What to Expect During Your Patio Cover Build

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A mix of excitement and trepidation await as you anticipate the commencement of your new patio roof, gazebo, or other backyard structure. It won’t be long before you, your family, and your friends are communing with the soothing beauty and cooling breezes protected from the heat and rain. Until that time, however, know that your project may experience a few hiccups along the way. Chances are that they will be minor and easily correctable. So, take a deep breath. Renaissance Patio has seen it all when it comes to patio construction. We offer this guide to making your backyard construction project go as smoothly as possible and for handling things if it doesn’t

Patio Construction Timeline

During the preconstruction phase, your contractor also will assess the location you have chosen for your structure to determine if it will require footings or if the cover can be built directly on the existing slab. The contractor will calculate the amount and type of material needed to create your masterpiece, prepare the building permit application and, once it is approved, order your building material directly from Renaissance. The material may arrive at your home or the contraction crew may bring it on their first day on the job.

Our licensed contractors can complete most Renaissance Patio projects in two to three days on average. Screen rooms and sunrooms take longer, of course, but the precision fit and portability of our patio components keep labor hours and costs to a minimum. Still, there will be some lead time between signing your construction contract and material delivery. It takes time to prepare and process the building permit and for the materials to arrive from the Renaissance Patio distributor.

Our authorized contractors can fill much of that time between applying for and receiving the building permit and ordering and delivery of the building material by planning the workflow around your custom build, preparing the work area, locating staging areas, ensuring access to your property, and other logistics. If you decide to work with another company, you should insist that it plan accordingly to streamline the job.

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Supervising the Work

You will want to let the contractor’s team get on with the work without too much meddling on your part. Still, this is your dream patio, so you have every right to be kept in the know. Since Renaissance Patio covers, roofs, and pergolas can be installed in a few days, you need to establish a contractor communications regimen quickly.

Ask your patio contractor as many questions as you like. The site foreman should make time to talk to you at the end of the workday or before work begins the following day. The latter time may be better. You can inspect the work after the crew leaves, jot down any questions that occur to you, snap some cellphone photos for reference, get the answers you need when the crew arrives the next morning. Try to ask specific questions. Here are some examples:

  • What did you do today/What will you do tomorrow? 
  • Have you encountered any unexpected problems? 
  • Are we still on schedule? 

Don’t be afraid to question the foreman if something doesn’t look right to you or you have concerns about the workmanship or code compliance. If you’re not happy with the answers you get, show your photos to the building inspector or contact your state’s contractors board. They can open an investigation and offer an opinion on workmanship issues.

Dealing with Delays

Your backyard project may be delayed for any number of reasons. Most are not the contractor’s fault. Thunderstorms, hail, and high winds all can shut down the day’s work. A sick or injured worker also can delay a project, either because it leaves the crew shorthanded or because his absence makes it unsafe or impossible to continue working. Sometimes contractors simply stop showing up on a project. This is unlikely for a 2- to 3-day patio cover project, however. If your project is delayed and the contractor cannot provide a reasonable explanation, it may be time to involve your contractors board. Tell the contractor what you have done; often that is enough to get the project finished.

Since your contractor applied for and received a building permit and you obtained approval for your project from your homeowners’ association, as we explained in an earlier post, there is almost no chance the HOA or local authorities would shut down construction. If, say, a global healthcare emergency or some other million-to-one event does force the contractor off the job before the work is finished, all you can do is wait it out. Gather and secure uninstalled material and keep people and pets away from the construction area until work can restart.

Following these tips can increase the likelihood that your patio project goes off without a hitch. Once the cover is complete, take some time to make it your own. Choose outdoor furniture that matches your outdoor structure’s design, your home’s architecture, and your family’s attitude. You can add lighting, fans, entertainment systems, privacy screens, and other details to really make space your own. Your authorized Renaissance Patio installation contractor can help you come up with ideas.

Contact Renaissance Patio when you are ready to start planning and building your backyard paradise. We will walk you through the options and help you design the outdoors space sure to bring a lifetime of enjoyment and recreation.

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