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All of our Patio Covers, Patio Roofing, Screen Rooms, Pergolas, and Gazebos are available for installation in Jupiter, FL and all of Palm Beach County, FL.

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Planning Your Patio Enhancement

Consider more than looks before making your decision. Think about your needs. An insulated roof blocks rain and sun. Insect protection means you need a solid roof overhead and available mesh installed underneath. A desire for more light points to Fresco, which is solid but translucent. With Aria pergolas, you give up rain protection but retain shade and promote ventilation. A gazebo leaves your patio bright and airy.

All of our systems use premium components made from premium materials

A Renaissance Patio Cover Creates Welcome Shade in Jupiter, FL, Backyards

Enlightened homeowners do with a little less sunlight. By shading your Jupiter patio, you’ll create a cool — and cool-looking — relaxation station. Renaissance Patio Products manufactures:

  • Patio Roofing
  • Pergolas
  • Gazebos
  • Screen rooms

Our shade structures are all aluminum and extra strong but have aesthetic appeal. Insulated patio roofing fights heat, sun and rain. Translucent roofing sheds rain, but it keeps your patio surface — and home interior — bright. Pergolas also let in lots of light, shading just enough to take the edge off the heat. A gazebo also can provide a private retreat. Screen rooms can be made from any of our patio roofing or a gazebo, shielding you from insects, birds, leaves and golf balls — just in case your home backs up to a Jupiter golf course.





















Good Looks that Defy Weathering

Along Florida’s Atlantic Coast, structures must endure bright sun, frequent rain, expansion and contraction from temperature changes, windblown sand, and salt air. Our shade covers have a highly durable heat-cured powder coat applied at the factory. It stands up to the worst nature can dish out.

The fit alone makes our structures beautiful. We also mind the details. The screws have color-matched nylon-coated heads that won’t mar the finish. And our columns hide anchors with styled covers.


High Performance Patio Systems

Our maintenance-free aluminum patio covers satisfy a range of needs and budgets:

  • Moderno Patio Roofing. The contemporary styling is unobtrusive and appealing. Moderno works in any neighborhood. Despite being our most affordable line, Moderno has an insulated roof that protects you from heat, sun and rain.
  • Classico Patio Roof. The deep shade is cool, but the traditional styling is warm and welcoming. Classico adds styled trusses under the aluminum roof panels. It works with any architecture. Because the roof is insulated, heat doesn’t penetrate. Rain is blocked completely.
  • Fresco Patio Cover. Keep your patio dry and bright with Fresco. It has extra-strong translucent polycarbonate roof panels with standing seams to prevent leaks. They’re fastened to a pergola-style frame, letting in 70 percent of the sunlight. The panels are treated to filter out most UV rays. Fresco also is suitable over outdoor restaurant seating because it is commercial strength.
  • Aria Shade Trellis. Our pergolas generate 40 percent shade in an artful pattern on your patio. Their partly open overhead aluminum canopy promotes air movement. The result is a cool, comfortable fair-weather patio that allows your home interior to remain bright.

An installer will explain your options, including ceiling fans with hidden wiring to further cooling under patio roofs. And if you have an installer enclose the sides under roofing or a gazebo so they become screen rooms, they’ll be made strong with our proprietary framing.

Explore incredible options and plan your patio.

Renaissance Screen Rooms Provide a Stylish Layer of Protection from Insects for Jupiter, FL, Homeowners

If you’re headed outdoors in Jupiter, the answer to the question “What’s for dinner?” doesn’t have to be “you.” Our Designer Screen Rooms keep South Floridians off the menu for pesky insects. Renaissance aluminum-framed Patio Enclosures include:

  • Screen Rooms, made extra strong to stand up to hurricane winds.
  • Patio Screens, designed to look like a part of the house they expand.

We’ll help you find a Screened In Enclosure to meet your particular needs, blend with your house and neighborhood, and fit your budget.

Highly Decorative and Precisely Engineered Patio Enclosures

When every component fits precisely, and each is made from aircraft-grade extruded aluminum, the structure is strong and durable. At Renaissance Patio Products, we engineer Patio Covers to withstand up to 175 mph winds, higher than the 170 mph required in Palm Beach County. That’s especially important if you live in a high-wind area, such as along the Atlantic coast, the Intercoastal Waterway, an inlet, Lake Ida, a canal, a pond, a park or a golf course. Screen Rooms engineered to withstand hurricanes are more likely to be enjoyed for years to come. Renaissance also uses  high carbon steel fasteners, including the anchors that fasten to the patio deck.





















