The Dolce

Seamless Screen Room System

Dolce Highlights

The Dolce is the best possible choice when you desire to screen in any of the Renaissance Patio roofing lines. It keeps the bugs out but preserves the look and feel of your new decorative patio space.
  • The Dolce uses only extruded, powder-coated aluminum for durability and strength
  • It can be installed with standard framing or “Open View” to keep your screen room feeling completely open and panoramic
  • Clips and covers completely conceal the screws and structural pieces holding your screen room together
  • All Dolce screen room systems come with ZEUS screen doors, heavy-gauge and welded, with full hinges and high-grade hardware
Dolce Screen Room by Renaissance Patio Products

The Contempo is about balance – the balance between clean lines and the traditional appeal of wood-framed design and between affordability and high style. With the Contempo, you have a winner on your hands, and our customers agree. The Contempo is an ideal patio for homeowners with an eye for style who don’t want to spend a fortune attaining it.

Dolce Details

Dolce Screen Wall Gallery

Dolce Screen Room Options

Dolce Screen Walls can be built in many configurations. Let’s review a couple;

Remove Framing

The most common method is using an outer track and vertical support to create small openings which are then easy to screen with just about any screen product on the market. The Dolce system track is much stronger than standard and comes with a high-strength screen mesh so you can eliminate all that framing and create huge vistas.

Chair Rail

Your Dolce system can incorporate a “chair rail”, like standard systems, only our extruded aluminum is 50 percent stronger than standard. You can have your chair rail but eliminate the standard vertical piece that spoils your view.

The Pros and Cons of the Dolce Screen Room System


  • Keeps bugs out
  • Smoothest, Cleanest screen wall system available
  • Designed to match the style of Renaissance Patio roofs and covers


  • Like all screen walls, Dolce slows down air flow through the space, the room can get hotter than the outside temperature. You might want to consider a fan
  • Screen walls of any kind act as filters, darkening the view out slightly

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