as the rain pelts overhead. Unlike patios surrounded by solid glass or acrylic, Dolce’s screen ensures a visceral connection with nature and enables uninhibited views of your pool, garden, trees, sunsets, and starscapes, while its tint helps reduce the glare of the low-hanging sun.

The Renaissance Advantage

A Renaissance Patio screen room solves many of the challenges facing Birmingham homeowners. Covering and enclosing your 15-foot x 20-foot patio can cost as little as a few thousand dollars and be installed in a week, a far cry from the cost and disruption a traditional room addition incurs. The cost of ownership is manageable as well. Our extruded aluminum components won’t rust, warp, rot, or tear as rolled aluminum, steel, wood, and vinyl are prone to do. Maintenance consists of washing the posts, beams, and trusses with soapy water a few times a year. A factory-applied powder coat assures the white, sandstone, or bronze finish on our components does not fade, crack, or require repainting.

Just as important for Birminghamians who value their homes’ uniqueness, all of Renaissance Patio’s outdoor living structures – pergolas, sunrooms, and gazebos as well as screened patio roofs and patio enclosures – are modular. We can help you design the size, layout, and configuration that best suits your family’s needs and make the most of your homesite’s footprint, available space, sunlight patterns, weather exposure, and other features. Dolce is also flexible. You can use it as a yoga studio, kids’ play area, al fresco dining room, writer’s lair, or anything else you can think of. Whatever you choose, it will quickly become the go-to spot for family and friends to gather.

Patio Enclosure Styles for Birmingham Homes

Explore a range of Renaissance Patio Products styles that are specifically crafted to enhance Birmingham, Alabamas way of life. Enhance your area with designs that effortlessly combine sophistication and practicality.

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