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All of our Patio Covers, Patio Roofing, Screen Rooms, Pergolas, and Gazebos are available for installation in St. Petersburg, FL and all of Pinellas County, FL.

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Planning Your Patio Enhancement

Consider more than looks before making your decision. Think about your needs. An insulated roof blocks rain and sun. Insect protection means you need a solid roof overhead and available mesh installed underneath. A desire for more light points to Fresco, which is solid but translucent. With Aria pergolas, you give up rain protection but retain shade and promote ventilation. A gazebo leaves your patio bright and airy.

All of our systems use premium components made from premium materials

Renaissance Patio Covers Bring the Good Life to Outdoor Activities in St. Petersburg, FL

How many times has it happened? The minute the steaks come off the grill, a storm comes off the bay — and you and your guests come off the patio. Your al fresco meal becomes another indoor sit-down at the dining room table.

Put a lid on it. Or more accurately, put a roof on it — on your patio, that is. With a Renaissance patio cover, you can laugh at the rain, lower temperatures on your patio and keep the outdoor feel. If you’re tired of setting an extra place for insects and gulls, Renaissance screen rooms let the breeze in but keep the pests out.

A Renaissance gazebo is an oasis in your own backyard. It’s a paradise for small social gatherings, with or without screens.

And here’s the best part: Renaissance quality is truly affordable.





















Sturdy and Powerful Patio Roofing

Winds accelerate over big bodies of water, such as the nearby Gulf of Mexico, Boca Ciega Bay, Old Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay. Structures in Pinellas County must be built to withstand wind forces up to 150 miles per hour. Ours are stronger, engineered for 175 mph winds.

But we make sure your outdoor enhancement looks good, too. All four Renaissance patio cover lines and our screen rooms get their strength from stylish aircraft-grade extruded aluminum posts and beams. Powder coated, high carbon steel screws with nylon-coated heads fight corrosion. Hidden from view but hard at work are strong powder coated, high carbon steel anchors. The factory finish is a permanent 3-mil powder coat. And aluminum never rusts, so your investment is good for the long haul. After all, you want to play on your patio, not work on it.

Find the patio cover for your lifestyle:

  • Moderno Patio Roofing: Block direct sun, rain and heat. The insulated roof panels keep your patio — and you — cool. Add available ceiling fans for a breeze even when Mother Nature is at rest. Every element of your patio roof will be coordinated for a clean, uncluttered look.
  • Classico Patio Roof: Classico’s elegantly sculpted trusses add character. This roof shades you and keeps you dry, and it has insulation to block Florida’s punishing heat. Ceiling fans are optional.
  • Fresco Patio Cover: Want a bright patio that’s rain-protected? Fresco’s extruded polycarbonate standing seam roof lets in 70 percent of the sunlight. It blocks all but a tiny 1 percent of UVA and UVB rays. The interior of your home will be brighter than with an insulated roof. Fresco is also a great solution for restaurants with fresh-air seating.
  • Aria Shade Trellis: An open-air solution, Aria provides 40 percent shade and advanced ventilation through its slatted shade canopy. Aria cools naturally — and silently.


Don’t Wait — Start Planning

Set your backyard priorities. Do you want shade only, which pergolas provide? Or the added shelter from rain and heat with a patio roof? Are you looking for protection from pests that screen rooms deliver? Do you want a private getaway that a Renaissance gazebo provides?

If you can’t make up your mind, we’ll help you decide which patio room or shade structure best fits your lifestyle — and your budget.

Explore incredible options and plan your patio.

Screen Rooms Block Insects, Not the Joys of Nature, Outside St. Petersburg, FL, Homes

There’s no mistaking that you’re outside your St. Petersburg home when you’re in a Patio Screen Room from Renaissance Patio Products. You breathe fresh air. You hear the birds sing. You even smell the blooms in your garden.

But the nuisances of being outdoors are gone. No bugs are biting. No gulls are looking for a handout. No plant debris is falling onto your food or into your pool. And if you’re in a Patio Screen with an insulated patio roof, no sun is burning your neck.

Screen Rooms really do offer the best of the indoors and outdoors.

