How Long Will It Take to Build Your Patio?

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Once you have made the decision to upgrade your home by installing a Renaissance Patio pergola, patio cover, screen room, sunroom, or patio roof, you naturally will want to know when it will be ready to host your backyard barbecues, game nights, and cocktail parties.

No competent patio materials manufacturer or contractor can guarantee a completion date. There are too many variables that can delay or extend the job. By choosing Renaissance Patio’s tough, beautiful, extruded aluminum for your construction project, however, you assure yourself that you will be gazing at starlight and basking in the breeze as soon as possible. Renaissance Patio components are manufactured to the strictest tolerances. Coupled with their lightweight, this ensures your builder can transport, stage, and install your outdoor living space efficiently, reducing not only labor time, but costs as well.

We discussed the time required to prepare for your patio installation – design, contractor selection, permitting, HOA approval, material delivery, etc. – in earlier posts. Renaissance Patio can recommend contractors in your area who will help you through these processes to make sure they run as smoothly as possible. Still, our customers want to know how long it will take to construct their project after all the regulatory Ts have been crossed and the red tape has been untangled. Of course, we cannot provide a precise estimate of a particular patio’s construction time, but we can come up with a ballpark figure based on our experience.

Renaissance Patio Dolce Screen Porch
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Start with a basic project. Under perfect conditions, a preferred Renaissance Patio installer can erect an average-sized, rectangular (about 150 square feet) attached pergola in two to three days.

  • Add a day or more for larger structures, requiring additional connections and more material. 
  • Add two days or more for a non-standard patio shape. 
  • Add one week if you do not have an existing patio slab and one must be poured and cured before patio supports can be installed. 
  • Add one day if your project will be freestanding, requiring the installation of supports on four sides rather than three. 
  • Add two days if you opt for a covered patio; add two more days if you want it insulated. 
  • Add a day for every day that construction cannot be performed due to precipitation, extreme temperatures, or lightning in the area. Also, be understanding when “life gets in the way” of work. Crew members get sick, trucks break down, and other unfortunate events occur that can set your project back a day or more. 
  • Add three weeks if your covered patio will be enclosed in Renaissance Patio’s low-glare, tinted mesh Dolce screen wall system to protect your family and guests not only from the sun and rain but also from pesky mosquitoes, flies, bees, and windblown debris. 
  • Add six weeks to transform your new space into a true extension of your home’s interior with a Lumino sunroom. These glass-enclosed rooms can be heated and air-conditioned for true four-season comfort and enjoyment.

As you can see, there is a wide range of answers to “When will my patio be done?” – from two days to two months or more in addition to the time required to obtain the building permits, HOA approval, material delivery, and other preconstruction necessities. Renaissance Patio’s manufacturing process, quality control, and competent installation partners expedite the process, but your contractor will take the time to ensure quality workmanship that will last a lifetime.

As the owner, you can help move the process along by being available to answer the contractor’s questions and make decisions along the way. Before the work begins you can help by identifying an electrical outlet and other facilities the crew can use. Clear outdoor furniture, bikes, sports equipment, and other items away from the area around the construction site. Trimming back bushes and foliage from the area also will speed your patio’s installation. Of course, you will want to keep kids and pets away from the building site and any staged materials.


The best way to guarantee your Renaissance Patio project gets done faster is to start it sooner! Contact us today to start the process and the paperwork.