The Lumino Sunroom

Full enclosure wall system for Your Renaissance Patio

The Lumino Sunroom

The Lumino Sunroom system accommodates a wide variety of windows with your Renaissance patio cover, turning your patio space into a fully insulated living or dining room for a fraction of the cost and time involved in a traditional wood-framed addition.

  • The Lumino Sunroom uses only high-grade extruded aluminum to support vinyl- or aluminum-framed windows so you can create a sunroom ideally suited to the environment.
  • Framing choices such as insulated and fixed-glass knee walls, impact-resistant windows, and even sliding glass doors create an ideal customized interior space.
Enclosing your patio cover within a sunroom is an easy choice if you are looking to air condition or heat the space or if you desire a year-round living area to add to your home. Sunrooms offer a beautiful outdoors-in feel for a fraction of the cost and time involved in a typical addition.

Lumino Details

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Contempo Options

Choosing the right glass type, windows, and doors for your local weather is mission-critical when it comes to sunrooms. The Lumino can be built with any of the types below;

Most Popular for Efficiency:

Vinyl-framed, Low-E 366 insulated Energy Star Glass. This window frame and glass pack combo is the first choice when energy efficiency is a major concern, such as in areas that get very cold or very hot. The combination has even earned an Energy Star rating due to its ability to decrease energy consumption.

Most Budget-Friendly:

Aluminum or vinyl framed tempered glass windows. These are the windows installed in most homes and have the lowest initial cost. They are not insulated and use only a single panel of glass. They keep the wind and rain out but don’t add much in the way of energy savings.

Most Secure:

Impact-resistant storm Glass is becoming a more and more popular option, especially for people who live in hurricane zones or have security concerns. Impact-resistant glass keeps out burglars just as well as hurricanes..

The Pros and Cons of the Lumino Sunroom System


  • Fully air-conditioned and/or heated space
  • Brings sight and feel of nature inside with large pane glass walls and an outdoor feel
  • A true living space addition that can be furnished just as you would the rest of your home
  • Sunrooms can be built in about a quarter of the time it takes to build a standard room addition
  • Sunrooms cost between 50 percent and 90 percent of a standard wood-framed room addition


  • Sunrooms are more expensive than any other type of patio cover due to the extensive use of expensive materials, but they are worth it.

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