At Renaissance, we manufacture two kinds of Outdoor Enclosures:


  • Patio Screens
  • Patio Roofing
A Renaissance independent installers can help you choose and can sell and erect our high-quality Precision-Fit Screen Rooms.


Make Your Outdoor Enclosures Beautifully Strong

In Pinellas County patio structures must be built to withstand wind forces up to 150 miles per hour and here at Renaissance we go above and beyond. Renaissance aluminum structures are engineered for up to 175 mph winds. You’re better off, too, if you live near any other open, high-wind area, such as a nature preserve, college campus, a lake or pond, a canal or inlet, a park, or an outdoor athletic complex.

At Renaissance, we make sure your outdoor enhancement looks great too. Our screen rooms get strength and precision fit components. The frames are factory-finished in a durable 3-mil powder coat that shrugs off year after year of Florida weather, including windblown sand, salt air, intense heat, bright sunlight and frequent rain. Without scaling, chalking, blistering and fading, there is no maintenance.

High carbon steel screws with nylon-coated heads fight corrosion, including from pool chemicals. Hidden from view but hard at work are strong stainless steel anchors. And aluminum never rusts, so your investment is sound and great-looking for many years.





















Screened Enclosures Make Your Patio More Useful

In Patio Screens with a roof, you can grill, dine and relax in total shade, much cooler than in direct sunlight. And you’ll never worry about showers ruining your day. Screen Enclosures let the air flow, and you can add built-in ceiling fans. For evenings, opt for ceiling lights.

For a bright patio with the protection of an insulated roof, add skylights. Brighter still is a Renaissance translucent polycarbonate roof. It allows 70 percent of sunlight to reach your patio surface while filtering out nearly all UV rays. Standing seams prevent leaks. The polycarbonate is triple thickness for strength.

If you like a sunny open-air patio, you can still go bug-free with a Patio Screen Room that has screen above you, as well as on the sides. Overhead screen lets you do whatever you do now on your patio, including sunbathe.

Patio Screens make great play spaces, especially with an optional locking door for security.



With a Renaissance Sunroom Addition, Your St. Petersburg, FL, Home Becomes Roomier, More Comfortable

There’s a luxury only a Sunroom Addition can give your St. Petersburg home: interior space that puts you in touch with the outdoors.

In touch, yes. Ample windows give you a great view of the garden, the pool and the yard.  But when you’re in a Sunroom from Renaissance Patio Products, you’ll be in real enclosed living space that’s loaded with comfort.

Other than ample light in your Sun Room, the biggest difference will be the price. A Renaissance Sun Room Addition costs up to 40 percent less than a comparable addition built by traditional methods. It also completes faster.


Aluminum Sunrooms Can be Strong and Beautiful

Winds accelerate over the nearby Gulf of Mexico, Boca Ciega Bay, Old Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay. Sun Rooms in Pinellas County must be built to withstand wind forces up to 150 miles per hour. Renaissance Solariums are stronger, engineered for 175 mph winds.

At Renaissance, we make sure your Florida Room looks good too. Our sun rooms get strength from stylish aircraft-grade extruded aluminum components and  precision Fit Frames are factory-finished that shrugs off year after year of Florida weather, including windblown sand, salt air, intense heat, bright sunlight and frequent rain. Without scaling, chalking, blistering and fading, there is no maintenance.

Enjoy your sunroom for years to come!


Use Our Sunroom Additions for Any Purpose

Our Solariums can be used for almost any purpose. An independent installer can help you choose windows to let in more light or less, depending on room function.

We have designed Sun Room Additions of varying sizes to serve as:
  • Living Rooms/family rooms/great rooms/rec rooms/entertainment hubs
  • Dining Rooms
  • Home offices/home gyms/home theaters
  • Personal retreats
  • Libraries/dens
  • Bedrooms, guest rooms
  • In-law accommodations/young adult quarters
  • Play spaces/teen spaces
Our Sun Rooms have insulated aluminum roof panels that can hide wiring for optional ceiling fans and ceiling lights.

Select Window Material, Shape To Suit Your Tastes

Windows come in every conceivable shape and size, and in a wide choice of glazing materials.

