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Renaissance Patio

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Create your Dream Patio in Franklin, Tennessee

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Moderno Patio Cover
contempo patio cover
Renaissance Patio Attached Classico Patio Roof Colorado
fresco patio cover

Patio Covers

There is nothing better than a decorative patio cover to enjoy the outdoors year round. The Renaissance line of high-strength patio covers can keep your patio light and bright with translucent polycarbonate roofing, or as cool as possible with solid insulated aluminum patio roof panels.

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Moderno Patio Cover
contempo patio cover
Renaissance Patio Attached Classico Patio Roof Colorado

Patio Roofing

Decorative insulated patio roofing is the way to go if you want to create a stunning outdoor living room. With options such as screen or glass walls, and styles that compliment modern or traditional homes, the Renaissance patio roofing line is sure to please.

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Dolce Screen Room

Screen Rooms

If keeping your patio a fully shaded, bug-free outdoor room is your goal, then you can’t go wrong with a Renaissance screen room. We even go as far as to hide all of the fasteners others leave exposed to create the most beautiful structures possible.

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A pergola is the perfect solution if you are looking for a partially shaded space, either attached to your home or freestanding in your yard, pergolas do not keep out the rain, but they are a stunning design element and keep any space cool, and beautiful.

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If you are looking for a fully enclosed space, with acrylic, glass, or impact glass windows, a Renaissance sunroom is the way to go. Using state of the art engineering and design, we manufacture the most visually attractive and simple to install sunrooms on the market.

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Freestanding gazebos allow you to create a magnificent outdoor space anywhere in your yard. From covering outdoor kitchens or bars, to creating a shaded space next to your pool, a gazebo makes any space truly relaxing.

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Your Franklin Dream Patio

Make the most of your outdoor space in Franklin.

Open View Dolce Screen Room

Your Outdoor Oasis Awaits

The family dog can’t even stand a hot deck without the protection of a quality patio cover. Franklin, Tennessee families fare no better under the pressure of humidity that has no mercy. Renaissance Patio Products tends to this issue with our world-class pergolas. We also produce sunrooms and screen rooms that are shiver-proof and beat back flocks of mosquitoes. Modern patio roofing came to life with our innovative designs which add a handsome look to any backyard. Every cover we craft, including game-changing gazebos, cools you off, keeps rain going away to another day, and requires little in the way of maintenance. Stands up to hazardous weather as well.

carolina home

Enjoy the outdoors with the whole family

Williamson County is in the sweet spot of the Nashville Metro Area but also sees hotter weather than most of Tennessee. Colder extremes too. Patio time is cut back as a result. Unless you take advantage of new-age patio covers from Renaissance, using the stoutest structures on the market, fresh designs to match homes upwards of $470,000, and a lifetime warranty on materials. Outdoor life in Franklin just got better with your shot at our Lumino Sunroom. It cancels building hassles associated with costly lumber and goes up with less expense in less time. Cold or humid weather won’t bother your family on the back porch again.

The hot days of July and August are enough to forget outdoor plans. Toss in bottle flies, mosquitoes, and paper wasps and you might as well rent your yard to a group of hardcore survivalists because you can’t use the space. Renaissance gazebos and pergolas give back your outdoor space with comfort and style. The outdoor kitchen becomes tolerable on 90-degree evenings. Insulated shade with leak-proof roofing panels gets the grill master back in action on the deck.

As for winter, we thought of that too. Our screen rooms with patio roofing make porch time enviable to the damp chilly neighbors. And our top-of-the-line sunrooms make winter a wonderland without chattering teeth and frozen toes. These glass walls can adorn all of our solid patio roofing models like the Classico. This epic structure is the Cadillac of our line-up. Just right for a regal city such as Franklin. The Nashville folks will surely be jealous of scallop truss ends and the overall traditional design.

Renaissance patio products and screen systems are crafted from scratch to provide you with that all-too-rare mix of amazing looks and complete durability … a zero-maintenance masterpiece that enhances your enjoyment of your yard and the value of your property!

We’ve made the family pet cooler all across the country with pergolas casting perfectly spaced shade with our Aria pergola model. Families enjoy the comfort too, of course. A patio without shade is no better than being indoors because that’s where you end up when the elements ramp up.

Franklin, TN families deserve the best. It shows in the homes from the Liberty Park area to Pinkerton Park. Renaissance builds the best in terms of longevity, being low maintenance, and best of all – superior style. A boxed-up deck cover at a giant retailer can’t match our commitment to outdoor elegance. And flimsy covers certainly can’t add on epic screen walls found in our Dolce screen room system. This easily adds a gorgeous defense system to your backyard without spraying chemicals to fight off mosquitoes and yellow jackets.

No reason to let rain delays and chilly temps tell you when it’s ok to venture outside on your own property. Make a stand against Mother Nature with insulated patio roofing designed to appeal to the eyes and defend against the elements. This includes cataract-causing UV rays which are somewhat higher in Middle Tennessee than the US average.

You have options. That’s why you chose Franklin. So why limit yourself when it comes to your patio living? Renaissance has what you’ve been looking for to shade your patio parties, get the kids outdoors more, and stop rain from soaking outdoor cushions. Our models feature custom gutters, decorative beams, along artist-touched columns. We know how carefully homeowners choose their homes – we create patio covers worthy of the same consideration.

We have installers throughout Tennessee ready to design and install a shade solution in your neighborhood! No matter if you reside in Franklin or anywhere else in The Volunteer State, we have an expert near you ready to discuss your exact wants and needs.

Very impressive! Your materials and quantities were perfect. I walked out with one box of extrusion cut-offs.

Everything was right and nicely packed and protected. 

I’ve been doing this 37 years and can’t remember a better supplier-packaged inventory. Whatever you gentlemen are doing is right.

Mike Malone

This is just an extension of my home…It’s just an amazing space and money well spent…


“I wanted to have my own little backyard oasis with my family”

Alicia McKean

“We spend most of our time here now that we have this patio”


” I was looking for a nice product, so I got in touch with Renaissance and they connected me with Chuck, a local dealer”

Leandro Carreira


We use the patio every weekend, at least once or twice.

Jason Hendrick

We love our new pergola! The Renaissance team did a great job all the way from design to install. We chose them because the material is beautiful and high end looking. We are thrilled to have some shade in our yard!

Kaitlyn Weaver

FAQ’s about Renaissance Patio

We have dealers throughout the US, chances are, we know someone in your area who can answer all of your questions along with inform you of all of the details required to build a patio in your hometown. All you have to do is fill out your info at the link below, and our website will show you a list of companies in your area that specialize in our products.

Most of our independent installers offer financing, if that’s something you want, don’t forget to mention it in your inquiry!

Yes, shingles or metal roofing can be installed on top of the insulated panels.

Yes, all of our patios are engineered to meet or exceed your local building code.

All of our structures are engineered to withstand up to 175 mph winds.

Looks, cost, and time.

  • Looks: Sunrooms include glass walls which make your sunroom a natural lite place to enjoy.
  • Cost: Sunrooms cost between 20 to 50% less than room additions
  • Time: While a standard room addition takes typically 6 months to a year, a sunroom can be built in as little as 90 days with typically less than 3 weeks of actual work in your home.