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Renaissance Contempo Insulated Aluminum Patio Roof

Perennially ranking among the windiest cities in the country, Oklahoma City’s breeziness causes more serious problems than bad-hair days. Routinely hitting double-digit mph, OKC’s winds can wreak havoc on our best-laid plans and make quick work of cheaply made rolled aluminum and vinyl outdoor rain and shade structures. Originally designed to withstand Florida’s hurricanes, Renaissance Patio’s diverse line of patio covers, patio roofs, pergolas, gazebos, screen rooms, and sunrooms can handle anything Oklahoma County’s climate can throw at it.

The Oklahoma City Dream Patio

When the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plain…Not only can Oklahoma City’s daily gales crumple lesser-grade aluminum and rip through plastic patio components, but they also propel dirt, pollen, yard debris, and other unwanted passengers that can spoil outdoor fun with no warning. Renaissance Patio’s enclosed living spaces – screen rooms and sunrooms – maximize your view and enjoyment of your natural surroundings while enveloping you and your loved ones in a protective layer of climate-controlled luxury.

We design and manufacture the strongest and most beautiful line of:
Renaissance Patio Cover

Patio Covers

Designer Patio Covers are engineered to withstand the worst weather in multiple styles to suit any home or style.

Insulated Aluminum Patio Roof Moderno

Patio Roofing

Patio Roofing made from the best materials with a lifetime materials warranty for enjoyment and less worry.


Screen Rooms

Screen rooms that provide extra protection and can be added to any of the patio covers or roofs,



Pergolas made of quality materials for durability and freedom from maintenance.

Gazebo Classico Backyard Roof


Gazebos to provide fresh air and shade with a classic design that will provide enjoyment for many years.



Sunrooms to expand your home and boost your comfort with extra space to meet all your needs.

And thanks to our network of independent installers, you can have any one of our products installed at the click of a mouse!

Renaissance Patio’s Lumino Sunrooms and Dolce screen walls turn your new patio roof into a complete room addition you can enjoy year-round. With three distinct lines of insulated patio roofs to match your home’s architecture and your family’s attitude, our enclosed patios create a smooth transition from your indoor space to the Great Outdoors. Choose from our Moderno roof design to highlight its stylized post covers, headers, and a patio gutter system that wraps all the way around the room. Or upgrade to a Contempo patio cover, with its sculpted trusses and exposed pergola-style framing. If you live in a Prairie- or Farmhouse-style home, check out our Classico roof that captures the rustic, homey feel of a wood patio at half the price and one-third the construction time. Classico’s scalloped trusses and exposed beams conjure the feeling of relaxing at a high-end ski resort or hunting lodge.

Whichever Renaissance product you choose as the focal point of your personal outdoor getaway, Renaissance Patio’s local installers can help you bring your dream space to life.

When you choose a designer patio cover from Renaissance, you’re getting:

Heatwave Waiver

Central Oklahoma is no stranger triple-digit temperatures are common. A pergola-style patio room blocks as much of the sun’s blaring heat and harmful ultraviolet beams as you want. You could create a mostly shady nook or bask your guests in dappled sunlight. The choice is yours. A freestanding pergola creates a whole new space, separate from your home, where children can play games and adults can share cocktails and conversation. But attaching a patio roof to your home’s south-facing exterior wall not only extends your living space but also shades the house itself from the worst of summer’s sun. You’ll be more comfortable inside and out, and you will save on cooling costs.

Clouds Sunshine

Skin Game

The official Oklahoma City government website says the best way to deal with the region’s aggressive mosquitoes is to use smelly repellents and wear long pants and sleeves. We have a better idea: enclose your patio in our Dolce screen walls and break out the shorts and tank tops. Tinted and seamless, these wall panels relieve the glare of the low-hanging sun and give you an uninterrupted view of your yard and garden. Best of all, the fine mesh keeps nature’s less-endearing components out. Mosquitoes can look but they can’t touch.

Check Box

Plan B

One of Oklahoma City’s biggest draws is that we get to enjoy all four seasons of the year – sometimes all on the same day. Our weather can change with little or no notice, raining on our parade and blowing our plans out of the water. But when you install a Renaissance Patio gazebo, sunroom, or patio roof, you’re covered – literally – when the weather turns fickle. Too windy and dusty for your weekly Whiffle Ball game? Head inside to your insulated, electrified sunroom and fire up the MLB video game on your big screen. Lightning striking out your pool party? Shelter under one of our insulated patio roofs for hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill.

Hurricane Stout


Wind, hail, and dust take their toll on your vehicles, dinging fenders, fading paint, and reducing the lifespan of your car, truck, or motorcycle. Renaissance Patio’s roofs make attractive and functional carports ideal for the Oklahoma City lifestyle, weather, and climate. Our shade and weather structures are built with modular components so they can be configured to a variety of shapes and sizes. Our local installers can help you design a carport to protect all your vehicles. We can even build shelters for storing farm equipment, RV, or other large vehicles.

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Renaissance Patio Aria Pergola

Our sturdy products require little maintenance and can be installed in as little as two days. Renaissance Patio’s shelters and enclosures make getting away from it all easy and affordable. For about the cost of a week’s family vacation, we can build a backyard paradise that will give you years of enjoyment. It is sure to become your family’s new favorite room. To learn more about Renaissance Patio’s patio covers, roofs, and enclosures, contact us today.

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