Maintain Your Good Looks

Our Screened Patio Enclosures have a highly durable heat-cured 3-mil powder coat applied at the factory. It retains its appearance through the worst that nature can dish out, including bright sun, frequent rain, windblown sand, salt air, and expansion and contraction from temperature changes.

The fit alone makes our structures beautiful. We also mind the details; lines are tasteful, never gaudy. The screws have color-matched nylon-coated heads that won’t mar the finish. And we hide anchors with styled covers.


Patio Enclosures Provide Year-Round Space, Luxury

Because of the climate in Jupiter, outdoor activities are in-season almost all year. A Patio Screen adds versatility and comfort to many.

The comfort of Screened In Patio Roofing systems comes mainly from their ability to keep out bugs and birds, crawling pests, including lizards, and leaves. But protective mesh allows the breeze to flow, and it preserves views of nature’s beauty. A Screen Room keeps children in and strangers out when equipped with a locking door. Although Patio Enclosures can be screened-in on the sides and overhead, most homeowners opt for an insulated aluminum patio roof. The shade cools anyone relaxing beneath it, as well as patio chefs and dinner guests. For days when a breeze is scarce, optional ceiling fans provide one. Available ceiling lights, combined with screens, extend patio use into evenings. A translucent polycarbonate roofing system also is available if you prefer a truly bright patio that’s shielded from 99 percent of UV rays and from rain.


Quality Renaissance Aluminum Sunrooms Add Functional Indoor Space to Homes in Jupiter, FL

Some days you just want to stay indoors and catch some sun. We help Jupiter homeowners do just that — in Sunrooms from Renaissance Patio Products. Aluminum Sunroom Additions create sunlit living space that’s the next best thing to being outdoors. In some ways — with indoor comfort and freedom from persistent sun and insect bites — being in a sun room is better than being outside. No matter where your Jupiter home is located, we have a Florida Room design that works for your home, your lifestyle and your neighborhood. It will fit your budget and your needs.

Quality Indoor Living Space To Suit Any Purpose

A Sun Room Addition can supply space efficiently and affordably. Our independent installers help you decide on the space you need, the right amount of light for the functions you plan, and the details that will make your addition and original home seem like one.

We’ve built Sun Rooms to function as:
  • Living, dining and family rooms
  • Great rooms
  • Entertainment centers
  • Home theaters
  • Plays space for kids or chill space for teens
  • Home offices
  • Libraries, studies and dens
  • Gyms
  • Computer rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Guest rooms
  • Seasonal sanctuaries for visiting parents
  • Launching pads for still-at-home young adults
Our aluminum Solariums build faster than spaces constructed by traditional methods, and they cost less. You’ll spend less time inconvenienced by work crews and debris because the exacting preparation on high-tech aluminum framing is done in our factory, not in your yard.

Security and Precision with Sunrooms

Strength and durability result when every component fits precisely, and each is made from aircraft-grade extruded aluminum. At Renaissance Patio Products, we create Sun Rooms to stay strong in up to 175 mph winds, more than required in Palm Beach County. Especially if you work or reside in a high-wind area Enjoy our solariums created to uphold hurricanes for many years looking great! Renaissance also uses non-rusting powder coated, high carbon steel fasteners, including the heavy-duty anchors that fasten to the patio.

Avoid The Wear & Tear Look

We apply a highly durable heat-cured 3-mil powder coat applied at the factory to all of our strong Sunroom framing. It retains its appearance in storms with rains and high winds and more.

Our Precision-Fit Frames alone make our structures beautiful. We also mind the details; lines are tasteful, never gaudy. Fasteners re powder coated, high carbon steel to fight rust. We hide all anchors.

Sun Room Choices in Glass, Window Shape

Windows come in all styles and shapes. Window appearance goes further than any design element in marrying the look of your addition and dwelling. Tempered glass windows can mimic the lites and shape of original windows and can be tinted. And they come in double panes, with screens for fair weather. For extra assurance, choose window glazing that offers shatter resistance:

  • Acrylic Window Sunrooms: Get a measure of shatter resistance with these aluminum-framed windows. Acrylic windows can be removed before severe storms to further reduce the likelihood of structural damage during the most severe storms.
  • Tempered Glass Sunrooms: With shatter resistance and myriad shapes and functions, windows made from this safety glass are a bargain. Choose tint, opening sashes with screens, glass walls or insulating double panes. Should these windows fail, the glass forms small ovoid shapes that don’t injure.
  • Impact Glass Sunrooms: No other window provides as much protection against windborne objects. Impact glass stands up against even hurricane-driven debris. Your peace of mind is joined by maximum comfort when you choose Unsurpassed Impact Glass, which comes with insulation value from its middle layer and a wide range of aesthetic choices.