Select Solarium windows of a similar proportion and style to those in your home. Or go for something bold, such as windows that curve into the roof or glass walls with oversize panels or French-style doors. If you want more privacy or less light, we can specify smaller windows.

Choose from affordable Acrylic Windows, which open to screens; Double Panes for increased insulation; Low-Emissivity, or Low-E, panes, which minimize heat transfer; Tempered Glass, which never results in jagged shards; and Impact Glass, the ultimate safety panes.

  • Acrylic Window Sunrooms use windows fabricated to size in our shops. Acrylic Window Sunrooms resist damage from heavy storms with windows that are easily removed before hurricanes and stored. Windows also removefor simplified cleaning. An Acrylic Window Sunroom is a surprisingly low-cost way to convert a patio to climate-controlled interior space.
  • Tempered Glass Sunrooms are also economical, but they are real glass — and they are safety glass. Tempered glass resists damage; if it does break, it crumbles to rounded pieces that prevent injury. Tempered glass is available in an array of styles: tinted, single or double pane, and operating sashes with screens.
  • Impact Glass Sunrooms are so tough, they shake off blows that would damage lesser glass. Impact Glass rarely breaks, even during hurricanes. But if the windows fail, as in catastrophic weather, the glass breaks into particles that reduce the likelihood of injury. It also withstands human assaults, such as from baseballs and golf balls. Unsurpassed Impact Glass Sunrooms have three layers — two glass panes flanking an inner plastic sheet. They do a superior job of blocking heat and noise. If the glass breaks, which is unusual, the plastic holds the broken glass in place.

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Cyrus D.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

I could not be more happy with my new patio roof. The workers from did a fantastic job, were clean, conscientious, and a joy to be around, and the finished product looks great.

Michael P.

West Palm Beach, FL

Our new patio is now complete and I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the job well done. The Classico Patio Roof is spectacular, the installer you recommended to us was fantastic, our project looks great and everyone who has seen it is impressed.

Micheal E.

Jacksonville, FL

From the quality of the materials to the installation, we are thrilled with our new Aria Shade Trellis. Thanks Renaissance for making such a great product and sending us such a great installer to put it up.

Sarah G.

Gainesville, FL

Just had a new patio cover installed from Renaissance, and we love it! The design really looks great against our home and the process was nice and smooth.

Miguel C.

Tampa, FL

We recently had a Classico Patio Roof installed on our home in Tampa and it has changed the way we live in the outdoors. We can now sit outside comfortably and with screen walls, we no longer have a bug issue when entertaining outside. The installation was quick and workmanship excellent.

Denise T.

Fort Meyers, FL

My husband and I decided it was time to get some shade in our backyard, so, we began our search online and found Renaissance. Our new shade trellis looks wonderful and really compliments our backyard, we are thrilled with it. Don’t hesitate to give these guys a call.

Michelle D.

Galveston ,TX

We researched nearly every patio cover option on the market before deciding to install the Renaissance Classico Patio Roof. We chose the Classico as it was the most elegant design and the best value considering the look it provides, now that it is all complete, we couldn’t be happier with that decision.

Terrance S.

Augusta, GA

We met John from Renaissance at the home show, took one look at the Classico Patio Roof and knew it was the right choice. After we got all of the permit paperwork out of the way the project went up quick and easy, all inspections passed and we have a new place to hand out on the weekend. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Renaissance if you want an amazing new patio space.

Miles T.

Tallahassee, FL

Thanks Renaissance for our new patio cover!! After a search high and low we found the Aria Shade Trellis on the web, we fell in love with the look and filled out the “request Info” form. Sean (our local installer) gave us a call the next day and came out to show us what we could do, we signed the contract and 4 weeks later we have a nice shade trellis where before there way just plain old concrete, now all we need is the outdoor kitchen and our backyard is done.

John S.

Miami, FL

I can’t believe how beautiful my new patio is! We had the family over for the holidays and all everyone could talk about is how amazing our backyard looks with our new patio roof. From our first discussion to final inspection, our project went smooth and everyone we worked with was not only knowledgeable but pleasant and professional, I recommend Renaissance Patio to anyone who asks.

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