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All of our Patio Covers, Patio Roofing, Screen Rooms, Pergolas, and Gazebos are available for installation in Kissimmee, FL and all of Osceola County, FL.

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Planning Your Patio Enhancement

Consider more than looks before making your decision. Think about your needs. An insulated roof blocks rain and sun. Insect protection means you need a solid roof overhead and available mesh installed underneath. A desire for more light points to Fresco, which is solid but translucent. With Aria pergolas, you give up rain protection but retain shade and promote ventilation. A gazebo leaves your patio bright and airy.

All of our systems use premium components made from premium materials

A Renaissance Patio Cover Extends the Use of Patios Kissimmee, FL

How many days have you experienced on your Kissimmee patio that were just about perfect — except that the Florida sun got a little too hot for a little too long, or rain started coming down just when you didn’t need it?

You probably thought that a patio roof would have been a big help. But you were probably also thinking, That would be ugly, right? Not when it’s a patio cover from Renaissance Patio Products. Aluminum patio roofs, pergolas and gazebos from Renaissance are as pretty as they are practical.

Sit back under a Renaissance patio cover, and you’ll know in an instant how effective backyard shade can be. Pick up that novel you had trouble putting down yesterday. You’ll have no glare on a printed page or an e-reader under your patio roofing. Want to cook out? You won’t even break a sweat beside the grill. You’ll dine at a table and on chairs that are not the least bit hot to the touch. And when our independent installers create screen rooms from any of our structures, there will be no mosquitoes on your arms, no flies on your food.





















Shelters that Are Attractive, Strong

Renaissance designs its backyard enhancements to be pretty, and it engineers them to be strong. But pretty strong is not what we’re talking about. Renaissance patio covers are very strong. In Kissimmee, where patio structures must be built for 140 mph winds, ours are certified for 175 mph. We make all structural components from aircraft-grade extruded aluminum. We fasten them with powder coated, high carbon steel screws, and we secure them to the patio with powder coated, high carbon steel anchors.

Every component is designed to work with every other, not just structurally, but also aesthetically. Even our most economical line has decorative posts and support beams. Our patio covers retain their good looks because we factory-finish framing members with a durable 3-mil powder coat. The screws have nylon-coated heads that color-match and don’t rust. And the anchors hide behind stylish base caps on the columns.


Get Patio Shade Fast

The installation of Renaissance backyard enhancements takes less time than other lines require because of our high-tech design. Installers don’t have to fabricate pieces from scratch. Our factory makes sure every piece fits — another reason our covers are so strong.

You have a range of choices to fit your outdoor living needs:

  • Moderno Patio Roofing. This line combines affordability, good looks and durability. Simple but stylish lines mark the posts and support beam. The insulated aluminum roof panels shed rain, and block sun and heat.
  • Classico Patio Roof. Styled trusses take aesthetics to another level with Classico. This system has the look of exposed trusses. It also uses insulated aluminum roof panels to guard against sun, heat and rain.
  • Fresco Patio Cover. Another system that completely sheds rain, Fresco uses triple-layer polycarbonate panels instead of insulated panels. The translucent panels let 70 percent of the sunlight through, so your patio remains bright, but a treatment blocks most UV rays. They are mounted to a trellis-look frame for strength. This system is commercial grade, so it can be used over outdoor restaurant seating.
  • Aria Shade Trellis. Another solution for a bright patio, Aria trellises have the timeless, open-air styling of pergolas. Aria’s partially open aluminum canopy provides shade to cool you, and it encourages ventilation. And although it looks delicate, it’s built with the same wind resistance as our other patio covers.

If you want protection from insects, any of our patio roofing, pergolas and a gazebo can be enclosed on the sides with framing and mesh to make them into screen rooms. Ceiling fans with hidden wiring also are optional for extra cooling.


Start Planning Today

Identify your outdoor living priorities, and take a few notes. Think about what you need: rain protection from roofing, full shade from a roof or partial shade from a pergola, screening to repel insects, or the stylish comfort you get from a gazebo.

Now you’re ready to contact us by clicking the link below.

