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Translucent Patio Roof Panels Let in Light, Shed Rain

Many homeowners want two things for their patio that would seem to be impossible with the same patio roof: a bright patio, even if the sun is hiding behind the clouds, and a dry patio, no matter how hard it rains. Most solid patio roofs, whether pan roofs or insulated aluminum roofs are opaque: They don’t…

Beautiful patio by the water with patio roof

What Should I Consider about Weather and Materials When Picking my Patio?

Do you live in a utopia? Is the temperature just to your liking 365 days a year? Are colorful butterflies the only insects? Does the exclusively non-allergenic flora grow despite the absence of thunderstorms? Are snow, slush, and ice unheard of where you reside? If so, you could build your outdoor living space out of…

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