Seasonal Maintenance for Your Patio

Seasonal Maintenance for Your Patio

Of the many reasons to install an extruded aluminum patio cover to expand your outdoor living space, ease of maintenance has to rank near the top. Unlike vinyl or wood patio covers, Renaissance Patio’s aluminum patio covers, pergolas, sunrooms, screen rooms, patio roofs, and gazebos never rust or need repainting. You don’t have to seal them against the elements or guard against termites. Even dirt has a hard time adhering to our non-porous, powder-coated trusses and frames.

Like the rest of your home, however, a little effort goes a long way in helping your Renaissance Patio look its best and last a lifetime. This guide will show you how to maintain and make minor repairs to patio components. Most maintenance needs to be performed only once a year – in many parts of the country, early spring is an ideal time to get your patio cover in great shape, so you can start enjoying the outdoor season from the start.

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Spring Patio Cleaning

Sometime before the first robin appears, you will want to give your patio a thorough cleaning:

  • Dislodge any loose dirt, cobwebs, and dust from underneath the patio cover using a dry ceiling mop.

  • Spray the underside of the patio with your garden hose to remove any stubborn dirt.

  • Break out the ladder to clean any remaining dirt with a solution of ⅓-cup of laundry detergent or car wash soap and ⅔-cup trisodium phosphate in a gallon of water.
  • While you’re on the ladder, peer into the shaded nooks and crannies looking for mold and mildew. If you’re not sure if a stain is dirt or mildew, touch it with a bleach-soaked rag. If it turns white, it’s mildew, and you’ll need to call out heavier artillery.

  • Soot from a barbecue grill could stain the underside of the patio cover, but it comes off easily with any kitchen degreaser and a damp sponge.

  • Clean mildew with the same soap/trisodium phosphate concoction but instead of a gallon, use three quarts of water and add a quart of household bleach. Using goggles and rubber gloves, scrub the mildew with a soft brush until all the spores are gone. Be sure to move any furniture or plants from below the cleaning area to protect them from dripping bleach.

Fall Patio Maintenance

Renaissance Patio does not recommend standing on your patio cover. Any weight can stress the panels and damage components. There are only three instances where you need to worry about the top of your patio structure:

  1. To clear out leaves and other debris from your gutters and clean the environmental black streaking caused by electrostatic bonding.

  2. Leaves have begun to accumulate on your translucent Fresco patio cover. Decaying leaves will permanently stain the cover and so must be removed pronto.

  3. Large hail, a tree branch, a home run baseball, or other heavy object impacts the cover, potentially causing damage.

In the first two cases, maintenance can be performed while standing on a ladder. Use a push broom to sweep leaves off. In the latter instance, if the falling object has punctured the aluminum or caused seams to separate, contact us for a free replacement, and call your contractor to perform the installation. Labor costs should be minimal.

Precision engineered and professionally installed by authorized local contractors, Renaissance Patio structures last for decades in any climate. They keep their beautiful appearance through blizzards, humidity, extreme heat, and even hurricanes with only routine maintenance and cleaning. To get your Renaissance Patio cover or other weather structure, contact us today. You will extend the outdoor season and enjoy all of nature’s entertainment and recreational offerings right from your own backyard. 

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