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All of our Patio Covers, Patio Roofing, Screen Rooms, Pergolas, and Gazebos are available for installation in Miami, FL and all of Miami-Dade County, FL.

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Planning Your Patio Enhancement

Consider more than looks before making your decision. Think about your needs. An insulated roof blocks rain and sun. Insect protection means you need a solid roof overhead and available mesh installed underneath. A desire for more light points to Fresco, which is solid but translucent. With Aria pergolas, you give up rain protection but retain shade and promote ventilation. A gazebo leaves your patio bright and airy.

All of our systems use premium components made from premium materials

A Renaissance Patio Cover Means More Outdoor Time in Cool Comfort for Miami, FL, Homeowners

A patio cover converts a Miami patio from a heat sink to a comfortable recreational spot.

Patios are concrete, so they soak up the sun when it hits them directly. An uncovered patio will hold energy so well that heat radiates off the surface — even well after sundown.

Everything on an exposed patio will be hot, too, including chairs, the table where you dine, and you.

A Renaissance patio cover cuts down on the sunlight, reducing patio surface temperatures. Insulated patio roofing shades completely, preventing heat from penetrating the cover, blocking sun and casting off rain.

If you think a bright patio is more cheerful, we have translucent patio roofs that reduce sunlight and shed rain, and pergolas that have airy covers for generating partial shade. Both help to keep your home interior brighter, too.

Any of our patio roofing or a gazebo can be enclosed with mesh. Screen rooms keep out mosquitoes, no-seeums, gulls and other pests.





















Good-Looking Patio Covers that Last

At Renaissance, we make a patio cover look good from the start and stay that way for years to come. It starts with our precise fit, which makes shade structures strong and attractive. We make all components from aircraft-grade extruded aluminum and engineer in resistance to 175 mph winds, which tops even the stringent 170 mph requirement in Broward County. Assembly is with carefully placed powder coated, high carbon steel screws. Anchors also are powder coated, high carbon steel.

Aluminum never rusts, but we do more than use the best structural material to keep our covers looking good. We apply a 3-mil powder coat during manufacturing. This factory finish resists cracking, fading blistering and chalking, despite Florida’s extreme temperature changes, sun, salt and sand. Nonrusting nylon heads top the screws and match the finish of the frame. Anchors hide behind decorative base caps on the columns.

Choose a Patio System To Match Your Lifestyle

Only you know what you do on your patio — and want to do. Each patio cover lets you grill, dine, relax and entertain on your patio in cooling shade:

Moderno Patio Roofing is a bargain. It uses clean lines to convey a contemporary, unobtrusive look that blends easily with any home style. Insulated roof panels shelter you from heat, sun and rain.

Our Classico Patio Roof carries over insulated roofing and protection from heat, sun and rain. Classico’s appearance moves upscale, adding trusses that make the overall look more traditional. Residents of any neighborhood will envy this design.

The Fresco Patio Cover protects from rain but keeps your patio bright. Fresco covers look like pergolas but have triple-layer polycarbonate panels overhead. Although they let in 70 percent of sunlight, they block nearly all UV rays. Fresco can also be used to protect outdoor eating areas at restaurants because it’s built to commercial standards.

With an Aria Shade Trellis, you get 40 percent shade in a playful pattern and ample ventilation. The aluminum frame is partially open overhead. Our gazebo has timeless styling in an up-to-date maintenance-free package.

Opt for ceiling fans to improve air movement.

All of our structures can be framed out and sided with mesh to become screen rooms. Screening protects you not only from insects but also from begging gulls, crawling pests, your neighbor’s persistent cat and errant golf balls. And screen rooms add security, since they can be locked to keep young children in and intruders out.

Explore incredible options and plan your patio.

Patio Screen Rooms Keep Miami Patios, Pools Free of Insects, Outdoor Nuisances

“Hey (swat!), come over for a swim (slap!) and stay for (splat!) dinner. We’ll (scratch!) cook out.” This is where you apply another layer of insect-repellant chemicals to your body and offer some to your friend.

In Miami or anywhere in South Florida, that’s not much of an invitation — unless your patio is protected with a Renaissance Patio Products Screen Room.

