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Welcome to Renaissance Patio, we design and manufacture the strongest and most beautiful line of decorative:

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Renaissance Patio Cover

Patio Covers

Designer Patio Covers are engineered to withstand the worst weather in multiple styles to suit any home or style.

Insulated Aluminum Patio Roof Moderno

Patio Roofing

Patio Roofing made from the best materials with a lifetime materials warranty for enjoyment and less worry.


Screen Rooms

Screen rooms that provide extra protection and can be added to any of the patio covers or roofs,



Pergolas made of quality materials for durability and freedom from maintenance.

Gazebo Classico Backyard Roof


Gazebos to provide fresh air and shade with a classic design that will provide enjoyment for many years.



Sunrooms to expand your home and boost your comfort with extra space to meet all your needs.

Renaissance Patio Aria Pergola Bronze

The Decatur Outdoor Dream Space

When thunderstorms threaten to wash out family gatherings or the heat and humidity saps our energy for backyard volleyball, a Renaissance Patio outdoor living space keeps you cool, dry, and in touch with nature. Our patio covers, pergolas, gazebos, patio roofs, screen rooms, and sunrooms keep the fun going year-round in Decatur. A Moderno, Contempo, or Classico insulated patio cover, for instance, not only sluffs off the rain but also deflects the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Temperatures underneath one of these Renaissance Patio stunning canopies are 15 degrees cooler than exposed patios.

With a rainy season that lasts more than eight months, and over 55 inches of annual rainfall, the “River City” moniker could apply to the skies above Decatur as much as the city itself. Of course, River City could also describe the sweat that trickles down our backs and off our brows every squelching summer. While most Decatur residents would not have it any other way – we get high marks for affordability and housing – we do sometimes crave a bit of relief from the weather.

There is a Renaissance Patio insulated cover to match any home. Whether you dwell in a Buckwood bungalow, a Capital View Cape Cod, a Virginia Highland Victorian, or anywhere else in Limestone and Morgan counties you will find the perfect outdoor room style among our designs. Our precisely engineered and constructed patio covers include extra premium touches like exposed beams, stylized posts, decorative trusses, and more that make them as beautiful to look at as they are practical to own. Just imagine lounging on a brilliant summer’s day after a satisfying morning of yard work or touch football with kids. A ceiling fan swirls lazily overhead while you savor a refreshing glass of lemonade, sweet tea, or one of the craft beers that Decatur is famous for. Heaven!

Renaissance patio products and screen systems are crafted from scratch to provide you with that all-too-rare mix of amazing looks and complete durability … a zero-maintenance masterpiece that enhances your enjoyment of your yard and the value of your property!


When you choose a designer patio cover from Renaissance, you’re getting:



Affordable Luxury

The U.S. News study proclaimed Decatur the most affordable place to live in the country. With great jobs, established neighborhoods, and reasonable home prices, why would anyone ever want to leave? Adding a Renaissance Patio product continues that affordability. Built from lightweight extruded aluminum – pound-for-pound one of the strongest building materials – our structures are easy to assemble, requiring a fraction of the labor costs involved in building a wood or vinyl patio covers.
Clouds Sunshine

Family Time

After a full day at the office, what could be better than coming home to steaks on the grill and a post-homework game night? Or maybe you prefer to wind down with a good book, needlepoint, or other hobby, punctuated by refreshing breezes, uninterrupted views, and garden scents. With a Renaissance Patio gazebo, screen room, or sunroom shielding your family and friends from the worst of the weather, you can repeat these idyllic scenes throughout the year.

Check Box

Bug Blocker

A growing problem in Decatur and surrounding areas, disease-carrying mosquitoes not only create a nuisance but a very real health concern. The City of Decatur fights a continuous battle against the Tiger and Yellow Fever mosquito species. An enclosed patio from Renaissance Patio lets your family and guests enjoy all the ambiance Decatur has to offer without exposing them to the ravages of these biting pests. A Dolce screen room facilitates airflow, while a glassed Lumino sunroom creates a naturally lit room addition that can be used as a home office, hobby room, gym, or a variety of other purposes.

Hurricane Stout

Virtually No Maintenance

Renaissance Patio’s rugged extruded aluminum components and nylon fastener covers create a seamless structure that is nearly indestructible, even in torrential downpours and tornado-strength winds. Our patios will not rust, corrode, fade, or crack thanks to a baked-on powder coat. They never require painting, so you spend your time reveling in – not working on – your new outdoor space. The only maintenance required is periodic cleaning with soap and a garden hose.

Renaissance patio products and screen systems are crafted from scratch to provide you with that all-too-rare mix of amazing looks and complete durability … a zero-maintenance masterpiece that enhances your enjoyment of your yard and the value of your property!


When you choose a designer patio cover from Renaissance, you’re getting:


From the elegant translucent pearl polycarbonate roofing of our Fresco patio cover to the stunning beauty of our artistically masterful Aria Shade Trellis, an eclectic array of Renaissance options ensures you will get the look you like!

Spend your time relaxing, not repainting! Our products incorporate aircraft-grade extruded aluminum beams, a gorgeous glossy baked-on powder-coated finish, and nylon-coated fasteners to ensure that corrosion, rust, chipping, and peeling are not part of your patio picture!

With Tampa temperatures typically topping out in the 80s and 90s seven months a year, shelter from the swelter is a must! A Renaissance shade system keeps you cool while enhancing the beauty of your home and the value of your property!

Tampa’s 131-mph wind zone requirements are no problem for a Renaissance patio solution. As Florida natives ourselves, we understand tropical conditions and have engineered all our products to withstand up to 175-mph hurricane-force winds!

What Our Clients Say...

Fresco Translucent Fresco Patio Cover Renaissance Patio Products

Rain falls on Decatur one out of every three days. Coupled with rocketing summer heat and stifling humidity, we all need to take cover sometimes. In addition to our screen rooms, sunrooms, and insulated patio covers, Renaissance Patio offers a translucent patio roof that allows healthy sunlight to penetrate while blocking and deflecting heat and UV rays. Thick and leakproof, our Fresco patio cover is perfect for making use of our area’s abundant sunlight while maintaining an airy, natural breezeway and access to your backyard amenities.

Our mild winters and proximity to Wheeler Lake and the Tennessee River offer an attractive breeding ground for pesky – and sometimes deadly – mosquitoes. Covering your outdoor living space in tinted mesh or impact-resistant glass makes your patio usable even during inclement weather while keeping biting, buzzing insects at bay.

Renaissance Patio can put you in touch with an experienced local installer who will guide you through the patio design and construction process. Once you have settled on your new outdoor living space’s look, your contractor will work through the permitting and material-ordering process and can build your dream space in just a few days.

Begin your own backyard Renaissance today by contacting us for a free, no-obligation quote!