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Bronze Aria Aluminum Pergola by Renaissance Patio Products

Your very own Renaissance patio cover, pergola, or sunroom awaits right here in Richmond, Virginia. Screen rooms, patio roofing, and gazebos have entered the modern age weaving in historic beauty features also found scattered about Richmond County. We have the strongest selection of patio products made for even 28-degree nightlife on your back deck. You can finally enjoy 4 full seasons with our seductive additions. Only want a shady spot for sun-rocked summertime? We have options you’ll love to create memories under…

The Richmond Dream Patio

Richmond has an amazing climate comfort index (7.3) that beats the US average all but 4 months yearly. Those 4 months can belong to your family too – with a patio roof that insulates you from nasty 90-degree July evenings and stands up to January snow loads when you typically get almost 5 inches of snow. Built tough doesn’t mean you are left with a so-so look. Renaissance products are designed from scratch by craftsmen who spent years building custom home additions. Your eyes will be pleased with the glorious patio covers we created for discerning homeowners.

We design and manufacture the strongest and most beautiful line of:
Renaissance Patio Cover

Patio Covers

Designer Patio Covers are engineered to withstand the worst weather in multiple styles to suit any home or style.

Insulated Aluminum Patio Roof Moderno

Patio Roofing

Patio Roofing made from the best materials with a lifetime materials warranty for enjoyment and less worry.


Screen Rooms

Screen rooms that provide extra protection and can be added to any of the patio covers or roofs,



Pergolas made of quality materials for durability and freedom from maintenance.

Gazebo Classico Backyard Roof


Gazebos to provide fresh air and shade with a classic design that will provide enjoyment for many years.



Sunrooms to expand your home and boost your comfort with extra space to meet all your needs.

And thanks to our network of independent installers, you can have any one of our products installed at the click of a mouse!

Why don’t more people invest in a quality addition to their back deck? Frankly, older patio roofs were not built to last past a handful of thunderstorms. They were made cheap so folks became disillusioned. Renaissance is erasing the past with designs that last as long as a historic home in downtown Richmond, and match the artistic vibe with decorative structures that boost backyard appeal.

Our gazebos stand up to 175-mph winds – more on that in a second. Sunrooms in our line-up turn cold days into cozy. All of our insulated roofs can fend off the hottest of days, even in scorching areas like Miami. Luckily, your climate in Virginia is milder most of the time. All you lack is a patio cover that lowers the temps on extreme days and lets you escape ultraviolet light all 12 months.


When you choose a designer patio cover from Renaissance, you’re getting:

More MSO

May. September. October. You’d love more mild months like those so your outdoor time could increase, right? Wait no longer. A gazebo or pergola has your name on it. One that keeps you 30 percent cooler is an option. And you don’t even have to block out precious sunlight to reduce heat with our Fresco model which features a translucent roof. Make those other 9 months feel like MSO with a screen room that flows with your architecture and satisfies any HOA.

Clouds Sunshine

Front Facing Issue

So many homes in Richmond have covered front porches. But you can’t get comfortable there with noisy traffic and neighbors seeing every move. Renaissance gives you privacy in a perfect backyard escape while keeping you cool. Our enhanced designs with classic architecture themes belong in the front for the world to see – if not for look-loos eyeballing your BBQ scene. Relax in the back under a nap-inducing pergola. Or add our dynamic Dolce Screen Walls for more privacy from people and stinging insects.

Check Box


You don’t have to book a trip to South Florida to warm up. Your backyard can feel tropical during winter with a sunroom created from heavy aluminum extrusion. Built to last as long as Father Time, not to mention you won’t need to haul any wood to an outdoor fireplace. You can choose to heat your lovely sunroom with modern electric heat which saves you more time beyond not having to paint our virtually maintenance-free patio additions.

Hurricane Stout

HGTV Hologram

Renaissance Patio Products saves you from the hassles of constructing a patio cover the old fashion way. Flying lumber, nails, and lots of noisy hammering – looks nothing like HGTV fiction. Afterward, the cleanup is irritating, as is the yard repair needed after heavy materials sit on your turf. Our deck covers are as good as any custom-build. Additionally, perfected fasteners keep our structures super-stable, unlike big-box covers that use random parts from the garden aisle to the plumbing aisle. Also, our perfectly sculpted aluminum saves you from seeing the horrific effects the elements have on wood.

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Renaissance Patio Attached Contempo Patio Roof

The wind rating we mentioned… well, our up to 175-mph wind strength exceeds the most strict building codes. This includes Richmond with its 103-mph wind zone building code. Your home tops the list of your investments, so Renaissance protects you with patio roofing that endures. The pergola or screen room you choose will stand the test of time.

Getting the chills from seeing our modern deck covers is one thing. Suffering through 84 nights of frost in Richmond County is another. Those chilly nights can turn into enjoyable times on the back patio with a 4-season sunroom you can be proud to build onto your home.

Once your new cover is installed, you can truly enjoy it. No wood to turn green with mildew from dampness due to 112 rain days and the James River moisture. That means you don’t have to get filthy power washing a wooden patio structure only to see it rot piece by piece in a few years. Our aluminum materials are coated with a special technology, powder coating, which prevents rust, stains, and wasted weekends cleaning a gazebo.

Richmond is lucky to have wonderful weather mostly. Still, it makes you wonder how you could better deal with 44 inches of rain ruining Sunday cookouts. Or the 81 nights that temperatures dip below freezing – that’s hindering your outdoor time about one-fourth of the year! Renaissance can turn the cold into warmth and make the heat fade away. All the while adding beauty to your patio with darling designs that belong on magazine covers and on your memory lane.

We have installers throughout Richmond and the surrounding areas ready to design and install a shade solution in your neighborhood!


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