Patio Screens eliminate insects. Freeloading gulls, crawling lizards, unwanted tree litter, and stray animals become distant memories once an independent Renaissance installer erects a Screen Room or Patio Enclosure.

Your patio will be cooler with shade from an insulated roof on your Outdoor Room. Even showers won’t dampen your activities. And with one of our Swimming Pool Enclosures, your pool deck will have all the pleasures it did before ­— sun for tanning and great views — but without nature’s annoyances.

Outdoor Enclosures that Are Pretty and Durable


Each Screen Enclosure is designed to beat the competition with it’s fine looks, but that wasn’t enough. At Renaissance our Patio Screens and Pool Covers will stay looking great for years to come. All the components are made from aircraft-grade extruded aluminum and engineered to resist winds up to 175 mph.The fit is really what sets us apart because each piece was designed with precision so strength and good looks are the most important things.

With a 3-mil powder coat during manufacturing and high-temperature resistant factory finishes, our Screen Covers use hi-tech systems with great price. We also avoid cheap aluminum you can crush, instead we use be structural aluminum. Crack and fade resistant with nylon head screws that are rust resistant, your Patio Cover will look great!





















Patio Screens Turn Heads

Excuse your neighbors’ stares. They’re just wondering where you got such a great Outdoor Enclosure.

Our Patio Enclosures blend with the homes they adjoin. They can have continuous roofs, either insulated to reduce heat or triple-layer translucent polycarbonate for a brighter patio surface. Our stylish Patio Enclosures come up to neighborhood expectations.

With an insulated aluminum roof, a Patio Screen will cool you. While you grill in cool shade, your guests will wait in comfort. When you dine in the Outdoor Enclosure, there will be no flies on the food, no hot sun on your head and no mosquitoes on your arms.

If you like an open patio but not bites and stings, have a screen placed overhead as well as on the walls.



Sunroom Additions Expand Interior Space on City of Miami Homes

Homeowners in Miami, FL, who need more living space can expand their homes economically with Sunroom Additions from Renaissance Patio Products.

Sunrooms enclose space at savings of 40 percent compared with traditional construction. They also build faster. Yet our Solariums have all the luxury a Miami resident could want. The ample glass in Sun Rooms will retain your views. But you also can chose windows that let in less light.

Optional ceiling fans and ceiling lights with hidden electrical wiring can help to keep you cool and enjoy your space at night. Electrical power means you can do anything in your Sun Room, including surf the web, watch TV and movies, listen to music and get work or studying done.

Get the Space You Need

A Solarium can serve any purpose:
  • Great room
  • Living room
  • Game room
  • Dining room
  • Rec Room
  • Kids’ play room
  • Teen’s gathering spot
  • Library
  • Den
  • Home office
  • Home gym
  • Home theater
  • Personal retreat
  • Accommodations for snowbird parents

Our Florida Rooms Are Not Only Durable But Attractive

Renaissance Florida Rooms are designed to look better from the start and stay that way for many years. Our Precision Fit Frames make our sunrooms strong and attractive. All components are made from aircraft-grade extruded aluminum and engineered to resist winds up to 175 mph. Framing components are fastened by carefully placed powder coated, high carbon steel screws. Anchors also are powder coated, high carbon steel.

We also apply a 3-mil powder coat, a factory finish that stands up to Miami-Dade’s temperature swings, sun, salt and sand. There’s no maintenance because our finish resists cracking, fading, blistering and chalking. Nonrusting nylon heads atop the screws match the finish of the frame. Anchors also are hidden.

Our manufacturing techniques produce strength that resists damage from high-winds — advantageous if you live near wind-strengthening open areas, such as Biscayne Bay, the Intracoastal Waterway, the Miami River, or a pond, canal, inlet, open field, natural area, commercial parking lot or major highway.

Pick the Windows that Suit Your Needs

Choose from Acrylic Windows, which help enclose patios on a modest budget; Tempered Glass, which never shatters into harmful shards; Low-E Glass, which helps to prevent heat buildup; Double Panes, which insulate against heat transfer and sound; and Impact Glass, which defies even hurricane damage.