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Screened Patio Enclosures from Renaissance Provide Comfort for Kisssimmee, FL, Homeowners Who Love the Outdoors

There are times all of us in Florida think we can’t get enough of the outdoors.

Then we get a few nasty insect bites. Or a bad case of sunburn. Or rain showers just when we and our guests are ready to sit down to a dinner fresh off the grill.

Kissimmee homeowners who really do love the outdoors but don’t like the inconveniences of an open patio are discovering that Renaissance Patio Products Screen Rooms are the answer.

With screened Patio Enclosures, you can keep on living the outdoor lifestyle without the outdoor nuisances.

Renaissance offers outdoor protection with:

  • Patio Screens
  • Patio Roofing with Screen Walls
With our Outdoor Rooms, screens protect you from insects and other pests. And with a Patio Enclosure, you can be under an insulated roof that will shade you and prevent heat buildup.

Renaissance manufactures Screened In Enclosures for sale and installation by independent installers.


Beautiful and Strong Screen Enclosures

Renaissance makes its backyard enhancements to be strong and beautiful. In Kissimmee, where 140mph winds are the limit, our Screen Enclosure frames withstand up to 175 mph winds. If you live along a lake, canal, inlet, athletic field or park, take comfort knowing that we surpass the strict regulations for high-wind area areas with each Outdoor Enclosure we build.

All designs work with every other, to be structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Our Outdoor Enclosures stay good looking with the 3-mil powder coat. It handles Florida’s brutal sun, rain, salt and sand with no maintenance.





















Patio Screens Keep You Outdoors, and Keep Bugs Away

With a Patio Screen, you’ll relax, grill and dine bug-free.

An insulated roof atop the screened walls provides relief from the stifling sun. Even afternoon showers won’t chase you and your guests indoors.

Although screens will keep out bugs and other pests, they will let the breeze in, helping to cool you. On days when the air is still, optional ceiling fans — powered by electrical lines you can’t even see — will move the air on your patio. Available ceiling lights encourage use after sunset.

Patio Enclosures add security with an available lockable door, ideal if you have children, who will find the shaded patio a favorite play spot.

If you want a Screened Patio that’s bright but not sun-drenched, opt for skylights in your insulated roof. Our translucent polycarbonate roof systems make your patio even brighter, allowing 70 percent of the sunlight through but filtering out 99 percent of UV rays and totally blocking rain. Have your Patio Enclosure made with a flat roof, or with a pitched roof and roof covering to complement what’s on your house.


In Kissimmee, FL, Homeowners Find Renaissance Sunroom Additions Perfect for Creating Sunlit Living Space

Adding a fully enclosed living area is surprisingly affordable and fast with an Aluminum Sunroom Addition from Renaissance Patio Products.

Renaissance Sunrooms are compatible with any kind of home, important in Kissimmee, where houses vary so much in size, shape and architecture.

Renaissance manufactures and our independent installers assemble all types of Sun Rooms, from an economical Acrylic Window Sunroom to a state-of-the-art Unsurpassed Impact Glass Sunroom. With a Solarium, you’ll sense the outdoors with all the comfort of being inside your home.

With our aluminum Precision Fit Framing, an installer will get you into a Florida Room faster than with traditional construction and for a lower price.

You’ll spend less time waiting and be less inconvenienced because we’ll precisely fabricate your Sunroom in our factory, with components that mesh perfectly, righty down to screw holes.

Sunrooms that Look Good, Stand Strong

At Renaissance we make our Sunrooms to be safe, strong and durable, without losing aesthetics! We want you to love how your solarium looks while feeling safe all year round. Our engineers meet codes to withstand up to 175mph winds, which is above the 140mph Kissimmee requires.


You Pick the Purpose; We Supply the Solution

Sun Rooms can function as almost any kind of space.

Your Renaissance Solarium can serve as a:
  • Family room
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Bedroom
  • Great room
  • Game room
  • Media center
  • Entertainment hub
  • Home office
  • Home gym
  • Den
  • Library
  • In-law space
  • Teens’ or children’s space
  • Young adult quarters
Our independent installers can help you turn your dreams into reality.

