When is the best time of year to build a patio cover?

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If like most people, you have always wanted to live the lush life that comes with a backyard patio, you probably cannot wait to get started on your outdoor construction project. Like you, we believe the short answer to the question of when to start your Renaissance Patio installation, “as soon as possible.” The long answer is a bit more involved and forces us to consider a few variables.


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Deciding on the best time of year to build your patio starts with the weather in your part of the country. Unlike masonry pillars and wood patio covers, your contractor won’t have to wait for ideal temperature and humidity conditions to begin outdoor construction using Renaissance’s extruded aluminum components. In fact, because of Renaissance Patio’s precise engineering and ease of installation allows most patio roofs to be built in two to three days, weather concerns are minor. Still, some times of year are better than others for installing your attached or freestanding patio cover.

If you’re starting from scratch and need to lay a concrete slab, you will want to undertake this part of the project during the temperate time of year. That’s no problem if you live in coastal California, where temperatures vary little throughout the year. For other parts of the country, it’s best to avoid extreme heat, which will cause the concrete to cure too fast, reducing its strength. Extreme cold, on the other hand, causes the water in concrete to freeze and expand, which can cause cracking. So, if you live in the Sunbelt, you will want to pour concrete during winter. If you’re a New Englander, schedule your pour for late spring or early fall. In general, autumn also is a good time for laying concrete in regions that experience four distinct seasons and/or heavy spring rains.


Rising temperatures and blooming gardens encourage many homeowners to install patio covers during spring. Waiting to start your project until the weather turns may force you to queue up behind your neighbors, as contractors’ schedules likely will be full during this busy season. Waiting until fall or even winter in the Desert Southwest and Deep South could put you at the front of the line.

Your scheduling options may be limited if you opt for a wood or masonry structure. Specific temperature and humidity ranges are required for mortar and concrete to set properly and for green, pressure-treated lumber to dry at a rate that won’t lead to warping and splintering.

Renaissance Patio uses aircraft-grade aluminum that is impervious to weather conditions. It can be installed any time of year. Your authorized Renaissance installation contractor can help you determine the best construction schedule and order the material so it arrives at that time.


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Built by Paradise Pergola

In most parts of the country, fall weather is drier and more predictable than spring and summer. As a result, you are less likely to experience delays in your outdoor construction project due to rain, Midwestern tornado warnings, and snowmelt-flooded yards. Building your patio roof during colder months causes less disruption to your lifestyle, as your family likely spends less time outside at this time of the year. Safety concerns and logistics may limit your enjoyment of your garden, pool, and play areas if you build your patio during summer. This is less of a concern for Renaissance customers, as our contractors can complete your installation in two to three days. Wood, steel, vinyl, and masonry patio construction can linger for weeks, seriously harshing your outdoor vibe.

The drier conditions that come with outdoor construction projects in fall and winter also take less of a toll on your landscape. Workers will need to make several trips from their trucks to your backyard, stage materials on your property, and generally have the run of your yard to ensure your project runs smoothly. There may be some damage to your grass and plants. This could be troublesome in spring, as new shoots and blooms emerge. But because much of your greenery will be dormant through the cold months, this damage will be minor, and they will bounce back in time for you to enjoy them and your new patio come spring.

Whenever you decide to build your Renaissance Patio, you will want to start the process well in advance. Your contractor will need to obtain a building permit and determine how much material to order. You may need to get your plan approved by your homeowner’s association, and you will want to carefully plan your patio’s layout, furniture, amenities, and decor. Contact Renaissance Patio today, and we will put you in touch with a local installer who can help you plan your project and lay out a timeline so you can make the most of your new backyard oasis.


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