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How Does the Warranty Work with My New Renaissance Patio?

Quality aluminum patio covers and structures represent some of the most affordable home improvement projects available. Not only are aluminum patios easier to maintain than wood and better-looking than vinyl, but they also add significantly to your home’s resale value. And they accomplish all this while giving your family an outdoor living space they can enjoy for decades because extruded aluminum patio roofs, pergolas, screen rooms, and sunrooms last for decades. Renaissance Patio wants you to be thrilled with your patio investment – from the day it is installed and every day for the next several decades. Like everything else in the world, however, problems sometimes do arise. That’s why we offer the best lifetime materials warranty in the aluminum patio cover industry.

We engineer and manufacture our patio components to the most exacting standards. If your Renaissance Patio rafters, beams, posts, latticework, or any other part ever bends, cracks, or fails, simply call us for a free replacement. If the component powder coating chips or peals, get in touch and we will ship you a new one on us. If any of our nylon fasteners ever tear…you get the picture.

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Renaissance Quality = Confidence

We can offer this no-questions-asked lifetime warranty on all our products for one simple reason – almost no one ever takes us up on it. That’s because Renaissance Patio products almost never contain manufacturing defects. Here’s why we are so confident that your Renaissance Patio outdoor living space will deliver decades of enjoyment with only routine maintenance and no major repair work required:

  • Hurricane Tough – Renaissance Patio was born in Florida, where we ensured our structures could withstand 175-mph hurricane-force winds.
  • Extruded Aluminum – Renaissance Patio’s structural components and built from 100-percent extruded aluminum, the same grade that is used in producing airplane wings and fuselages. Its high strength-to-weight ratio enables it to withstand heavy snow loads, driving rainstorms, and high winds. Many other patio manufacturers use rolled aluminum, the same stuff used for aluminum cans and foil.
  • Tight Tolerances – Precise engineering or our elegantly designed posts, beams, screens, and roofs ensure our authorized installers can seamlessly assemble Renaissance Patio structures. Tight fits ensure structural strength and leave no gaps for moisture to penetrate.
  • Nylon Fasteners – All our non-aluminum screws and other fasteners are hidden from sight and constructed of advanced Zytel nylon resin with titanium dioxide for protection from ultraviolet rays. The tough nylon – originally developed for use in the automotive industry – resists tearing and guards connectors from wear and tear.

Workmanship Warranties

Renaissance Patio’s authorized installers offer a range of workmanship warranties in conjunction with our lifetime materials guarantee. We encourage you to shop around for the best installation warranty available. You can contact us to be put in touch with a preferred Renaissance contractor in your area.

Before signing a contract, make sure you understand exactly what is covered in your contractors’ workmanship warranty and for how long the labor is covered. Warranties may range from as short as one year to as long as the life of the product. Typical warranties cover the repair or replacement of loose connectors, damaged components, and patio leaks caused by faulty installation. Additional stipulations may cover patio roof material and gutters damaged by weather events. Interestingly, one contractor, we found guarantees workmanship for the lifetime of all aluminum patio installations, but only for 10 years on wood patio construction. This is another testament to the quality and resilience aluminum offers.

With one of the most comprehensive warranty policies in the industry, Renaissance Patio takes the unease out of building the outdoor space you have always dreamed about. There’s no need to wait any longer.  Contact Renaissance Patio today.