The HOA Approval Process for Your Patio Cover

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Many homeowners associations have developed negative reputations. It seems everyone can relate a horror story involving capricious rules, exorbitant fines, or lax enforcement. Many of these complaints relate to HOA committees that review, approve, and deny resident requests to alter their homes or landscaping. Every HOA we know of requires approval by their review committees before they will allow the construction of an attached or freestanding patio cover. With a bit of planning and a little help from Renaissance Patio, however, you can sail through the HOA approval process and be enjoying your backyard haven in no time.

Team Renaissance

Renaissance maintains strong relationships with licensed contractors throughout the country that have demonstrated the dedication to customer service and the skill to adhere to our strict installation standards. When you purchase a quality Renaissance Patio product, we will put you in touch with these local authorized installers. They not only help you choose the patio style that is best for your family but will also walk you through your HOA permit application. They have been through the process dozens, if not hundreds, of times. They understand what HOA boards and committees want to see and how to present the information to obtain quick approvals. Your contractor will ensure your submission is complete.

What You’ll Need

Most HOAs require the application to include elevations, architectural drawings, photos of what the final project will look like and where it will be located. You may have to submit color and material samples. Your contractor will have prepared these for you, and you will have approved them as part of your contract. You will also need a copy of the building permit unless your building department needs the HOA’s OK before issuing one. HOA architectural guidelines vary greatly from state to state and even neighborhood to neighborhood, based on geography, building codes, community standards, and the whims of board members. Some may require signed affidavits from your neighbors that you have informed them of your construction plans whose view may be altered by the project and who will be within earshot of construction noise.

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In most cases, HOAs approve plans to add a Renaissance Patio product in short order – 30 to 60 days, depending on the backlog and how often the committee meets. If you’re installing a Renaissance Patio cover, pergola, or patio roof, your project will be complete within a few days of commencement. Screen rooms, gazebos, and sunrooms take longer, of course. Knowing your contractor’s schedule and your association’s time frame can help you plan your project. Simply decide when you want to start entertaining friends and spending quality family time in your backyard living space and count back the maximum time needed for approval, material delivery time, and the contracted time to build the structure. Add in a couple of weeks of wiggle room, and you will arrive at the date you should submit your HOA request.

You’re Approved!

If the building permit had to wait on HOA approval, your contractor will now submit the application. Preparation should not take long, as the city or county will require much of the same information that was on the HOA form. Your contractor knows the drill and will not put his or her license in jeopardy by skipping this step.

The sooner you get started planning your outdoor living space and preparing the necessary paperwork, the sooner you can be taking in for the heat-, rain-, and snow-protected views of your garden and yard’s natural beauty. Contact Renaissance Patio today and we will get the ball rolling and connect you with a local, authorized installer who will work with you to design, schedule, and install your backyard dream.

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