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All patio covers are made the same – wrong, and Renaissance proves it with decorative pergolas that last, comply with Newnan building codes, and look fabulous. The difference in our sunrooms / screen rooms comes from precision-fit design, rust preventive coatings, and the best materials that withstand terrible windstorms. Patio roofing of the past was shaky and not very pretty. We changed the game with gazebo options that handle bad weather and are eye-catchers. A cooler patio is calling…

The Newnan Dream Patio

Lots of cool folks come from Newnan, but Renaissance aims to make your backyard just as cool as an Alan Jackson tune by a shady river. We offer free-standing shade for the pool area or a favorite spot by the roses. Our tasteful models can install right on your patio to delight the eyes while making family gatherings comfortable – even during the worst humidity. This heat reduction (30%) is created with advanced insulation in our roofing panels. Shade helps ease the heat, but the insulation goes next-level. Beat the heat, reign over the rain with a trend-setting Renaissance Patio Product below.

We design and manufacture the strongest and most beautiful line of:
Renaissance Patio Cover

Patio Covers

Designer Patio Covers are engineered to withstand the worst weather in multiple styles to suit any home or style.

Insulated Aluminum Patio Roof Moderno

Patio Roofing

Patio Roofing made from the best materials with a lifetime materials warranty for enjoyment and less worry.


Screen Rooms

Screen rooms that provide extra protection and can be added to any of the patio covers or roofs,



Pergolas made of quality materials for durability and freedom from maintenance.

Gazebo Classico Backyard Roof


Gazebos to provide fresh air and shade with a classic design that will provide enjoyment for many years.



Sunrooms to expand your home and boost your comfort with extra space to meet all your needs.

And thanks to our network of independent installers, you can have any one of our products installed at the click of a mouse!

Coweta County has seen destructive weather lately. Georgia weather can turn on a dime. Grilling out can be hampered by an unpredicted thunderstorm unless a quality patio cover protects your guests. Our gazebos defend against rain and some models even allow light in as translucent roof panels block out UV rays. Good news for Newnan which has a UV Index in the 5s (national avg. is about 4).

Nothing you can do about gigantic hordes of mosquitoes? Untrue… our Dolce Screen Wall System secures your patio against filthy mosquitoes. These screened enclosures are not what we saw in the old days – clunky designs that allowed limited viewing with overdone framing. Renaissance has taken on humidity, flying pests, and wet weather. The result is your family winning more cozy time outdoors.


When you choose a designer patio cover from Renaissance, you’re getting:

Newnan BBQ

Lewis Grizzard advised against “ordering BBQ in a cafe that served quiche.” More sound advice is only trusting patio additions that won’t crumble to storms. Our patio roofing systems last – we know because we test them against up to 175-mph winds. The Newnan city wind zone code only requires 99 mph, meaning ours is nearly twice that! Avoid hassles such as power-cleaning and painting room additions too – our powder-coated gazebos require minuscule maintenance.

Clouds Sunshine

Rise ‘n Fall

Newnan can be 38° in the morning only to see 77° five hours later. Renaissance patio roofing was created for wild temperature swings. Our options feature the ability to choose your level of shade with the Aria Pergola System. Yet, you can take nature to task every day with a sunroom that beats back the elements. Be warm in the cold a.m. then chill in the hotter p.m. of Georgia.

Check Box

Wet Appetite

Even though The Hunger Games found Newnan to be perfect for blockbuster filming, the Atlanta area can be a wet blanket. BBQs, hammock time, and landscaping hobbies get rained out – 51 inches annually! Why not remove those rainouts with a fully-anchored screen room/patio cover which includes a top-notch warranty? One that enhances your property, your exterior layout, and promotes fresh-air time.

Hurricane Stout

Law Of Averages

Renaissance Patio seeks to level out bad averages. Such as Newnan’s high UV Index and 13 extra inches of rainfall over the US average. Our shade products cut down on harmful sun rays. We keep family and friends from canceling outdoor arrivals at your place due to rain clouds. Best of all we do it with gorgeous structures designed from scratch, unlike big-box covers thrown together with no thought of smart styling. Even our fasteners are hidden and screwheads nylon coated for maximum rust prevention.

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Renaissance Patio Aria Pergola

The intense Georgia heat isn’t just something in a Luke Bryan song. It is real – it is brutal, especially in July / August. Luckily Newnan enjoys a 7.5 Comfort Index on average. Renaissance can spread that comfort out to the uncomfortable months though. And without the expense of a crew building a patio cover with hammers and nails. Our covers go up 80% faster, cost about half, and look as epic as stick-built versions.

But wood offers the only way to get nuanced designs – luckily that’s in the past. We’ve broken the mold on modern aluminum structures crafted with a wood vibe – curves in the right places, and artistic post features. Plus, wood is a nightmare to maintain – cleaning off mildew, painting, and the worst is tedious staining.

The future of patio time is here. So enjoy the perfect Renaissance Lumino sunroom, Dolce screen room, or Fresco gazebo. We design them from scratch and only partner with factory-trained contractors who know the product inside and out. You can go from a hot sticky back porch to a soothing shaded patio with a few clicks.

The only choice now is which of our patio roofing options suits your life. Choose what makes sense for your family. A little shade goes a long way with our Aria model. But the breeze beneath a gazebo is hard to beat. Just remember, screened or glassed walls can be added to our structures for comfort every day on your Peach State calendar.

We have installers throughout Georgia ready to design and install a shade solution in your neighborhood! No matter if you reside in Newnan or anywhere else in the state, we have an expert near you ready to discuss your exact wants and needs.


Begin your own backyard Renaissance today by contacting us for a free, no-obligation quote!


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