The Fresco

Pergola-Style Patio Cover with Translucent Roof Panels

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The Fresco Benefits

Installing a pergola-style patio cover has many benefits: they look stunning, add outdoor living space, and increase the value of your home. The Fresco takes all those benefits to their fullest through the use of translucent polycarbonate roof panels. The panels allow filtered light through, but block the sun’s heat, reflecting it back skyward instead of allowing it to pass through to your patio below.
  • The Fresco is the only polycarbonate patio cover system that uses full-standing-seam roof panels. This eliminates leaks and employs strong structure attachments that make Fresco ideal even in the country’s highest wind and snow zones.
  • Using 20-millimeter-thick polycarbonate panels – the thickest beefiest in the industry, with five separate air chambers for insulation – gives Fresco panels the might to withstand all Mother Nature’s abuse while protecting your patio below.
  • Utilizing a special, ultraviolet light-rejecting treatment to the top panel layer, the Fresco reflects 45 percent of the sun’s heat upwards, while allowing 40 percent of visible light to pass through. Standing under a Fresco feels like you are standing under a solid patio roof.
Renaissance Patio Freestanding Translucent Fresco Patio Cover
The Fresco is the best of all possible options for homeowners who want to cover their patio and protect it from the elements, all while maintaining a light and bright space. Fresco polycarbonate panel system’s heat reflectivity lends your patio a truly “outdoorsy” ambiance while keeping things nice and cool, thanks to its solid roof. In addition to the light factor, our customers tell us they love Fresco’s decorative pergola styling. It simply looks like it belongs on even the most distinctive homes.

Fresco Details

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The Fresco Options

So, you’re drawn to the light, airy brightness a Fresco brings and you want to explore ways to customize your patio to create your perfect space. Let’s talk about options.

Renaissance Patio Fresco Translucent Patio Cover

Pick a primo location

Freestanding or attached? The Fresco is designed to be either attached to your home for the ultimate patio space, or freestanding in your backyard, like a gazebo, to create an entirely new area to enjoy.

Dolce Screen Room by Renaissance Patio Products

Screen out those bugs!

Framing makes the difference. You can use our “Flush Truss” framing method, where the trusses terminate into the main beam rather than sitting on top of it. This creates an ultramodern look, permits the structure to be screened in to repel bug attacks, and offers a stronger design that can even accommodate glass sunroom walls.

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Keep the fun going year-round

Now or Later?: As with all Renaissance Patio systems, you can install Fresco now and add screen or glass walls any time in the future. Let your local independent installer know and they will design a space to accommodate your future needs.

The Pros and Cons of the Fresco Patio Cover

The Fresco is stunning, but it’s not perfect for every patio, lifestyle, and environment. Let’s talk about why;


  • Beautiful pergola-style structure with stunning exposed-beam construction
  • Translucent, heat-rejecting, standing-seam, polycarbonate roofing system to allow light through and keep the rain out
  • Low-maintenance materials. You will spend less time working and more time enjoying
  • High-quality powder coat finish gives Fresco great looks for life.


  • Compared to a fully insulated solid roofing system, the Fresco does allow a bit more heat to pass through – about 25 percent more than our Classico model.
  • Leaves are not Fresco’s friends. Leaves cannot be allowed to remain on the patio cover for long, as they will stain the polycarbonate. If you have a tree-covered yard, a solid roof structure may be the better choice.

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