Windows for Sun Rooms come in all shapes, looks and sizes, including floor-to-ceiling models, French-style doors that can make up glass walls, and smaller windows that allow in less light.

You’ll keep out heat with insulated aluminum roofing panels.

Acrylic Window, Tempered Glass Sunrooms Convert Patios

A patio becomes an affordable, fully enclosed interior space with Acrylic Window Sunrooms. The Acrylic Windows open to screens, so you’ll still have lots of fresh air when desired in the space that used to be your patio.

Acrylic Window Sun Rooms have insulated roof panels to keep out sun and heat. Removing Acrylic Windows for storage before major storms and for cleaning is simple and helps to prevent hurricane damage.

Tempered Glass is true glass, and safety glass, at that. It’s clear and shatter-resistant. If it does fail, it becomes rounded fragments that prevent injury. Ity comes in many forms, including insulated double-pane, opening sash with screens, and tinted.

Extra Safety with an Impact Glass Sunroom

Impact Glass Sunrooms protect you better than any other Solarium during hurricanes. In Impact Glass Sun Rooms, even wind-propelled objects have been shown not to shatter the panes. Impact Glass also defies human mistakes, such as poorly aimed baseballs and golf balls. If Impact Glass does fail — and that’s rare — the panes break into a web of tiny pieces instead of big injury-causing shards.

Unsurpassed Impact Glass has two sheets of shatter-resistant glass sandwiching a sheet of clear plastic. A Florida Room so equipped has not only stronger panes, but also more resistance to heat and noise. In the unusual event of failure the plastic holds small pieces of broken glass in place.

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Cyrus D.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

I could not be more happy with my new patio roof. The workers from did a fantastic job, were clean, conscientious, and a joy to be around, and the finished product looks great.

Michael P.

West Palm Beach, FL

Our new patio is now complete and I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the job well done. The Classico Patio Roof is spectacular, the installer you recommended to us was fantastic, our project looks great and everyone who has seen it is impressed.

Micheal E.

Jacksonville, FL

From the quality of the materials to the installation, we are thrilled with our new Aria Shade Trellis. Thanks Renaissance for making such a great product and sending us such a great installer to put it up.

Sarah G.

Gainesville, FL

Just had a new patio cover installed from Renaissance, and we love it! The design really looks great against our home and the process was nice and smooth.

Miguel C.

Tampa, FL

We recently had a Classico Patio Roof installed on our home in Tampa and it has changed the way we live in the outdoors. We can now sit outside comfortably and with screen walls, we no longer have a bug issue when entertaining outside. The installation was quick and workmanship excellent.

Denise T.

Fort Meyers, FL

My husband and I decided it was time to get some shade in our backyard, so, we began our search online and found Renaissance. Our new shade trellis looks wonderful and really compliments our backyard, we are thrilled with it. Don’t hesitate to give these guys a call.

Michelle D.

Galveston ,TX

We researched nearly every patio cover option on the market before deciding to install the Renaissance Classico Patio Roof. We chose the Classico as it was the most elegant design and the best value considering the look it provides, now that it is all complete, we couldn’t be happier with that decision.

Terrance S.

Augusta, GA

We met John from Renaissance at the home show, took one look at the Classico Patio Roof and knew it was the right choice. After we got all of the permit paperwork out of the way the project went up quick and easy, all inspections passed and we have a new place to hand out on the weekend. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Renaissance if you want an amazing new patio space.

Miles T.

Tallahassee, FL

Thanks Renaissance for our new patio cover!! After a search high and low we found the Aria Shade Trellis on the web, we fell in love with the look and filled out the “request Info” form. Sean (our local installer) gave us a call the next day and came out to show us what we could do, we signed the contract and 4 weeks later we have a nice shade trellis where before there way just plain old concrete, now all we need is the outdoor kitchen and our backyard is done.

John S.

Miami, FL

I can’t believe how beautiful my new patio is! We had the family over for the holidays and all everyone could talk about is how amazing our backyard looks with our new patio roof. From our first discussion to final inspection, our project went smooth and everyone we worked with was not only knowledgeable but pleasant and professional, I recommend Renaissance Patio to anyone who asks.

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