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Cyrus D.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

I could not be more happy with my new patio roof. The workers from did a fantastic job, were clean, conscientious, and a joy to be around, and the finished product looks great.

Michael P.

West Palm Beach, FL

Our new patio is now complete and I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the job well done. The Classico Patio Roof is spectacular, the installer you recommended to us was fantastic, our project looks great and everyone who has seen it is impressed.

Micheal E.

Jacksonville, FL

From the quality of the materials to the installation, we are thrilled with our new Aria Shade Trellis. Thanks Renaissance for making such a great product and sending us such a great installer to put it up.

Sarah G.

Gainesville, FL

Just had a new patio cover installed from Renaissance, and we love it! The design really looks great against our home and the process was nice and smooth.

Miguel C.

Tampa, FL

We recently had a Classico Patio Roof installed on our home in Tampa and it has changed the way we live in the outdoors. We can now sit outside comfortably and with screen walls, we no longer have a bug issue when entertaining outside. The installation was quick and workmanship excellent.

Denise T.

Fort Meyers, FL

My husband and I decided it was time to get some shade in our backyard, so, we began our search online and found Renaissance. Our new shade trellis looks wonderful and really compliments our backyard, we are thrilled with it. Don’t hesitate to give these guys a call.

Michelle D.

Galveston ,TX

We researched nearly every patio cover option on the market before deciding to install the Renaissance Classico Patio Roof. We chose the Classico as it was the most elegant design and the best value considering the look it provides, now that it is all complete, we couldn’t be happier with that decision.

Terrance S.

Augusta, GA

We met John from Renaissance at the home show, took one look at the Classico Patio Roof and knew it was the right choice. After we got all of the permit paperwork out of the way the project went up quick and easy, all inspections passed and we have a new place to hand out on the weekend. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Renaissance if you want an amazing new patio space.

Miles T.

Tallahassee, FL

Thanks Renaissance for our new patio cover!! After a search high and low we found the Aria Shade Trellis on the web, we fell in love with the look and filled out the “request Info” form. Sean (our local installer) gave us a call the next day and came out to show us what we could do, we signed the contract and 4 weeks later we have a nice shade trellis where before there way just plain old concrete, now all we need is the outdoor kitchen and our backyard is done.

John S.

Miami, FL

I can’t believe how beautiful my new patio is! We had the family over for the holidays and all everyone could talk about is how amazing our backyard looks with our new patio roof. From our first discussion to final inspection, our project went smooth and everyone we worked with was not only knowledgeable but pleasant and professional, I recommend Renaissance Patio to anyone who asks.

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Set your backyard priorities. You might opt for insulated roofing for deep, cool shade, plus rain protection, with Moderno or Classico. Or you may opt for a brighter patio, with a Fresco Patio Cover for rain protection or an Aria Shade Trellis for light shade and more ventilation. Order up protection from pests with a screen room. Click Here to have an installer contact you for an appointment to answer your questions right in your own home. There’s a Renaissance style for your home, whether you live dockside by a canal, near the Atlantic in Ocean Walk or Sea Colony, along a fairway, or off a street in North Palm Beach Heights. Renaissance patio product can be installed in many Jupiter neighborhoods, including Abacoa, Cambridge, Canterbury Palace, Chasewood North, Cheyenne, Colony, Cypress Cove, Eastview Manor, Egret Landing, Greenwich, Hamptons, Jupiter Plantation, Jupiter River Estates, Jupiter Village, The Island, Laurel Oaks, Maplecrest, Martinique, New Haven, Northfork, Pines of Jupiter, Riverside, Somerset, Stonebriar, Timberwalk, TuscanyValencia, West Jupiter and Yacht Club Estates. Renaissance patio covers also can be installed in Jupiter suburbs and nearby communities, including Clocktower Hammock, Juno Beach, Juno Ridge, Jupiter Island, Lake Park, Limestone Creek, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Country Estates, Palm Beach Gardens, The Shores, Shorewood, and Tequesta. Don’t delay. Contact us today!
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