You’ll receive their guidance in choosing windows that admit the right amount of natural light to suit your needs.

Tempered Glass, Acrylic Window Sunrooms

An Acrylic Window Sunroom offers enclosed living space at a reasonable cost.

Imagine stepping into a bright, naturally lit space without the nuisances of an open patio: No insects. No sunburn. No lizards. No whizzing golf balls. No rain showers to spoil your dining plans.

Open your windows to screens and enjoy the fresh air.

The windows in our Acrylic Window Sunrooms can be removed easily for cleaning or before major storms. Removal helps to lower the likelihood of hurricane damage.

Tempered Glass Sun Rooms offer resistance to damage, also at an affordable price. Tempered Glass breaks into rounded, safe pieces in the event of failure. There are no dangerous shards.

Impact Glass Sunrooms Stand up to Hurricanes

An Impact Glass Sunroom handles airborne objects propelled by even hurricane winds with a high level of shatter resistance.

Impact Glass Sunrooms look smart. A variety of shapes and sizes make it easy to complement the original windows on your home. Tint can reduce glare and minimize heat buildup.

You can have windows that are fixed or operating to allow fresh air from screens.

Unsurpassed Impact Glass makes the ultimate safety panes. They are highly resistant to damage, even in hurricanes, because they have a third layer between two glass panels. The middle, plastic layer also insulates, lowering utility bills and reducing interior noise.

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Cyrus D.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

I could not be more happy with my new patio roof. The workers from did a fantastic job, were clean, conscientious, and a joy to be around, and the finished product looks great.

Michael P.

West Palm Beach, FL

Our new patio is now complete and I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the job well done. The Classico Patio Roof is spectacular, the installer you recommended to us was fantastic, our project looks great and everyone who has seen it is impressed.

Micheal E.

Jacksonville, FL

From the quality of the materials to the installation, we are thrilled with our new Aria Shade Trellis. Thanks Renaissance for making such a great product and sending us such a great installer to put it up.

Sarah G.

Gainesville, FL

Just had a new patio cover installed from Renaissance, and we love it! The design really looks great against our home and the process was nice and smooth.

Miguel C.

Tampa, FL

We recently had a Classico Patio Roof installed on our home in Tampa and it has changed the way we live in the outdoors. We can now sit outside comfortably and with screen walls, we no longer have a bug issue when entertaining outside. The installation was quick and workmanship excellent.

Denise T.

Fort Meyers, FL

My husband and I decided it was time to get some shade in our backyard, so, we began our search online and found Renaissance. Our new shade trellis looks wonderful and really compliments our backyard, we are thrilled with it. Don’t hesitate to give these guys a call.

Michelle D.

Galveston ,TX

We researched nearly every patio cover option on the market before deciding to install the Renaissance Classico Patio Roof. We chose the Classico as it was the most elegant design and the best value considering the look it provides, now that it is all complete, we couldn’t be happier with that decision.

Terrance S.

Augusta, GA

We met John from Renaissance at the home show, took one look at the Classico Patio Roof and knew it was the right choice. After we got all of the permit paperwork out of the way the project went up quick and easy, all inspections passed and we have a new place to hand out on the weekend. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Renaissance if you want an amazing new patio space.

Miles T.

Tallahassee, FL

Thanks Renaissance for our new patio cover!! After a search high and low we found the Aria Shade Trellis on the web, we fell in love with the look and filled out the “request Info” form. Sean (our local installer) gave us a call the next day and came out to show us what we could do, we signed the contract and 4 weeks later we have a nice shade trellis where before there way just plain old concrete, now all we need is the outdoor kitchen and our backyard is done.

John S.

Miami, FL

I can’t believe how beautiful my new patio is! We had the family over for the holidays and all everyone could talk about is how amazing our backyard looks with our new patio roof. From our first discussion to final inspection, our project went smooth and everyone we worked with was not only knowledgeable but pleasant and professional, I recommend Renaissance Patio to anyone who asks.

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