The Aria

Decorative Pergola with Shade Lattice

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Homeowner Benefits

Most of our customers who install Aria pergolas use them to shade their patio for greater enjoyment of sunny days. Since they don’t intend to spend time outside when it is raining, they don’t mind that pergolas feature open roofs, allowing rain to fall through. What is most important to them is shading their patio or a spot in their yard with an architecturally stunning work of yard art that cuts down on heat.

  • The Aria is one of the industry’s only fully extruded, fully structural pergola systems. Unlike thinner metal systems, the Aria is designed to last for the life of your home.
  • Using our 2-inch-wide wide shade lattice tubes, the Aria can provide between 60 percent and 10% shade, so you can choose how much sun you want to illuminate your space.
  • The Aria can be built to virtually any shape and size, even round, so let your imagination run wild in the design process.
Aria Aluminum Pergola by Renaissance Patio Products


The Aria is the clear choice for shade and style. Utilizing a shade lattice to cut down on heat, all extruded-aluminum construction for serious strength, and a powder coat finish for lifetime durability, the Aria is a backyard pleaser.

Aria Details

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Aria Pergola Options

So, you know you want an Aria Pergola but are not sure how to dress it up to match your home, let’s talk options.
Renaissance Patio Freestanding Aria Pergola

Pick a primo location

One of the most common and visually interesting uses for the Aria is to provide shade over a backyard pool, lounge chairs, fire pit, or outdoor grill, serving as a gazebo-like addition to your yard. e designed and engineered it from scratch to be suitable for either freestanding construction or to be attached to your home for a shady patio.

Contempo Patio Cover Aria Pergola

Add Privacy

You can install a full privacy wall made from the same shade tubes as Aria’s roof on any side of the structure. These strong walls can support mounted TV’s, lights, and even fans while focusing the view inside, not on your neighbors’ house

Renaissance Patio White Decorative Pergola

Choose your look

You can choose to have a traditional pergola look, installing Aria’s with truss on top of the main beam or the modern look of our “Flush Truss” system to keep your pergola low profile

The Pros and Cons of the Aria Pergola

The Aria is fantastic for some, but not so much for others, let’s talk about why;


  • Beautiful pergola styling with stunning exposed-beam construction
  • Shade tubes that create a lattice to block the sun’s heat
  • Low-maintenance materials; spend less time working and more time enjoying
  • High-quality powder coat finish. Great looks for life


  • The Aria allows rain to pass through, so if you are looking for an all-weather patio, check out Renaissance’s patio covers and roofs.

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