Furnishing your new patio

Furnishing your new patio

Your new patio cover from Renaissance Patio will transform the way your family lives. Your extra living space gives you a weather-resistant conduit to relish the outdoors, spend quality time with loved ones, cheer on your favorite team, escape the pressures of work, and so much more.

Where and how your family lives should go a long way in determining the type and style of furnishings you choose for this vital extension to your home. Not only will you want to pick seating, tables, and accessories that match your crew’s attitude and outlook, you also must think about affordability, convenience, and durability. Here are the factors that come into play when deciding how to furnish your Renaissance patio.

Moderno Patio Cover Renaissance Patio
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Where you live and the type of structure you have may make some types of furniture more practical than others. For instance, if you have installed a pergola rather than a solid cover, you might want to forgo wicker furniture that can fall prey to rot, mildew, and deterioration. Similarly, dry climates like those in Phoenix and Las Vegas can dry out wood furniture rendering it brittle and unstable. That doesn’t mean you can’t have wood, just take precautions to treat it properly and cover it or bring it inside when a storm rolls in. The same goes for fabric cushions, blankets, and seat covers. Precipitation and bright sunlight will take their toll, so prepare accordingly. Of course, many of these concerns become moot if you have installed one of Renaissance Patio’s stylish patio covers that deflect the sun’s rays and keep your patio nice and dry.


Whether your patio is destined to become your sanctuary, party zone, home office, or game room will have a large bearing on the kind of furniture to put on it. If you’re having friends over to watch the game, you might want overstuffed chairs arranged to create sight-lines to the big screen. If dinner and cocktails are more your style, small highball tables and sparse furnishings that allow room to mingle might be in order. Planning to work from home? You will want ergonomic chairs and a table that can serve as a desk. Be sure to arrange your office near an outlet so you can keep your laptop charged. If your idea of outdoor living includes dozing amid gentle breezes and wafting garden aromas, consider furnishing your patio with couches, futons, and hammocks. If family reunions are your thing, you will want a large dining table with room for racks of ribs and bushels of corn on the cob.


Most Renaissance Patio customers seek a sense of continuity and transition. They want a patio that seamlessly takes people from their home’s interior, to the patio, to the yard, garden, and pool. To achieve this, homeowners often choose furniture that complements and reflects both their indoor furnishings and their home’s architectural style. Think about tying the look of your patio to that of the room just inside the access door. On the other hand, some people want to make a clean break from their home. Especially if you have a detached patio, you could furnish it in a way that has no connection to your everyday life. You can enjoy a staycation any time when your “local resort” is in your own backyard. Whichever route you travel, be sure to personalize your outdoor space with potted plants, artwork, mirrors, lighting effects, etc.

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Similarly, your furniture’s color scheme should reflect your family’s personality and approach to living. Some prefer the understated elegance evoked by earth tones that reflect the outdoor environment. If your patio is adjacent to a woodlot, you might opt for a hunting lodge feel, with lots of dark wood and leather (or maybe faux-leather, if you have kids). But again, there are no rules. Just because your space is outside doesn’t mean you have to blend in. You could install bright carnival lights and splash your furniture with neon-colored throw pillows. The type of gathering you plan to host can be your guide. You might even want to create a theme. Furnish and decorate your patio in the colors and logos of your favorite pro or college sports team or dress it to reflect your passion, be it music, wine, fitness, history, stamp collecting, or other pastimes.

The sooner you contact Renaissance Patio to schedule your free consultation, but faster you can be decorating, furnishing, and enjoying your covered outdoor structure. Let’s get started!