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RenaissancePatio Classico Insulated Aluminum Patio Cover

Renaissance is taking the Dallas heat out of your outdoor time with the best-built patio covers in the USA. August temperatures above 95° ruin chances to utilize your deck if you don’t have shade from a pergola or sunroom. No one enjoys sweating through what should be relaxing time outside in Dallas County. Our shapely durable screen rooms with sun-defeating patio roofing chill your environment but also shelter you from wet weather. A big-time gazebo that handles up to 175-mph Texas wind is a must.

The Dallas Dream Patio

Dallas folks deserve the biggest and the best. Renaissance ensures you get it in the form of insulated patio roofing – yes, your deck can be 30 percent cooler. And no, HOA restrictions won’t hinder the installation of our code-compliant shade systems featuring aircraft-grade aluminum molded with artistic features formerly only possible with wood. Our materials are warrantied for life, our designs fuse nicely with modern homes, and require unbelievably low maintenance. The question is… which model suits you?

We design and manufacture the strongest and most beautiful line of:
Renaissance Patio Cover

Patio Covers

Designer Patio Covers are engineered to withstand the worst weather in multiple styles to suit any home or style.

Insulated Aluminum Patio Roof Moderno

Patio Roofing

Patio Roofing made from the best materials with a lifetime materials warranty for enjoyment and less worry.


Screen Rooms

Screen rooms that provide extra protection and can be added to any of the patio covers or roofs,



Pergolas made of quality materials for durability and freedom from maintenance.

Gazebo Classico Backyard Roof


Gazebos to provide fresh air and shade with a classic design that will provide enjoyment for many years.



Sunrooms to expand your home and boost your comfort with extra space to meet all your needs.

And thanks to our network of independent installers, you can have any one of our products installed at the click of a mouse!

A big chunk of your year is hot – 65% of the year sees sunny days. Hard to battle unless you stay hidden indoors. No need when a Renaissance pergola or gazebo makes backyard time comfy again. The insulation in our new-age roofing panels is the key to your family enjoying together time outside again.

What about wet weather that cuts into large portions of your seasons? – 22% of the year sees precipitation. But cookouts need not be halted. A solid roof that keeps your crew dry on the patio or beneath a free-standing garden structure keeps the grill lit! The elements are out to get you – but we have your back. Even in the winter when a sunroom keeps your deck toasty.


When you choose a designer patio cover from Renaissance, you’re getting:


May leaves you guys soaked – roughly 30% of May days are rainy. No deck time and no cookouts possible without a patio cover saving the day. Ours come with stately gutter systems too that whisk the rain away from your foundation. Seek shelter that gives you back one of the best months of the year temperature-wise. Even better forecast – our systems can be installed in 20% of the time it takes for a custom-build, and you still get a beautiful addition.

Clouds Sunshine


95° temps make your family feel flame-broiled in August without the right shade set-up. A big dip down to 70° is what Renaissance shade does for you – 30% heat reduction. Your outdoor area can be enjoyed once it’s cooled off with a pretty gazebo or screen room. No more cabin fever due to temps nearing 100 degrees. Cool off, stay dry, and live large – outside.

Check Box

House Party Hazmat

The southern house mosquito loves Dallas – and is good at transmitting West Nile virus. Keep those disease dealers out with the only screen room that is tough / stylish enough for Texans. We protect you and your family from insects with seamless screened enclosures that match our patio roofing beauty. Rust-proof fasteners are hidden for 100% sleekness. Choose full-view open style or go with a chair rail design – both, charming choices that save you from breathing in toxic mosquito sprays.

Hurricane Stout

Texas Tornado

Dallas requires buildings withstand 98-mph winds. Renaissance sets our standard much higher – all our patio products will endure up to 175-mph winds. That’s reassuring with tornados anywhere in the area, as you well know. Lesser patio covers get tipped over, peeled asunder, and even tossed into home exteriors causing major damage. Our professional crews anchor our sturdy structures to the ground securely – they stay put.

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Fresco Translucent Fresco Patio Cover Renaissance Patio Products

Things are done right in Dallas, especially on your own property. Renaissance Patio respects that. Our construction experience brought us into the patio business to give homeowners a new patio cover experience. One that brings lasting power to gazebos that thrill neighbors with sculpted frames, rust-proof coatings, and decorative enhancements.

Patios are a big deal in Texas. Family events are most at home in outdoor environments. Making more of those events comfortable while shielding them from downpours is our mission. We do it with UV-blocking translucent roofing that defends you against Dallas’ 33% higher UV Index, yet allows good light in. Full protection also available with enclosed sunrooms. We stand between you and rugged elements.

You can always stay inside when Mrs. Nature says so with a thunder boomer. But life is isolating there – too many screens – too many closed doors. A patio roofing system that brings your crew together outside is a connection opportunity come pool parties and fireside talks. Shade with rain protection gives you more time – with each other minus indoor distractions.

Dallas is a big state to cover. But Renaissance is up to the challenge – our covers are used in harsh environments that see hurricanes and heavy snow loads. Our factory-authorized contractors receive full training on our gazebos, screen rooms, and pergolas. We back our products up with the best warranty around, plus your home deserves an affordable patio cover that gets rave reviews for the aesthetics.

We have installers throughout Texas ready to design and install a shade solution in your neighborhood! No matter if you reside in Dallas or anywhere else in The Lone Star State, we have an expert near you ready to discuss your exact wants and needs.


Begin your own backyard Renaissance today by contacting us for a free, no-obligation quote!

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